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Chapter 395: Friendly Glassians

    Chapter 395: Friendly Glassians

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan then placed the soul-eating beast’s eyeball on his forehead and closed his eyes.

    As he went into the zone, an amazing change happened to the pitch black eyeball.

    It seemed like it was electrified where its color faded at a fast pace and soon it became a clear crystal. There was a glow came out of it at the same time, it was soft and lively.

    With the help of the flow, the cave lit up with a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere. There were changes happened to Luo Yuan’s vision as well. It was complete darkness when he closed his eyes, but now there was a cloud of colorful mist. The color of the mist was ever-changing, it was strange yet mysterious.

    As Luo Yuan had tried the soul-eating eyeball before, the mist was not strange to him. He focused on the mist and approached it. As he changed his mind, it enlarged in a blink of an eye. From the size of a watermelon, it became as big as a house when he was half a meter closer.

    When he almost touched it, it became a giant creature that was as huge as a hill. It was terrifying but at the same time, it showed its true color.

    It was not some ever-changing color, but it was filled with countless images.

    Calling them images were inaccurate, to be precise, those were short clips of videos.

    As the mist rumbled, the videos appeared one by one like bubbles on a bowl of soup but most of them did not last too long. Just when they appeared, the videos disappeared before he could see any of them clearly.

    Of course, those were not the dream that Luo Yuan wanted, they were the thoughts that were created in its sleep. They were messy, scattered and self-destructive. The real dreamland was located in the center of the mist while the videos were just fragments of thoughts from the dream.

    As Luo Yuan focused, there was a catastrophic change to the hill-sized mist.

    Compared to the alien’s state of mind, his was overwhelmingly strong where a change in his thoughts could cause a disaster.

    He was like a scorching sun, his body released a terrifying aura. Countless images collapsed before they could even come close to him. The cloud of mist shook intensely.

    Watching the collapsing mist, Luo Yuan went silent immediately and stopped thinking so that his thoughts would not disturb the dream.

    He stayed at the same spot for some time and eventually, the mist returned back to normal.

    He was relieved and walked slowly towards the mist. Though his slow movement, he managed created a huge vacuum tunnel as he walked through the mist.

    Soon, he arrived at the dreamland. It covered most parts of the cloud of mist and felt like reality. It would be absolutely stunning for a first-timer.

    Luo Yuan did not stay there and went straight into the dreamland without hesitation.

    The dreamland shook a few times and went back to normal. As long as he was near, space within the dream became unstable and felt like it would collapse anytime.

    But there was nothing that he could do as his state of mind was too strong. Even if he was to turn off his mind, his existence would still be a major disturbance to the dreamland.

    He maintained calm in his mind and observed the dreamland in silence.

    Seemed to be affected by Luo Yuan’s entrance, the dreams changed from one scene to another where most of them made no sense.

    However, the scattered images were very valuable and precious.

    There were images of the inside of the spaceship and on a galaxy but most of them were images of a room that was filled with a variety of devices. It also showed scenes of this alien working with other aliens.

    The alien seemed to hold a high position as Luo Yuan noticed there were a few images of it scolding other aliens. But he was too far away, he could not hear what they said, just some noise that was barely there. Suddenly, Luo Yuan felt something that made his heart jolt. He hesitated and got closer.

    "The mutation of this antidote-based virus is very dangerous. I don’t think I should repeat myself that all experiment materials should be quarantined. If such rudimentary mistake happened again, please go back to the mothership!"

    "I’m sorry, I will not repeat the mistake ever again!"

    A close voice was sent to his head. He was stunned and could not maintain his silence at the moment. His strong thoughts were released uncontrollably. The dreamland shook intensely, it was collapsing and the air was distorted, it crumbled eventually. Even the outer region of the mist cloud as the world fell into darkness.

    However, Luo Yuan did not regret that. He looked at the soul-eating beast’s eyeball in his hand, it was still unbelievable to him. He had never imagined this little thing could allow him to listen to the aliens’ conversations.

    He thought to himself while he calmed himself down and realized something.

    With the help of the eyeball, he could enter the dream of others without his five senses. What he got were frequencies that came from the heart.

    When he did try invading a dream previously, it was in the same language he spoke. If it were not for the alien that he met today, he would have never noticed that and at the same time, he would not know how precious this eyeball was.

    Suddenly, he recalled the conversation between the two aliens he saw at the dreamland. It was strange, the aliens seemed to be experimenting with a dangerous virus, but what kind of virus would make them come all the way to earth!

    The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous the incident was. He seemed to get a hint of what happened.

    "Should I take a look again?" Luo Yuan thought to himself.

    But he looked at the alien who frowned and seemed to be suffering, Luo Yuan scrapped off his idea.

    This alien was valuable to the reconstruction area, he could not torture it until it lost its mind. No matter what, he had all the time with it.

    He looked at the watch, it was only 8 a.m. in the morning.

    It was a slow day for Luo Yuan, he could not feel time pass at all.

    He felt that his Strength had been fully recovered, he walked out of the hole. A salty sea breeze blew on his face, he was recharged and he felt much happier.

    He climbed the tree and took a good look at the island.

    The island he rested his feet on was pathetically small, the surface of the land was barely 10 square kilometers. The longest part of the island was seven kilometers apart while the smallest area was only two kilometers apart.

    Though small, it was quite dangerous. There was almost no sight of any land based mutated creature. What he saw were many giant beasts that crawled out of the sea, even some of the aquatic plants invaded the land.

    He saw seaweed taking over a beach not far away. The seaweed was enormous, each of the leaves could cover an entire highway before the apocalypse.

    After another glance, he went back to the hole. The alien had awakened and it sat up.

    When Luo Yuan entered, it was checking the intelligence robot next to it. Seeing Luo Yuan walking in, it pulled back its hand immediately and mustered its courage to look at him calmly,"@#¥%*&)(@*)#! !)@(#*!)(@# )!(*$)(^@!#)!*(#*!)(@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !)(@#*)((#*@!#"

    It opened its mouth and said something with a weird accent through its mask, it sounded boring.

    Luo Yuan looked at it in silence, walked into the hole and used Will to check the intelligent robot again. It was still in sleep mode, and he was relieved.

    To think about it, the intelligent robot had been destroyed in every physical sense. Without tools or replacement materials, even if its creator was here, there was nothing that could be done.

    Luo Yuan ignored the alien while he laid on the wall. He held the eyeball in his hand and thought to himself.

    Seeing Luo Yuan not showing any hostility, the alien seemed to have more courage. It attempted to stand up. However, it seems that the alien could not handle the gravity on earth.

    It struggled for a while and stood straight as it spoke again, "#%**@#%"

    Not getting any responses from Luo yuan after a few sentences, it seemed to have thought of something and said, "person, 人类, человечество?"

    The three words were in English, Mandarin and Russian, they were the most prominent languages that remained of mankind.

    Luo Yuan was shocked, he lifted his head. Although its accent was weird and blur, it was still understandable, "You can speak our language."

    It stopped and seemed to be thinking. A while later, it spoke, "You are… Chinese, reconstruction…area?"

    "You got it right!" Luo Yuan said in all seriousness, he could see that it had high intelligence.

    If its message system was still there, he could assume that it was translated but now that the system was destroyed, all of that was self-taught.

    "What you…did…leads to…death, you can’t run away, your race… will be… punished by us!" The way it talked was cautious yet arrogant. To it, the intelligence of the human race was similar to natives from a pre-historic period.

    "Let me… go, send me… back, we will… repay you, high-end… technology, lengthen your lives, you will be the human… hero!" It continued to speak.

    "Haha, are you kidding me?" Luo Yuan laughed in sarcasm while he ignored the fact that the aliens had shown their hostility to mankind. There would be no good consequences to him since he killed so many of the aliens.

    "We… Glassians… are friendly, we… don’t joke around!" The alien proceeded to say but soon he could not say anything anymore.

    A saber had been pointed at its forehead. It was stunned as it took a few steps backward, stumbling and falling on the ground. It stood up in pain and said,"Disagree… violence, friendly… talk!"

    "Go f*uck yourself!"

    Not only Luo Yuan did not keep his saber, he pointed the sharp end even closer to its forehead.

    "Now it’s my turn to ask and you will answer! How many of you are here?" Luo Yuan asked as he exuded a faint aura of Will around him.

    "12… 85 of us!"

    "How many spaceships are there?"

    "It’s not a spaceship… It’s just an aircraft, there is only…one spaceship!"

    Luo Yuan was shocked, he felt weak all of a sudden. He was lucky that he was alive as he thought the aircraft was the extraterrestrial civilization’s biggest strength, but it was just merely an aircraft although it served the similar purpose of short-distance flying in space.

    "Last question, what is your…purpose here?" Luo Yuan gathered his Will as a glow came out of from his eyes as he increased the intensity of the Will he exuded into the interrogation.

    Suddenly, the alien struggled, it frowned and seemed like it was suffering. Soon there was blood flowing out of its nose and it became yellow. A few moments later it said, "Expedition, we are an expedition team. Glassians are… friends with the humans!"

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