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Chapter 380: The Journey

    Chapter 380: The Journey

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The mutated human was shocked and suddenly stepped back ten meters away. Her action was similar to that of a frightened beast.

    She was staring at Luo Yuan for a long time, and after a while, she began to go closer to the food. As she saw that Luo Yuan did not react, she quickly took the food and climbed up to a big tree nearby. She sat between the branches and began to eat.

    She was very alert, as she was still watching Luo Yuan while she was busy eating.

    She stuffed all the food into her mouth without chewing it properly, as she understood that the food only truly belonged to her when it is in her stomach.

    She was acting like a beast, as Luo Yuan could not see any human-like mannerisms and behavior on her.

    A five kilogram of the big thigh had turned into a white bone in less than a minute; even the cartilage was cleared! She then broke the bone and licked the juices inside. After a few seconds, she finally willing to throw away the bone.

    The mutated woman licked her lips to clean the last drop of oil. She then took a glance at Luo Yuan, and moved her gaze onto the other half of the roasted meat again.

    As she was either too hungry or was assured that Luo Yuan meant no harm, she was not as alert as she was before. The scales on her body were small and packed, with each of the scales as big as a green bean. The scales on the hands, buttocks, joints were even smaller. However, the skin on her face and chest was just like a normal human being’s.

    The mutated human was squatting on the tree branch, unaware that she was exposing her lower body. Luo Yuan quickly looked away after taking a glance.

    Luo Yuan lost his appetite, as the mutated human was watching him eat. He smiled awkwardly, before throwing the leftovers aside.

    Since he had the energy now, the food was not a necessity to him anymore. The main function of food was to maintain his metabolism, and also to satisfy his taste buds. Apart from that, it did not matter to him if he did not eat.

    Besides, it was a low level mutated beast, and it had no effect on its energy, no matter how much he ate.

    When the roasted meat was still flying in the sky, she took a big leap and caught it in the air before landing on the ground again. After that, she quickly climbed up to the tree and enjoyed her feast again.

    He could see that the mutated human was quite powerful, excluding the evolution power she had. Her Dexterity was estimated to be in the range of 14-15 points. If she had suddenly attacked them in the Reconstruction Area, Luo Yuan might be the only one who could escape in the Bureau of Firearms.

    In order to survive in such a threatening forest, she must have a certain level of power. Luo Yuan rested for about ten minutes and checked his map, before finally resuming his journey again.

    The mutated human looked at Luo Yuan from the back and just as he almost disappeared from her gaze, she looked at the strange surroundings and decided to follow Luo Yuan after a short hesitation.

    She could not understand why she had to follow him!

    Perhaps, she was curious seeing someone that looked similar to her. Perhaps she thought she might be able to find delicious food again. Or, she could have been lonely for too long and enjoyed the familiar feeling that she could sense from him, as another human being.

    From the best of her memory, her home was the forest. She had no idea where she came from, and never saw anyone who looked even remotely like her. She hunted carefully during the daytime and then hid in the small cave at night. She listened to those scary roars from many different beasts and waited for the break of dawn again.

    Sometimes, she would have strange dreams. However, she could not remember her dreams until she laid eyes on the creature who looked like her. She finally realized why it felt like déjà vu upon seeing him

    In fact, that area was very dangerous. In the evening, Luo Yuan bumped into a level seven mutated beast again. The main reason why he departed from the Reconstruction Area was to investigate extraterrestrial civilization. His major concern was to arrive at his destination as soon as possible, instead of killing the mutated beasts. But since he bumped into them, he had no choice but to kill them.

    A level seven mutated beast was able to earn him 19,200 - 38,400 experience points. Despite being upgraded to a Level 11, the large amount of points was still very important to him. Perhaps, when he lands on Borneo, he might be able to upgrade himself again.

    Since he was already notified from the system, he could already set a trap from ten kilometers away. He spent half an hour to get close to the mutated beast, but he only spent two seconds to fight.

    It was a very smooth battle compared to killing the giant frog. Besides that, the new synthetic battle suit had helped him increase his speed. He inserted his saber into the brain of the mutated beast even before it could generate its power.

    The ground shook vigorously for a second, as the giant carcass fell onto the ground.

    Luo Yuan waited for it to stop breathing and shaking. He then jumped onto the dead body. He opened its thorax and dug out its heart.

    The heart weighed half a ton, and it was still pumping, displaying strength.

    Luo Yuan opened the heart with his Zhanmadao and took out a tiny body of energy. The heart had stopped beating immediately after he removed it. He wiped away the blood stains and looked at the energy crystal under the sunlight, it was yellowish red, and was only as small as a thumb. It was flawed by some impurities, compared to the energy crystal from the level eight mutated creature.

    Luo Yuan was not too concerned on lower level energy crystals, as he had consumed a level eight’s energy body before. Therefore, he did not keep the energy bodies even after killing a few mutated beasts recently. He suddenly realized that he had missed out on something good when he saw the grimacing horse.

    Since it was attracted by a level eight creature, the energy crystal might have a more useful purpose other than supplying energy. Luo Yuan threw the energy crystal into his mouth and it melted immediately. The energy crystal slid down his throat and his stomach felt warm. He slowly felt the heat circulating inside his body, before gradually disappearing again. Other than the level eight’s energy crystal being enhanced in his heart, he did not experience any other changes.

    Luo Yuan was not disappointed, as the energy crystal was too small. Perhaps, a bigger energy crystal was needed to see a major change.

    He heard some noises coming from the bushes, as the branches were shaking. Suddenly, a scaly hand came out from the bushes and pushed the branches aside. The mutated human appeared, trembling, and looked at the giant beast in the distance, before looking at Luo Yuan again.

    She was shocked, scared and perhaps curious. Her body was trembling like a frightened little beast.

    However, she recalled the creature who gave her the food. She was naïve; her simple mindset was able to calm herself down, and hence, her fear had subsided when she looked at Luo Yuan.

    She hesitated and then jumped down from the tree. She used her limbs wisely and in just a few seconds, she could almost reach Luo Yuan.

    She was running very fast and she finally stopped when she was about 40 - 50 meters away from him. She took a glance at him and was attracted by the heart beside him.

    Luo Yuan understood her body language, as the low-level creatures were always eager to get the flesh or blood from the creatures from higher levels. He smiled and cut a piece of the heart and then threw it further away. Before the meat fell on the ground, she had already leaped into the air and caught the meat. She stuffed all the meat into her mouth the very moment she landed.

    The heart was very near to the energy crystal, hence, the density of the active energy was very high. Her face was blushing and her body slowly turned red even after eating just a small portion of the heart. Despite that, she was still stuffing the meat into her mouth, as she did not want to waste any morsel.

    After a few minutes, she was frightened as she felt dizzy. She quickly shook her head in hopes of regaining full consciousness again. Luo Yuan could not stop laughing when he witnessed the scene.

    Luo Yuan realized that the mutated human had made his journey less boring and lonely. It seems like he wouldn’t need to suffer too much throughout the rest of the journey.

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