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Chapter 367: Rumor

    Chapter 367: Rumor

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan stood up with a solemn face.

    It felt like a long time had passed since he fainted. He stood up swiftly. The time dimension that he and the rest were in was very different.

    "Master, are you alright?" Fang Peibin said in concern.

    "I’m okay. Enough standing around, go about your duties!" Luo Yuan said sternly while waving his hand.

    Wu Qianru wanted to say something but she hesitated. Evolved humans seemed like they had invincible bodies and they could never get sick. Whenever there was something wrong, it was usually caused by a conflict of genes within them.

    It could be insignificant, but if left unnoticed,there could be radical changes to one’s body. Deformities and mutations were considered lucky occurrences. The worse cases would have the genes collapsing and there would be nothing any doctor could do as the current medical facilities had not advanced to handle gene abnormalities.

    Wu Qianru was not the only one with that worry, the rest were thinking the same thing.

    But what they did not know was Luo Yuan was undergoing a pain that was a thousand times more unfathomable than the collapse of genes. It was a transformation from a human to a God, a level-up to the spatial dimension.

    Ever since his four-dimensional vision was awakened, it was like a virus infected his body at an alarming rate. However, the process was not reflected outside the mind and no one noticed anything. But with every step, it was a risk he had to bear. One tiny mistake would kill him. Fortunately, Luo Yuan had a body that had surpassed all limits of a human being. Entering the fourth dimension alone could create chaos in his brain, freeze his neural impulses and kill him.

    Xu Zhiqiang morphed back to his human form and ran towards him. "Boss Luo, what happened?" He asked.

    Luo Yuan avoided eye contact with him as he knew it would stir his four-dimensional visions yet again. He forced a smile and said, "Just a minor setback, nothing major. I won’t be having lunch. I’ll get Fang Peibin to give you a little more insight about the unit."

    "Master, you can count on me!" Fang Peinbin said immediately.

    Xu Zhiqiang had seen Luo Yuan passing out earlier. He was beyond grateful at the fact that Luo Yuan was still making arrangements for him in his current condition. He said immediately, "Boss Luo, you take care of yourself, don’t worry about me!"

    Luo Yuan nodded and left the unit immediately. A while after he left, Chen Xinjie rushed to the scene after hearing the news. Too bad when she arrived, Luo Yuan was already gone. She had missed him.


    Instead of going home, Luo Yuan went straight to the desert he was at the previous night.

    There was nobody there. He stood alone, surrounded by rocks. Standing in the desert made him think he was isolated from the world, and there was an indescribable sense of loneliness that gushed from within him. He let out a sigh. He did not expect Xu Zhiqiang’s arrival to cause such a change to his physical being. It caught him off-guard.

    The 5% four-dimensional vision was more than twice it was before. The image became clearer still, one layer of plasma band could not completely conceal it anymore.

    He took off his shirt and the undergarment beneath it, uncovering his strong muscles.

    He pulled out his Zhanmadao and slightly cut the bottom of his undergarment. After a series of sizzling hisses, a ring-shaped band was created. He put the band on his forehead.

    He felt better clarity to his mind.The dizziness he had experienced earlier faded away. He was relieved and felt more at ease. The effects of that plasma band were still there and he noticed that the prediction had not affected his Intelligence. The 1% four-dimensional brain did not seem to cause him any trouble. That was the only good news he had the whole day.

    He thought about it carefully. If the ‘prediction’ was really handled by most of his human brain, even a +18 Intelligence would not be sufficient.

    Time was a subjective concept for beings of the dimension. It was the embodiment that determined how the world worked. When the basic particle stopped moving, the world would freeze. Time would not matter anymore. By then, all thoughts would be frozen, and time would lose its purpose.

    The prediction seemed to be related to time. In reality too, Time was the law of embodiment for all things in the world. Just like cloud computing before the apocalypse, the data analysis could predict the consumer’s spending power, the world economy and even the market share. A powerful computer could show the trajectory of micro-particles in split seconds. It could even calculate the uncountable micro-particle patterns. As long as the computer was well-kept in a space without any risk of corruption, physical or internal, it could predict anything in the past or future. There would be no secret, as everything was fated.

    Of course, Luo Yuan’s prediction was far from being that complex, as he was only granted a two second prediction. But to predict something that crucial, even combining all computers and intelligence information before the apocalypse would not be sufficient. Instantaneously, that would also take an unbearable toll on Luo Yuan’s body.

    Although it was only two seconds, the predictions could be life-saving in his time of need. In battles, he could use it to see what his enemy was planning to do before he reacted. Its power had boundless possibilities.

    From his experience, Luo Yuan realised that changing the future was not entirely impossible.

    Such predictions allowed him to predict current situations. When the current situation encountered were to change, the future would be altered too. When he was looking into the future, a slight change of mindset could bring a tiny but significant change in the future.

    Most of his doubts were solved. Initially, his four-dimensional vision of no use to him and brought more problems than it did advantages. Now, with the transformation, the amazing power it had started to show.


    The next morning, Luo Yuan went to the unit as usual.

    He could feel that there was a change in the atmosphere. It seemed like everybody was staring at him. Of course, it was not the first time he had their attention like that, but this time, it was different. The people were filled with sympathy.

    He walked into the office with a puzzled look on his face. Secretary Sun Yuting came in after him, respectfully knocking the door. She was making tea while spying at Luo Yuan out of the corner of her eye. As she was on her way out, Luo Yuan stopped her," What happened out there? Why is everyone looking at me like that?" he asked.

    "I… I don’t dare to say!" Sun Yuting said nervously, a panicked look in her eyes. As a secretary, even though she did not dare say anything, she had to answer him as her future was in Luo Yuan’s hands. If she offended him, that was the end of her career.

    "Don’t worry, just tell me. I won’t eat you!" Luo Yuan laughed to relieve the tension. He was curious, could it be Lin Feiyan bad-mouthing him again when he was away.

    "They… They said you have some genetic disease, and it’s… breaking out soon." Sun Yuting said hesitantly with her head down.

    Luo Yuan laughed aloud and said, "What nonsense is that? It’s ridiculous!" He thought that was funny. Soon, there was someone knocking on the door.

    It was Chen Xinjie, and she looked very tired. Her dark eyes circles were apparent, it was obvious that she did not sleep well last night. She looked at Luo Yuan and a smile lit her face. "Are you alright?" she asked.

    "You heard the rumor as well? I’m good." Luo Yuan said while waving his hand, gesturing the secretary to leave.

    Sun Yuting left immediately.

    Chen Xinjie did not believe what he said and her eyes turned red, "You don’t have to hide from me. I heard you passed out yesterday?"

    She did not look like she was acting. He felt the warmth from what she said, but at the same time, he was irritated because he did not know how to explain what had happened.

    Furthermore, apart from Chen Xinjie, he had to explain to the many other people who were there too. He was increasingly annoyed with the idiot that spread the rumor.

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