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Chapter 376: Sudden Change

    Chapter 376: Sudden Change

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan tried extremely hard to endure the pain, and finally sat down to rest after walking for a few hundred meters.

    He did not dare to delay the treatment. The body of the giant frog should be hardened by now, and the threatening vibe from its body had gradually disappeared, as it was hovering on the brink of death. The smell of the blood was airborne, which attracted many nearby mutated beasts.

    Luo Yuan would not need to worry at all. If he was physically fit, however, he was severely injured, and even a light green mutated beast was life-threatening to him, at this point.

    Fortunately, the result of the internal scanning by his Will showed a positive sign. The condition of the injuries was slightly better than expected, as there were only some minor ruptures on his internal organs and some vessels, which his Will could cure easily.

    However, there were too many packed ruptures, as almost all his internal organs were injured. It might take at least two hours for him to complete the self-treatment. Apparently, he was not able to stay there peacefully for two hours, based on the current situation.

    In such a circumstance, he could only prioritize his heart and vessels to restore his battle strength, before looking for another safer place for a longer treatment.

    Luo Yuan tried not to be distracted by his thoughts and began his treatment. With the help of his Will, his heart was akin to a coconut surrounded by many vines, with a lot of ruptures.

    Sometimes, he could even see the blood flowing in the blood vessels via the cracks. Surprisingly, no blood flowed out from the cracks, as it was being barricaded by a certain force.

    The next second, many of the cracks began to heal, as the force of his Will had coated his wounds. Not long after, all the wounds had been recovered perfectly

    Luo Yuan's concerns had come to light. A fluffy beast which looked like a giant wolf came closer stealthily, right after he sat down. The giant wolf leaned behind a big tree and watched the giant frog with its cruel eyes. It was drooling as it inhaled the smell of blood.

    However, it was very careful as it did not continue walking even after a long time. There were many creatures in the forest, and many of them could easily kill the giant wolf. The giant frog used to be one of the strongest ones.

    The dog-eat-dog world of such an environment had taught it to be careful, as even a tiny, careless action could lead to its death.

    However, it realized its competitor had arrived – a strong mutated beast that it had met before. The mutated beast was twice its height, with its shadow big enough to completely block out the giant wolf. It was possible for the super-giant beast to even swallow it with only two bites.

    It was afraid and subconsciously stepped back to the bushes. However, it realized that the super-giant beast had gone towards the giant frog, as it was braver than the giant wolf itself.

    Luo Yuan was observing the surroundings, despite undergoing his treatment.

    He realized there were more than hundreds of mutated beasts coming in just about 15 minutes. It was a mix of high and low-level mutated beasts; the strongest one was assumed to be at a green level and the weakest was only at a blue level.

    As he listened to the sound from the surroundings, he was expecting more mutated beasts to come.

    At that moment, Luo Yuan had finished healing his heart and was about to begin the treatment of his main arteries and veins. He did not have to worry about the possible danger when he entered the Earth Pulse, as long as his blood circulation could be recovered. Most of the mutated beasts were from low levels, and even if he bumped into the strong ones, he would also be able to kill them with his water powers.

    The reason why he had to heal his heart and blood vessels first was that the Earth Pulse would bring about a high pressure and might cause adverse effects. Although he needed to slow his heartbeat down upon entering, the blood flow was at least a few times more than the normal rate. He would not be able to withstand the high blood pressure without a healthy heart and perfect blood vessels, as the blood would be flowing too rapidly within the blood vessels.

    By that time, he might not be able to multitask, even if he was able to control his blood circulation

    As time passed, the nearby mutated beasts were probing repeatedly. They were drawing closer, and one of the mutated beasts was just less than 100 meters away from him. Luckily, Luo Yuan did not attract the attention of the other mutated beasts.

    His eyes were facing downwards with cold beams, and he had already finished repairing the main arteries, veins, and half of the peripheral vessels. He only needed a few more minutes to enter the Earth Pulse. In fact, he could already enter the Earth Pulse now, despite some minor injuries.

    He was considered lucky, as most of the injuries had the potential to be healed, as long as he did not die immediately. As none of the mutated beasts dared to challenge him, he was able to continue the self-treatment.

    Suddenly, Luo Yuan felt a strong palpitation. He opened his eyes instantly and his Will reversed from its healing condition, as he sensed a sudden change in the air.

    A leaf fell from the branch and slowly swirled down. It kept spinning in the air, as a result of an unforeseen force.

    A small cyclone was formed near the ground, and some dried leaves and sand were drawn into the cyclone as well. He was worried and kept looking around.

    This normal phenomenon seemed to be very strange at that moment!

    He could feel a mysterious force in the surroundings. It was not a strong one, neither could it hurt anything, except to disturb the airflow.

    The shocking issue was that the force was changing rapidly as time passed. From a meager one, it transformed into a huge cyclone in a very short time.

    The strong wind was blowing in the forest and caused all the trees to sway from side to side, which made Luo Yuan feel worried, as he could see the geomagnetic force being altered, and some sparks were produced.

    The sparks were as tiny as dust, and it disappeared instantly. He would not have realized it, if not for his sensitive eyes. Those mutated beasts had stopped moving and began to act frustrated as they sensed something wrong. The smarter ones had already escaped!

    "Damn it! We can’t stay there anymore!" He exclaimed in his mind, as he felt insecure. He got up from the ground and ran away by enduring the pain again.

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