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Chapter 360: Hotel

    Chapter 360: Hotel

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    The original meeting room had been used for another meeting an hour later after Luo Yuan left. However, the number of people involved had doubled up due to the additional psychologists, micro-expression experts, criminal investigation experts as well as the international policy analysis specialists who had not contributed much since the apocalypse. They mainly analyzed the relationships between countries, but now they needed to analyze the relationship between mankind and alien species.

    The video of Luo Yuan describing the incident was played repeatedly on a big screen. Everyone kept watching for a few times and the conference room was very quiet as everyone was stressed.

    The second Chief Minister sat near to the rostrum. He took a document which was prepared by the experts from different industries, made some notes and said after pondering, "The first question is, how reliable could this incident be?"

    As one of the leaders of the country, he could not trust someone blindly, especially on such a large scale incident. This was because every single decision could affect the future of mankind and he needed to be extremely careful.

    "I can’t tell. So far there is no evidence to prove it and none of the other human parties have any relevant information as well. Of course, we can’t deny that we may have overlooked some of the important messages."

    "Captain Luo did not seem to be nervous, his eyes and breathing rhythm were all normal…"

    "We couldn’t find any intention of lying as well as any flaws in his description of the incident"

    "I have a document about him. The comments on his character is that he slacks off in military inclination but is a responsible person. Arrogant but courteous to others. As for comments on how safe he was - Relatively safe."

    "Personal thoughts - Patriotic and disciplined, a recognized leader of the reconstruction area. Comment from the organization - Possible to recruit."

    "Personal life condition - Lives together with many women and also has close relationships with a few ladies. There are some imperfect characteristics."

    "At least, we can see from the documents, most of the comments were good except those on his personal life."

    "The second question. If this extraterrestrial civilization is real, what’s their objective? And also… what does it have to do with the changes of the flora and fauna in the recent years?" The second Chief Minister massaged his head and asked

    At the moment, Luo Yuan and Chen Xinjie have only just arrived at the only hotel in the New Capital City. At the same time, it was also the appointed accommodation for people who came to the capital for the purpose of government work, The New Capital City Hotel.

    "Actually you could’ve gone home earlier. It’s not that late now, you can still arrive home before the sunset if you take the train. In fact, this is none of your business, I can help you to explain if they have any questions for you." Luo Yuan said as he opened the door to the room. Perhaps, there were limited rooms or for some other reason, the staff has only reserved a room for them to share.

    Although there were two beds in the room, it was not really appropriate for a man and a woman to stay together alone in the room as she might already have a family based on her age.

    "It was not a good plan, I need to use the washroom." Chen Xinjie shook her head and whispered. She looked weird, but he had no idea what was in her mind.

    She turned around and walked into the bathroom while her buttocks swayed gently. Both of them were in the room alone where it was easy to get seduced physically and mentally. Luo Yuan quickly moved his gaze away after taking a glance. He scolded himself silently as he was still depressed on the way to the hotel but now he was thinking about sex!

    Suddenly, he heard the sound of the shower turning on. Luo Yuan pondered before he decided to take a walk at the corridor. Chen Xinjie spoke just as he was about to open the door.

    "Vice-Captain, could you please pass my bag to me?"

    "Alright!" Luo Yuan looked around the room and realized her bag was on the bed. The material of the bag was similar to armor. Apparently, she made it by herself but the sewing was fantastic and it looked quite fashionable.

    Luo Yuan took the bag and walked towards the bathroom. The door opened with a small gap and fair arms stretched out from the bathroom with foam that covered her skin. Unfortunately, unlike bathrooms made of glass before the apocalypse, the thick wooden door blocked all the possible peeping spots. Luo Yuan could not see anything clearly even though he had very good eyesight.

    What was wrong with him? Luo Yuan shook his head to calm himself and then quickly passed the bag to Chen Xinjie.

    Since his Physique and Strength was upgraded, he felt he had lost control over his desires. He got aroused very easily even if the two women in his house just seduced him a little. He hardly skipped a day. Fortunately, there were a few women staying with him to share the burden.

    He knew it was a normal reaction as his hormone production was higher than regular people due to his strong and active body. Therefore, his sexual desire was relatively higher compared to the time when his Physique was only 14-points. However, it was more difficult for his Will to control his body as his Physique had increased to 17-points.

    In conclusion, it was because of the imbalance of his properties. However, it was not very serious at the moment.

    Luo Yuan did not dare to stay in the room anymore. He quickly went down to the lobby to get a packet of cigarettes. After making the payment, he quickly took out a cigarette and lit it up. He gradually calmed down with the help of the cigarette smoke.

    He realized, he could not live the way he used to be as the reconstruction area might not be safe anymore. He had to think a way to solve it because he could not imagine the tragedy if…

    He must become stronger!

    Perhaps, he may not be able to save everyone but at the very least, he had to be able to protect the people around him.

    Currently, there was one unassigned property point as he had no time to assign and it took awhile for him to adapt. He had to assign it when he returned.

    By that time, even level eight mutated beasts could not threaten him any more. While the aliens from the extraterrestrial civilization… He was not afraid if only the robot he saw last time attacked. However, the thought of thousands of the robots attacking regionally at the same time sent a chill down his spine.

    The cigarette burnt off and Luo Yuan lit another one. Cigarettes after the apocalypse were very powerful and it consisted of certain drugs. However, it had no impact on Luo Yuan as his Physique was way stronger than regular humans.

    He finished half packet of his cigarettes and realized an hour has passed. Chen Xinjie should have finished bathing, he thought. He threw away the cigarette box.

    Luo Yuan entered the hotel room again but did not see Chen Xinjie. The door of the bathroom was left open but no one was there. Luo Yuan did not really get worried as they were in New Capital City which had strict laws. Besides, almost all the guests were senior government servants or were from the upper management. He thought, it should be safe.

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