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Chapter 368: A New Discovery

    Chapter 368: A New Discovery

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    What puzzled Luo Yuan was that he had only passed out for a very short time, so why would the people treat him like he was dying?

    Until Chen Xinjie explained what was said about the incident to him, only then did he understand the situation. There was another issue circulating about concern for him as an evolved human with possible gene abnormalities.

    Being an evolved human was against the laws of nature. The increase of strength created the possibility of genes in the body not being able to function properly. It had nothing to do with whether the evolved human was powerful or not. The more powerful the evolved human was, the higher the chance of an outburst.

    But, there was no sign of an outburst in Luo Yuan. An intense battle, a drunken night or even an exhausting day could cause the outburst, but none of it had happened to him. Furthermore, it did not only happen to evolved humans, but mutated beasts too and the ratio was quite steep. However, in a natural environment that was so cruel, such instances were rare as mutated beasts were a food source, and not studied for outbursts.

    Luo Yuan emphasized again that he was alright and finally managed to get Chen Xinjie to leave. Not long later, Fang Peibin and the rest came to visit him. Looking at their gloomy faces, Luo Yuan was annoyed.

    "Are you guys so free, is there nothing better for you to do? Get out!" Luo Yuan yelled at them before they could even say a word. They did not have to say what they wanted to say as Luo Yuan could predict it, without even using his vision.

    Sensing a scary vibe from Luo Yuan, they scurried away immediately.

    Luo Yuan was amused at their reaction. Looking at the closed office door, he chuckled. He was glad that they came to visit. Unlike the previous vice-captain who nobody cared about, he felt he had done a much better in his position.

    Regarding the rumor, Luo Yuan thought there was nothing explain after hearing what Chen Xinjie said about the conflict of genes. Time would erase everything. Such outbursts were quick, the shortest being three days, and the longest being a week. By then, the rumor should disappear into thin air without him having to explain.


    Soon one month flew by and it was the year 2016.

    It was usually the coldest in January but the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius. But that was considered cool as compared to summer time when it could hit 60 degree Celsius! Unfortunately, such a chilly weather made the mutated creatures more active.

    In a short period of time, there was an outbreak of mutated beasts in the reconstruction area. It was one of the biggest yet. They destroyed a town along the border. Although it only took three days to kill them all, it had caused major casualties in the reconstruction area.

    Some of them escaped into the area which made it extremely tiresome for everyone in the unit.

    Luo Yuan was no exception, he was running everywhere.

    The mutated beasts were not of high levels. They were mostly below level five but there were just too many of them coming out of nowhere and no matter how many he killed, there was barely anything happening to his experience points. It was irritating to him.

    Just when Luo Yuan was slaying a dog mutated beast which was frozen by his aura, there was message beeping in his head. Another mutated beast was more than 10 kilometers away.

    Luo Yuan accepted the mission, holstered his Zhanmadao and stomped on the ground. He made a deep hole in the ground and his body shot forward like a shadow, a hundred meters away in one breath. He disappeared over the horizon.

    Within the one month, Luo Yuan had adapted to his newly gained Agility. He could control his body perfectly. Compared to his skills before, his was significantly faster and much stronger. He moved at 0.4 seconds per hundred meters. For ordinary people, it was hard for them to catch his shadow even without blinking.


    Covered in blood, Luo Yuan returned to Hope City in the evening.

    Within a day, he went across half of the reconstruction area and killed more than 20 mutated beasts. There was no sign of exhaustion on his face. Just when he arrived at the headquarters, Chen Xinjie came to him and said softly,"There’s someone looking for you."

    "Who?" Luo Yuan asked while taking off his bloodied shirt.

    Chen Xinjie took the shirt from him, handed it to a unit member passing by as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. The both of them were close and occasionally, they would do favors like that for each other. People in the department had got used to that.

    "Someone from the high committee!" she whispered.

    The High, or Supreme Committee office was usually short during times of war. It was the highest administrative office in the reconstruction area. As compared to the highest administrative office during the era of peace, this department had even bigger rights where the military administration was concerned. It managed everything in the reconstruction area while the office beneath it performed only with the permission of the highest committee during the war.

    Luo Yuan paused and said, "Wait, let me change."

    "Don’t take too long." Chen Xinjie said. She was really nervous.

    Luo Yuan nodded and walked into the bathroom in his office. He had a quick shower, grabbed some clean clothes, put them on and left.

    Chen Xinjie was waiting anxiously at the door. Seeing Luo Yuan come out of it, she said immediately, "Follow me!"

    She turned around and led the way. While Luo Yuan followed her, he tried to guess what could possibly be the purpose of the meeting. Soon, they arrived at their destination. He shook his head, clearing his mind. The truth would be revealed soon anyway.

    Two military police were guarding the entrance of the corridor, but there was nobody around. Chen Xinjie stopped before the conference room corridor and said,"The high commissioner is in the conference room, I will not be part of the meeting."

    Luo Yuan nodded, walked along the corridor and entered the conference room. He glanced inside to see two people seated inside.

    One was young and looked unsettled. Luo Yuan assumed he was an assistant who was here for exposure, while the other person was a middle-aged man with a military vibe about himself. He was the person in charge.

    As Luo Yuan approached, both of them stood up. "Hi Major Luo, I’m Gao Yuanshan from the Information Division. It's an honor to finally meet you."

    Luo Yuan shook hands with the middle-aged man, smiled and said,"I have been swamped with work recently, sorry for making you wait."

    "We didn’t wait too long! Let’s cut to the chase. To avoid any possible disclosure of today’s meeting to the public, please place all your electrical devices on the table." said the high commissioner.

    Luo Yuan nodded. Looking at the situation, he knew what they were here for.

    He obeyed and placed his personal messaging device and satellite phone on the table. The assistant took out a metal box from under the table. From the look of it, the box seemed to be made of lead. He opened the box, put the electrical devices in and closed it.

    "I’m sorry Major Luo, to avoid any other possible threats, I’ll need to do a body scan." the young man said.

    "Understood, proceed!" Luo Yuan said. He did not mind.

    The assistant took out a device and scanned Luo Yuan’s body. He then nodded to the high commissioner.

    "Now we can talk in private." The high commissioner said. "Major Luo, I am sure you are aware of the extraterrestrial civilization. With such a high-level civilization in existence, cautiousness requires very serious considerations.

    "So, I guess you have already witnessed their abilities?" Luo Yuan questioned.

    "Unfortunately, until now we still don’t have any direct evidence. But through meticulous investigation and images we received from the satellite footage, we noticed some signs. That’s the reason why we have come to you."

    "Keep talking." Luo Yuan said, a serious look on his face.

    "After some comparisons with the satellite images, we noticed there was a sighting of artifacts on an island in the South China Sea. Although, in that same location a year ago, there was nothing there." The high commissioner took out the two satellite images from his briefcase and showed them to Luo Yuan.

    One was them was a picture of a forest. There did not seem to be anything odd about it. While in the other picture, there was a small part of the forest that had been cleared. In its place was a dark, crescent shaped building which looked like a giant rock at first glance. The trees around it were taller than the others. The building was concealed and would have been easily missed if one did not look carefully.

    "The building is 202 meters wide and 105 meters tall. We suspect that it is an outpost of the extraterrestrial civilization on earth!" The high commissioner said with a noticeable tone of anger in his voice.

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