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Chapter 393: Spaceship

    Chapter 393: Spaceship

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    His heartbeat slowed to a slow yet powerful tempo. Immense strength was continuously drawn up into him from the ground. His drained physical strength within his four-dimensional vision was restored instantly. Luo Yuan closed his eyes and cleared his mind. He felt the complicated frequency of the area in the quiet that surrounded him.

    Sensing the earth’s frequency was a gift he had. Ever since he became an evolved human, the ability to sense all frequency waves, especially when he was in the Earth Pulse mode, came to him instinctively. The waves of the earth were so clear to his senses, they were like the radiating glow of a candle in the dark. As compared to the darkness, figuring out the mixed and complexed waves in the Earth Pulse could only be separated with specifically honed vibration impulse senses.

    The waves of the area were clearer and more active as he got closer to it. With each breath, Luo Yuan felt a clear, intense rhythm. The geological formation of this area was not as complicated as he thought. Removing the humidity from the area, he focused on the composition of the mountain. It was made of granite, stuck together which formed a single rock structure with almost no cracks. That meant that even if the waves were intense, they were cluttered. Such terrain was the best place for resonance.

    "Let’s begin!" Luo Yuan thought to himself. He opened his eyes, lifted up his foot and stomped down hard. There was a light shake on the ground. He continued a second time, and then a third…

    As compared to the Earth Stomp, the impact of the quakes as he stomped were minuscule. He was controlling his Will, not only to avoid an uproar which would alert the extraterrestrial civilization but also to conserve his energy.

    As long as the frequencies match, each quake did not require much strength. It was more of a domino effect where all he needed was the continuous impulse from the resonance that picked up the frequency.

    He proceeded to stomp his feet, again and again.

    The resonance began. Dust fell from the ceilings overhead. He could hear that walls crack and chunks of gravel slide off to the ground. He was covered with dust, but, his eyes remained focused and he continued his stomping.

    He was an earth based evolved human. He was always one with the earth to gain power and rejuvenation, and at the same time, he had control of it. Although, his control was limited by the range of his Sense, where he could do nothing about any area that was out of range.

    But this time, the tables were turned! The Earth Stomp was not achieved by the simple lifting of a foot, that was just the start. In reality, not only did he have to match the frequency of his Earth Pulse, but it required a lot of focused attention for the perfect release. That was the reason why the coverage of the Earth Pulse was similar to the range of his Sense.

    However, as the resonance was initiated, the limits of his Sense’s coverage was shattered. With the spread of the vibration’s coverage area, his control was widened correspondingly. As the resonance spread wider and wider, everything went haywire!

    By then, Luo Yuan was immersed in the central zone of the vibration and could not pull himself out of it. His heart and soul were one with the earth, while the resonance spread from the initial 100 meters to 1,000 meters, and then 10,000 meters…

    Suddenly, the earth was part of him!

    The mountain was a part of his body, the ravines in the valley were his limbs, the soft soil was his skin while the plants and a variety of mutated creatures were the mold and parasites on his living being. He felt like he was invincible and an endless strength rose up within him. One stroke of his hand could make the mountain collapse and the ground crack open beneath him. It continued spreading all over his body at a lightning speed, his strength was multiplying at an amazing speed!

    He was concerned but he could not control it. All he could do was just allow things to happen around him. Soon his concern faded as his strength continued to build up within him. Soon he felt his consciousness blur as he gained more power, and his body started to enlarge…

    Suddenly, there was an intense shudder on the ground that made things fall all around him, but Luo Yuan remained still. The Earth Stomp under his feet went on and the intensity of the resonance did not falter. The major change in the terrain deformed the cave and the walls were cracked from top to bottom. The two-meter wide cave shrunk to less than half a meter.

    Giant pieces of gravels rained down and large rocks of up to 100 kilograms smashed on Luo Yuan’s head, but he did not feel anything at all. Blood trailed down his forehead and dripped off his chin. Drops of blood influenced by his Will floated in the air and some just fell to the ground making small puddles at his feet. It was like mercury, a viscous, shiny liquid that rolled on the ground, rippled by the chaotic vibrations.

    As time went by, the ground above was in complete turmoil! The mountain had split into half and collapsed to the ground. A huge piece of land had sunk and formed a giant sinkhole! A fearsome crack formed like an enormous mouth with canine teeth, which opened wide and swallowed the mudslides around it. Countless mutated beasts were either petrified with fear on the ground or ran for their lives over all the dead bodies beneath them.


    An intense crash woke him from his trance like state, like a gong in the morning. He looked around him and a chill ran down his spin. The cave walls were so close together, some sharp rocks were close to piercing his body. If his body was not as tough, they would have through and killed him instantly.

    He did not hesitate to break the rock edges with a sweep of his hand. He stomped hard and gave the wall on the top of his head a punch. In such a treacherous situation, his adrenaline pumped quickly, which allowed him to push his limits with his speed. An endless barrage of punches made contact with the wall. Each hit unleashed 20 tonnes of strength, like cannons bomb pummeling the wall.

    The tough rock crumbled like biscuits under such terrifying force. He was like a super-rock drilling machine. In a blink of an eye, he emerged from the underground cavern he was trapped in. He wiped the dust and blood off his face and was stunned at the scene that met him. Many giant trees had fallen, their roots high in the air. There were severe changes to the terrain. He looked at the 10-meter wide crack not far away and the hills that just shot up nearby from the movement of the tectonic plates beneath the surface. He gasped in surprise, surprised at the terrifying impact of the resonance.

    At this moment, he was truly shocked by what he could do. When he snapped out of the zone, he noticed something strange. He was shocked! Not only did his Sense now have an unbelievably wide coverage, allowing him to feel up to 500-meters of distance, with images that were much clearer. He glanced at his system updates and noticed that his Sense was now +16. It had gained +2 at once!

    Added to his Haunted Locust Heart, it was +17, which was the same as his Will.

    He was happy as his Sense came to achieve a much greater potential. Not only was the coverage widened, it was now the same as his Will where both sides of his mental strength were now fearsomely powerful. It was like a material that had both characteristics of strength as well as incredible malleability, one of the ways to describe the ultimate form of mental strength.

    The upgrade of his Sense allowed him to see much clearly when he was using his Will. "It seems like the change in Sense was caused by the resonance which affected my state of mind." Luo Yuan guessed. He recalled the amazing feeling he had earlier. While he was grateful for the upgrade in his Sense, he was concerned.

    He did not expect the resonance to be so dangerous as it was sent forth with his state of mind. If he was not alarmed by the danger and did not snap out of the mode, the spread of his mindset would have been horrifying, and he might have still been deeply immersed in the invisible power. Even worse, his consciousness would have integrated to the ground and he would not be able to return to his own body, which would have wasted away under the rubble.

    Fortunately, everything was over. Not only did he survive the danger, his Sense got a massive upgrade, he concluded. Simultaneously, a thought flashed through his mind. He calmed his excitement and set his focus back on the mission at hand. "Let’s see what happened to the building," he said aloud, a menacing tone to his voice.

    He pointed his foot in the direction of the building and leaped forward. The day had just dawned, but the sun was not out. There was still darkness in the forest. The terrain was completely destroyed by the resonant-caused earthquake. The ground caved in, mountains slid away and there were some spouting fountains that were caused by the breaking and redirecting of an underground river. It showered water all around him.

    While concealing himself behind bushes and trees, Luo Yuan moved forward cautiously. In less than 20 minutes, he arrived at the building site. He was thrilled to see that the building was nowhere to be found. Instead, there were piles of giant rocks all over the place. The extraterrestrial civilization was out of luck! During the earthquake, there was mud slide on the mountain next to the building. Half the cliff had disappeared, and massive amounts of rocks and mud devoured the building to the chunks of rocks he saw.

    To be buried in gravel that was almost 100,000 tonnes, even if it did not break into smaller boulders, the aliens and robot could not get out of the building in time. As he stood there assessing the damage, there was a shiver in the earth and the terrain shifted again!

    He heard a loud thud that sounded like a thunder and the rocks on the ground shook with the vibrations. At the same time, a terrifying heat rose out of the ground, and the heat waves seemed to be rumbling.

    Mist from the instant vaporization of water shot out of the piles of hot gravels, the air was suddenly covered in a fog!

    The temperature was insanely high as the wet rocks became dry instantly. Soon, dark red lava started flowing out of the gaps in the earth. The earth shook more intensely, giant rocks rolled around like pebbles. It felt like there was a giant creature trying to escape from it. Luo Yuan who was initially relaxed became anxious. He stood up and held his saber tight in his hands. He ran towards the pile of rocks 1,000 meters away in the blink of an eye.

    Just as he got closer, the terrifying heat wave almost singed his hair. He summoned a layer of Will that coated his body, and the heat wave was blocked off him immediately. He looked at the chaos that was smoking and melting around him, clenched his teeth and leaped up in the air away from it all.

    He used his Sense and focused it on the interior of the building. The images he saw in his head gave him goosebumps. He and the reconstruction area were wrong! The crescent object was not a building. It was not an outpost. It was a mini spaceship!

    The 100,000 tonnes of gravels that had buried it only made some insignificant tiny holes, scratches and minor deformation. Nothing majorly destructive had happened to it.

    Suddenly, its base that was buried in the ground reshaped itself into a rocket and plasma flames fired out of it. The ground below it had become red hot and formed a pool of molten lava with bright, white beams that quickly vaporized in the air. It also released a hot and dense gas which melted the area nearby.

    There was a scary force from the spaceship’s engine. The shake got more and more intense, countless rocks flew out from beneath it and the ship rose swiftly into the air. Luo Yuan was astounded. With such speed, the spaceship would escape in less than half a minute! He moved around so that he would not sink into the melting ground beneath him. Looking down from the sky as he flew up, the ground got tinier below him. He held his saber high, his heart racing in his chest. The intense anxiety made his palms sweaty, it felt like he could not hold his blade any longer.

    The mission made him feel like he was dancing with death. There was no other possibility of survival if he failed the mission. When he battled with mutated beasts, even if he failed, there was still a chance he could escape alive. But his opponent this time was a spaceship from outer space! The technology used remained unknown as well as its tactics. He emptied his mind and he gathered all his Will to his saber!

    He waited for the time to come with a blank consciousness. At that moment, he only had one shot! All his terrors, worries, tactics and thorough plannings would be all behind him if it worked. He was a hunter, the most powerful hunter in the apocalypse. The only thing different was that the target was not a mutated beast, but an alien spaceship.

    It felt like time had slowed down, the seconds passed by excruciatingly. He felt like he was levitating in the air, tonnes of soil slided off the spaceship as it launched into the air.

    Suddenly, he became furious. He slashed down his Zhanmadao and drew a bright deadly stroke in the air causing the space to explode. He reached his maximum speed. His body became a blur, his face could not be seen as he darted down. Countless saber strikes were like bolts of lightning in the darkness of the dawn. He made a few hundred swings per second, an airtight web was formed, mercilessly slicing the spaceship. The armor on the spaceship that seemed tough was nothing but a thin sheet of paper under such terrifying slashes.

    Two seconds later, the engine died after a few shot of flames splurted out of the rocket.

    Three seconds later, the top of the spaceship fell open, sliced into pieces like a peeled orange. It collapsed in the dirt, completely destroyed. Luo Yuan hopped off the wreckage, landing lightly on the ground.

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