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Chapter 370: The Power of Knowledge

    Chapter 370: The Power of Knowledge

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Unsure if it was a planned coincidence, the assistant that met him was a beautiful lady. She looked like she was in her 30s, soft-spoken and had warm, kind eyes. During the month that Luo Yuan was there, no matter where he went, she would follow him.

    From doing his laundry to making his bed, he was always greeted with enthusiasm with guaranteed assurance whatever he asked would be done to perfection. If Luo Yuan requested, perhaps, warming his bed could be done as well. Sometimes he would turn down her aid to his menial chores, but he would always give in after she insisted.But why would they send a woman like that to care for him? Did he look like a boy who needed love from a mother? He felt an odd vibe coming from the reconstruction area.

    Earlier, he had used his abilities on Chen Xinjie. Whether or not what she told him about her family or the tactics that were used by the reconstruction area based on his weakness were true, he knew everything. That made him furious.

    Now, they attempted to trick him again!

    This time, Luo Yuan chose to punish her. One month went by, he did not even utter her name. He glanced at her and walked towards the door like she did not exist. He took out his satellite phone and spoke out loud to be sure she’d hear him, "Hello, is this Jiahui? I’ll be back in two days… Nothing much… Life here isn’t bad at all…"

    There was an invisible electromagnetic wave that shot up to the sky via the phone antenna. He looked at it and jolted. His advanced Physique had given him unimaginably sensitive senses where he could observe energy that could not be seen by the naked eyes. As it turned out, it included radio waves that were like webs in the sky, higher frequency waves such as microwave, as well as infrared and many other electromagnetic waves. He could even see the geomagnetic field that surrounded the earth and a little bit of gravitational field too.

    Before this, such an ability was nothing to him as he would roughly know what it was but had no knowledge of its advantages and effects. It was like having a treasure right under his nose but he did not have the proper tools to excavate them, which made it redundant. However, after he had gone through the training which filled him with the wonder of knowledge, everything changed. His vision widened and everything became crystal clear.

    When he noticed the communication radio waves, the Principle of Communication techniques came to his mind. Through vibration in the eardrums, radio waves would trigger the fluctuations of a signal’s current and load the electrical signal before sending the electromagnetic wave to the receiving party. Vibration triggered current signal fluctuations, and then the electrical signal loaded on the electromagnetic wave was launched it forward. Of course, there were encryptions in between them.

    While he was talking on the phone, he observed the change in frequency of the radio wave carefully. It was based on the information encrypted by the Fourier transformer with an algorithm of Advanced Calculus. It was not difficult for him to solve. All he had to do was to change some constants and filter out the useless messages.

    His +15 Intelligence allowed him to think at lightning speed. Within a few seconds, he managed to break the encryptions and get to the root of the message to compare the results. A few seconds later, he hung up the phone and kept it in his pocket.

    The radio wave signal that was cut off was connected again within 0.1 seconds with his Will. Ordinary people would not be able to see that. Waves that were loading his messages in different frequencies were sent to Huang Jiahui’s mobile phone via the satellite. After chatting for awhile, Luo Yuan disconnected the signal!

    He turned his head and looked around. It seemed like he had found a new toy, his eyes sparkled with curiosity.

    A massive amount of signal waves appeared in front of him. They were complexed and entangled with each other. Those were conversations, a variety of confidential messages, right before his eyes. They were just laid out, allowing him to browse through as he pleased. If he wanted to, he could talk to anyone at anytime. And at the same time, he could terminate the signals with just a thought.

    The assistant who was assigned to him by the high commissioner was following him as always. She did not make a sound at all. She was not paying attention to what he was doing, and she was not aware that he could now access to any information in the reconstruction area with the invisible waves available to him.

    Of course, via the wave signal, what he could retrieve was limited. Ever since they discovered the extraterrestrial civilization, all confidential documents were not sent by signals anymore but instead, it was handwritten and delivered.

    Luo Yuan walked for awhile and stopped. He said to his assistant, "Get me a train ticket, I’m going back to Hope City today."

    "But… But I was not informed about such an arrangement by my superiors," she said, hesitantly.

    "No buts. I will be going back to Hope City for a month. If anything comes up, you can find me there." Luo Yuan waved off her pleas and insisted.

    "This… I’ll have to inform my superior." The assistant said in fear.

    The assistant stepped aside and took out her phone. Her curvaceous figure caught Luo Yuan’s attention for a moment, but soon he looked away. Temptations were everywhere, Luo Yuan thought to himself.

    A month without sex started to affect him. Any slight form of temptation would be enough to seduce him. That was one of the reasons why he was eager to go home.

    A minute later, the assistant hung up the phone, "The minister has agreed, but I will have to follow you as they need to know your whereabouts and activities at all times. There might be new training modules scheduled!"

    Even without her telling him, Luo Yuan had ‘seen’ the details of the phone conversation. It was accurate.

    Now that the reconstruction area had their full attention focused on him, the pressure was on his head as well as the management. For the mission, no mistakes were allowed so such a request was deemed reasonable.

    Luo Yuan hesitated but he did not reject her. He said, "Sure, but where will you be staying?"

    "If possible, the best would be… your house!" she answered.

    Looking at Luo Yuan’s frown, she said immediately, "You don’t have to worry about your family. We will talk to them and won’t cause you any trouble. If you think that’s inappropriate, we can get another male assistant to follow you."

    "Nevermind, it’ll settle for you then!" Luo Yuan said. If they really assigned him a male assistant, no fun would come of it. At least this assistant was pretty, and at her worse, he could consider her his nanny.


    In the afternoon, both of them took the train to Hope City. It took them another half an hour to walk to his house. True enough, Huang Jiahui and Zhao Yali did not mind the additional, beautiful assistant to their household. They were nice to her on the surface, but nobody knew what was going on in their scheming minds.

    It was a different story for Wang Shishi. She did not lower her guard around her.

    "Boss Luo, how long will she be staying here?" She pulled Luo Yuan over and said softly while holding his arms tight.

    "Not too long, maybe one to two months," he said.

    Looking at her pouting and unhappy, Luo Yuan laughed and said, "Don’t be jealous, she’s just here for work."

    Hearing what Luo Yuan said, Wang Shishi was relieved. She continued, "I’m not jealous, I just think that this person might have bad intentions. I’m worried for you!"

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