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Chapter 364: Lin Feiyan’s Move

    Chapter 364: Lin Feiyan’s Move

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Then, he started running.

    At first, his speed was quite similar to that of an ordinary person’s. He even stumbled and almost fell. A few seconds later, he became more agile and started speeding up! He was noticeably going faster and faster and became a blurry shadow dashing by the straight and wide streets in a flash. A factory worker that was pushing his cart could feel a strong wind pass him by but could not see anyone.

    "There was no wind!" The man mumbled to himself as he squinted and looked around. He immediately poured the slag from his cart away and ran back to the factory.


    As Luo Yuan was running, he decided to use his Will to increase his speed. He was now traveling almost as fast as lightning. Within a few minutes, he was in the wilderness! He had reached 200 meters per second but had not reached his limit yet. As compared to running solely on Agility, the difference was not major as each step was between seven to eight meters. But with his current concept of time, to depend on gravity to bring him back to the ground every single time was very time-consuming. Eight meters per step was not agile enough for him. If he was in a battle, space would be even smaller which would result in him taking even smaller steps. The limitation of his Will was that he still could not apply his speed on the ground when he was in the air. In fact, his speed was so much slower. When attacks come his way, no matter how high his Agility was, he had nowhere to run.


    The terrain became complicated in the wilderness. Initially, it was barren and had only dunes, shrubs and rocks. Apart from the new complicated terrain, Luo Yuan’s visibility was also affected. Just as he ran pass higher terrain, there was a giant rock in front of him that was more than 10 meters away. He almost smashed himself into the rock!

    In the past, he had only two options: one was to decrease his speed and another would be to run into the rock. There was no time for him to bypass anything. However, with his current abilities, Luo Yuan had other options. In a split second and with just a tiny amount of effort, he leaped more than 10 meters high! He managed to jump over the giant rock with ease and he realized that his Intelligence allowed him to control his Strength better. In less than 20 minutes of adapting, he was fully in control of his new Agility points.

    After running for a while, Luo Yuan slowed down as he arrived at a rocky desert. The weathering effects had the rocks scattered all over the ground. Their surfaces were oddly smooth and under the moonlight, there was a beautiful light shining and glimmering like a precious stone. Those were a type of jade that was expensive collectibles before the apocalypse but was now worth nothing. Luo Yuan then walked under a giant rock that was shaped like a mushroom. Its top was shaped like an umbrella which covered the sky. Since there were extraterrestrial civilizations out there, he had to be extra cautious when training.

    He pulled out his Zhanmadao and started practicing. When it was just pulled out of its sheath, it was still visible but soon after it had disappeared from vision. It only reappeared when Luo Yuan took a few short pauses. There was a glow surrounding Luo Yuan and at the same time, he became blurry and eventually looked just like a cloud of colors. His movements were so fast that it created wind which made the sand and dust spiral through the air. Deep carvings were appearing on the surface of the rock walls.


    It was now morning at the Lin Feiyan’s office. She was sitting in deep thought while a pencil was spinning in her hand. She was obviously good at playing with her pencil as no matter how she spun it, it would not fall.

    There was someone knocking at her door. Lin Feiyan sat up straight and stopped spinning the pencil that was in her hand in fear that it would reveal how young she was and destroy her image.

    "Please, come in!"

    "You asked for me?" It was her secretary who had a small body like hers. The main difference was that her secretary was a scaredy-cat and a push-over.

    "Have you gotten information on what I had asked you about? Where did both of them go and what did they do?" Lin Feiyan asked coldly while now holding the pencil firmly in her hand.

    The Captain and Vice-Captain of the Firearms Bureau had disappeared for three days. As the leader of the department, she was furious!

    "I have checked… they booked train tickets to the New Capital City but I have no idea what they are doing there. I will ask Captain Chen." The secretary said in fear.

    "Then what are you waiting for!" Lin Feiyan groaned and said.

    After the secretary left, Lin Feiyan still could not calm herself down. She thought to herself, "New Capital City? Why would they go there!?"

    Lin Feiyan thought that the only reason they would go there was to visit the political center and see their leader. Such act was disrespectful to her if it were done without informing her.

    She finished the cold tea left in her cup in one gulp but that did not put off the fire that was in her. She had complicated thoughts in her head and the pencil was spinning quickly in her hand.

    Soon, the footsteps of her secretary could be heard approaching her office. Lin Feiyan put down the pencil again immediately.

    "Captain… Captain Chen… Captain Chen said it is a Class A confidential. At your level, you have no right to know…" The secretary said in fear.

    Lin Feiyan snapped the pencil that she was holding. The chilly atmosphere made the secretary quiver. She walked slowly towards the door but she was actually ready to run away anytime.

    Lin Feiyan’s breathing was heavy but she remained rational. Chen Xinjie would never lie about something serious. The statement about Class A confidential being none of her business was true, but Chen Xinjie was only given some back-end task in the department so how did she even get involved in such a confidential case?

    She thought about it and guessed it must have been caused by the annoying Vice-Captain. He must have found out something incredible by luck and told Chen Xinjie which resulted in the trip to the New Capital City. But not informing her was unforgivable.

    "Inform all departments that I want an emergency meeting now!"

    "Al… Alright!"

    "Wait, is the Vice-Captain here?" She thought of something and asked the secretary who was ready to run.

    "Not yet!"

    "Let’s wait for him to come back before informing him about the meeting!" Lin Feiyan was clenching her teeth while saying that.

    After acknowledging what her boss had requested, she left the office as fast as she could. Lin Feiyan stood up and walked in circles in her office for a few minutes. She then sat down again and started biting on her pencil while thinking. Soon, she started drafting what she was going to say in the meeting.

    Such task was impossible to be accomplished by her useless secretary as the secretary could never understand what she was trying to say. Especially when the situation was as complicated as it is right now that her status was unstable. She had to write it herself.

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