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Chapter 361: It Was All Planned

    Chapter 361: It Was All Planned

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan sat by the bed for a while. Soon, Chen Xinjie’s voice came from the corridor.

    "Thank you for sending me back."

    "Don’t worry about it. It’s my pleasure. How can I keep in contact with you?"

    "I’m sorry but I will be leaving the New Capital City soon. We'll meet again if fate permits." It was obvious that Chen Xinjie did not want to offend this unknown man and was trying to reject him politely.

    "Sorry if I’m being too forward. I’m staying here for the next few days… perhaps we could meet again?" The man did not seem to give up yet.

    Luo Yuan frowned and opened the door. He glanced at the man, looked at Chen Xinjie, and said, "Do you need any help?"

    He was a middle-aged man dressed neatly and his eyes were radiating with confidence. He appeared to be a real gentleman - the type which most women would easily fall in love with.

    Looking at Luo Yuan, the man let out an embarrassed laugh and said, "It’s a misunderstanding, sorry to bother the both of you!"

    He left right away.

    Luo Yuan looked at him and did not think further.

    Chen Xinjie was holding two big bags which smelled like food. Luo Yuan took the bags and realized that there was liquor in one of them. As a soft-spoken woman who was going to sleep in the same room with a stranger, shouldn’t she have her guard up?

    Luo Yuan asked in confusion, "Why did you bring liquor?"

    "I want to drink tonight!" Chen Xinjie responded after a short pause. What happened today was a little too much for her. She was strong enough not to collapse but mentally it was too much. Luo Yuan sighed and replied, "Alright then, but you should only drink half a bottle."

    "Don’t underestimate me… I have passed my alcohol training." Chen Xinjie grinned in reply.

    Luo Yuan did not respond to her remark and removed three bottles of liquor from the bag. They were ‘Er Guo Tou’ which surprised Luo Yuan as he was not aware that they were still producing this brand even after the apocalypse. He threw two bottles into the dustbin without noticing that Chen Xinjie was observing him from behind.

    "One bottle Then go to sleep when you’re done."

    "You’re not drinking?" Chen Xinjie asked.

    "I never drink." Luo Yuan said. He lied though. He used to drink at social events as it would be ridiculous for him to drink juice while his colleagues drank liquor. It would be even more ridiculous if he was with his superior. Some would even consider it disrespectful if he did not drink. However, now that he was here, nobody could force him to.

    "You’re such a nice guy." Chen Xinjie teased.

    "Nah, I’ve always been like that." Luo Yuan chuckled in reply.


    In reality, she was exaggerating when she said she could drink. Before she could even finish half a bottle, she was already tipsy and her cheeks were red. She started blabbering, "Men… They’re the worst! If you touch me, I swear I would kick you."

    Luo Yuan involuntarily choked on what she just uttered which made the situation awkward. Chen Xinjie then reached to get her drink but Luo Yuan stopped her, "Alright, you’ve had too much to drink for tonight."

    "There’s still half a bottle and I’m not drunk yet!" Chen Xinjie pouted her seductive lips and smiled.

    Luo Yuan’s reasoning was that if she was already acting like this right now, it would be worse if she were to finish the entire bottle. He snatched the bottle from her and said, "Stop fooling around and go to bed!"

    "You’re such a killjoy! I’m going to the bathroom!" Chen Xinjie struggled to stand up and stumbled her way to the bathroom while saying flirtatiously, "Don’t you dare come in! I’ll scream!"

    What she said had tempted Luo Yuan… especially when he watched her walking into the bathroom seductively. Purposefully or not, she did not close the bathroom door entirely. Temptation and lust were naturally boiling inside Luo Yuan’s blood. Suddenly, Luo Yuan could hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. It went on for a while and was followed by sobbing.

    "What is wrong with her?" Luo Yuan thought to himself. He could see her with his Sense but the image was blurry.

    "My butt hurts!" Chen Xinjie said while crying in the bathroom. "I can’t stand up."

    "Do you want me to come in?" Luo Yuan asked after hesitating slightly.

    She hesitated and said, "Alright… but no peeking!"

    After promising her, Luo Yuan entered the bathroom. She was sitting in the shower with her pants halfway down, exposing her plump thighs and half of her powdery-smooth, fair and round butt. She was holding the shower in her right hand and it seemed like she was just done with her business and preparing to wash herself.

    With just a glance, Luo Yuan was immediately turned on like a predator who just spotted a succulent and vulnerable prey. In an attempt to suppress his horny intentions, he looked away immediately while walking towards her. Her hands were hooked around his neck and her chest was pressed against him. She was breathing hot air into his ear as she quivered and spoke, "My body is weak, please help… to pull my pants up."

    Unsurprisingly, Luo Yuan’s heartbeat and breathing got faster.


    Lying on a white bedsheet, a pair of fair legs and a white underwear were dangling in the air. Chen Xinjie’s moans sounded like she was begging and crying at the same time. She was like a fish that was struggling on a hook helplessly while Luo Yuan had his way with her. The sex was intense. Probably too intense for this fragile and helpless prey.

    Luo Yuan then crawled up to her, flipped her over and both of them were staring blankly at the ceiling. What in the hell was happening? How did he end up not thinking with his brain again!?

    Something was wrong!

    In reality, Luo Yuan did not think that he had done anything wrong. Although he had a high IQ, how could any strong and active man resist such temptations? However, the problem now was that no matter how deep he hid, he could never hide anything from the government. Ever since he arrived at the Reconstruction Area a year ago, his habits, hobbies, types of women that he liked and even some fetishes that he was not aware of were already common knowledge among government officials.

    The plan had been enforced ever since he was being interrogated in the meeting room. Chen Xinjie was just an insignificant pawn being sacrificed by the government. Without her, there were still Zhang Xinjie and Zhao Xinjie. As a matter of fact, Chen Xinjie agreed to do this without hesitation because Luo Yuan was charming and she liked him a lot. Moreover, as a member of the team, there was no way that she could reject. At a time where sacrifice and cooperation were vital for survival, it was her job to say yes to whatever was assigned to her.

    Ever since she joined the Firearms Bureau, she had already decided to follow Luo Yuan even if she had to become a shameless mistress. In fact, she considered herself lucky to be able to be in his presence. As for the plan of how to seduce and turn him on, it was all carefully planned by more than 10 psychologists. Even the middle-aged man who was with her at the door earlier was part of the plan. For a strong evolved human like Luo Yuan, challenging him was a way of fueling his lust and desires.

    Chen Xinjie’s also did not give Luo Yuan anytime to think about what was happening. She hooked her legs around Luo Yuan’s chest which made his heart race. She still added in a soft and delicate manner, "This is a mistake. I have a family. I hope you can forget this tomorrow and let us go back to being colleagues." She lied about her marriage as it was part of the plan of catering to Luo Yuan’s fetishes. She could easily cover up her lie by saying that her husband was a busy man who was never home, a soldier, or an engineer who was working very far away. If it was needed, she could even ask someone to pretend to be her husband. Luo Yuan did not say a word. He thought that this would be good for everyone. If he were to bring her home, he would be in so much trouble when the ladies at home got jealous of her. He thought of using abilities to get rid of this problem but decided not to until it was absolutely necessary.

    After he had convinced himself that this was okay and that he had an exit plan, her caress and delicate touches were the only things in his mind. He was clearly turned on. He turned around and pressed against her - sandwiching her between him and the bed. Now that his speed of recovery was faster, there was no need for him to rest before he could go another round.

    "Vice-captain, please behave yourself!" Chen Xinjie suddenly felt pain in her vagina and said while covering her mouth. She was shocked by the intensity of his actions. The first round was so intense that she genuinely felt that she was going to die.

    Luo Yuan said while trying to catch his breath, "There’s still a long way till tomorrow comes."

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