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Chapter 377: Meeting Level Eight Lifeforms Again

    Chapter 377: Meeting Level Eight Lifeforms Again

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    A chain reaction had been initiated just as Luo Yuan began to act.

    Stimulated by an anxious vibe, the mutated beast which was able to go ballistic any second now had immediately turned to aggression when it saw Luo Yuan running towards it. Shooting him a vicious glare, the beast started to attack by throwing itself on this little creature.

    Nevertheless, this mutated beast was not aware that this little creature, who did not seem to be any different from other ordinary humans, was actually a ferocious dragon in the form of a human being. No one would have dared to provoke him, albeit how severely injured he was now.

    While this mutated beast was still in the air, it trembled and its body was split into two halves and slowly broke apart.

    Luo Yuan took a step away to avoid the falling carcasses and continued to run swiftly.

    Fresh blood and chunks of internal organs that laid scattered around the floor had completely crushed every last sense of rationality of the remaining mutated beasts. Surrounded by such a tense environment, those mutated beasts which were already furious prior to this, had turned violent thoroughly.

    Within a short distance of 100 meters, Luo Yuan had already slaughtered six beasts with his extremely sharp level eight Zhanmadao. It was a piece of cake for Luo Yuan, who possessed one percent of the power that could predict an opponent's move by reading their minds.

    Not only did the beasts attack Luo Yuan, more of them also started to attack each other. With blazing red eyes, they became insanely ferocious. It seemed that they viewed each other as their greatest enemy, and they kept biting and tearing each other apart, not the least bit bothered by their own injuries.

    Luo Yuan frowned as he looked at these mutated beasts which kept attacking him. He got impatient and really upset with these beasts, as they had greatly delayed his journey.

    At this point of time, the nearby air was already extremely disordered. Cyclones were everywhere and some of them had already reached seven to eight meters high. They swirled along with a vast amount of broken stones and dead leaves, producing an incredibly loud sound as a result.

    On the other hand, the geomagnetism of the ground was also in chaos.

    The changes in the magnetic field had soon generated an electric current. The static electricity that was densely scattered around the air had managed to raise the fur of the beasts. At random, there could be electric arc flowing in the air, causing crackling sounds in the atmosphere.

    Luo Yuan then had a brainwave and his heartbeat slowed down rapidly. He forcibly entered the earth pulsation mode. At the very next second, he raised his leg and stomped onto the ground, producing a large roaring sound.

    The earth shook vigorously akin to the movement of rolling waves. The beasts within a radius of 100 meters were about to all come tumbling down. A large majority were instantly killed by the earthquake, bleeding from their mouths and noses. Some smaller-sized beasts were even broken into pieces, leaving only their bones falling from the air.

    There were only a few light green level beasts which survived, only sustaining minor injuries.

    The one and only green level beast in this attack was not affected at all, apart from a slight concussion.

    In fact, if Luo Yuan was not severely injured where he was left only with only less than 30 percent of his powers; his Earth Stomp would have instantly killed all the green level beasts and below.

    The green level beast was shocked by this attack. The very moment it awakened, it turned around and ran further away. Luo Yuan coughed for a few times before a mouthful of blood spewed from his mouth; his face turned pale and ashen. Looking at the escaping beast, Luo Yuan had no intention to give chase. He did not dare to stay on for too long, as he was prepared to flee again after returning from the Earth Stomp mode.

    At this point, his body turned stiff and stopped all of a sudden.

    A mysterious and strange living creature then appeared abruptly. It could either had just arrived or been standing there for quite some time. Luo Yuan sank into despair, realizing that he did not even know how exactly it showed up.

    There was a rapid turbulence of ionizing electric light in the air surrounding this super creature; it looked marvelous. Along with his presence, a dreadful aura had engulfed the entire space. Luo Yuan could hardly breathe and felt as if a rock was pressing against his chest.

    Its whole body seems to be shining, with numerous pieces of neatly arranged prism shield-like scales, covering its body. Every piece of the scale was transparent and bright green, emitting a certain force of energy rather vaguely. Under the shade of the tree, this halo displayed peculiar and almost indescribable colors.

    Its appearance was extremely strange and that astonished Luo Yuan even more, sending chills down his spine whenever he looked at it.

    Putting aside its frightening height of 50 to 60 meters tall, it had a horse-like body, with its feet almost similar to that of a horse’s hooves. If it was not for its hideously demonic head and thick neck being densely covered by red spherical gemstones that could induce trypanophobia, it would have passed off as a tame and harmless hooved mammal.

    It sized up Luo Yuan, who aroused its curiosity, possibly because he looked rather similar. It had a pair of big yet transparent and clear eyes, exuding a gentle vibe. There was a naive look beneath its hideous and ferocious demeanor.

    It then moved its four hooves and began walking. Its pace, neither slow nor fast, paced the ground leisurely and gracefully. Following its footsteps, all four hooves got off the ground. A stong fluctuation of energy had made its body slightly alight into the air, resulting in quiet footsteps. Being big and tall, but its nimbleness created a strong contradiction.

    Those frightened beasts which did not have enough time to escape had turned completely limp, becoming incontinent and could not stop shivering on the floor. The super creature could not care less about those beasts which were frightened and stunned along the way. It would simply go the other way round, should there be another beast standing in its way.

    When it passed Luo Yuan with closer proximity, it would stop again and look at him with curiosity for a second. The strong air turbulence that resulted from the movement of this super creature had made Luo Yuan sway slightly. Following each other, the electric arc was bursting, releasing a foul smell beside him. In order to get a precise look at Luo Yuan, the super creature even went the extra mile of bending his head down, getting closer to him.

    With just about ten meters away from this super creature, its powerful warm breath fanned Luo Yuan’s face, waving his hair as a result.

    The tension between them had made Luo Yuan firmly grip the handle of his saber subconsciously. He almost sliced through its neck, but he restrained himself eventually, as he already knew how the ending would be, thanks to his Prediction ability.

    The saber which was powerful enough to kill all the level seven mutated beasts was unfortunately not able to cut off the super creature’s head. The moment the saber reached its neck, it would already have been shielded by the repulsive force created by its multiple layers of gemstones. Right there and then, his vision turned pitch black.

    It was fortunate that this stress soon dissipated. The super creature turned his back and began to walk again towards the giant frog. There was a strange fragrance in the air, and it was not the usual stench of mutated beasts.

    Luo Yuan was relieved and leaned against a tree beside him. He rested his hands on his knees and felt his body going limp. He did not hurry with his escape because he knew that this super creature did not harbor bad intentions. In other words, as long as one does not provoke it, it had no interest in getting involved with all these low-level creatures.

    After just a few steps, it was already near the giant frog. The latter, which originally looked gigantic, now seemed so much smaller in front of this super creature. It lowered its head and sniffed, resulting in a huge sneeze which blew away all the dirt and dust nearby. Soon after, it chomped down the giant frog’s hard head in just a single bite.

    Just when Luo Yuan thought that it was going to swallow the head, it spat it out instead. This was followed by a few times of spitting after biting, sometimes even a few times of continuous spitting. Seemingly, it was very much disgusted by the smell of the frog.

    Luo Yuan looked at it strangely and was full of doubts.

    He was not familiar with this super creature and was unable to comprehend its odd behavior. In truth, this was the first time he ever saw a level eight living creature with his very own eyes. Back then, he was busy searching for ways to escape and dared not even lay eyes on the ‘dragon’

    Bite by bite, the whole head had soon disappeared. It carried on biting its chest, and at that time, there was already a pile of flesh next to it. A few seconds later, it seemed like it has bit something off. It gently pulled out a chunk of flesh from the frog’s chest.

    With Luo Yuan’s sharp vision, he noticed that it was the heart of the giant frog. The super creature did not immediately spit it out this time. It slowly bit while spitting at the same time, and visibly gulped it down its throat. It had clearly swallowed it.

    Luo Yuan had finally understood that this creature was finding an energy gemstone. A majority of the level seven mutated beasts actually owned energy gemstones. As long as a mutated beast was strong enough and was sufficiently satiated, the sustainable energy of this gemstone can be accumulated continuously. Certain mutated beasts which were significantly stronger had a tendency to have a much stronger sustainable energy in their energy gemstone, which was located inside its body rather than externally. Apparently, this super creature was coming for this.

    At this moment, this super creature started to act again. He sniffed gently, before walking towards the tallest tree nearby. Under Luo Yuan’s curious vision, it raised its head and bit off a tree branch that was full of leaves. It chewed and swallowed, then growled a few times; seemingly satisfied with the food. It carried on feeding itself with numerous, large helpings of leaves.

    Luo Yan hardly believed his own eyes, as he witnessed this deadly creature eating leaves. It felt silly to be worried prior to this. Nevertheless, he can now finally put his feet up, and take a breather.

    He felt an energy deficiency in his heart, and his body was totally drained. He then leaned against a tree and slowly slid down to the ground.

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