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Chapter 396: Lies

    Chapter 396: Lies

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Suddenly, the alien struggled, it frowned and seemed like it was suffering. Soon there was blood flowing out of its nose and it became yellow. A while later it said, "Expedition, we are an expedition team. Glassians are… friends with the humans!"

    Although it seemed weak, it seemed to have a kind of resistance to hypnosis. During the last question, it seemed to show signs of relief, which was suspicious.


    Would an advanced civilization be friendly to a backward civilization which would soon become a threat to it?

    He did not believe it at all. The history of humanity was the best examples. A good example was the mass depopulation of the indigenous people in America back in the past as well as the slavery that happened on top of many other records of atrocities in our civilization that was lost in the records.

    The entire human history was that of war.

    Moreover, when all these had happened in the past, it was between two parties of a similar species. If two civilizations from different species were to meet, the war would be a hundred times worse and the end result would inevitably have only one civilization that would eventually remain standing on earth.

    If the extraterrestrial civilization left its motherland to expand their territory in the galaxy, Luo Yuan believed that nobody would just sit there and watch as other civilizations of another species threatened them.

    Friendly? Without a doubt, that was one of the worst lies.

    Luo Yuan wanted to use his Will to make it speak again but since its nose was bleeding, he was afraid that he would kill it and gave up on that thought.

    "What did you… do to me." The alien panted in fear and did not hold back when he responded, "You’re… a dirty savage!"

    "Dirty savage?" Hearing such insulting words, Luo Yuan face turned solemn as he said coldly, "Please be reminded that you’re a prisoner. If you’re ever disrespectful to me again, don’t blame me for not warning you."

    As he finished his words, he retrieved his saber. The glow on the Zhanmadao slashed the alien before its chest, scaring it and made it take a few steps backward. Luo Yuan made his stand and it apologized immediately, "No no no, powerful… warrior, that was… unintentional!"

    Luo Yuan ignored him. A while later, it got startled and tried to convince him, "Please… let me go, I’m no use… to you, perhaps you… don’t know… what you’re doing? What kind of scary power that you are encountering? This will bring disaster… to your people!"

    "What you say disaster, do you mean the antidote virus?" Luo Yuan suddenly thought about that and asked.

    "Not the antidote virus!" The alien said and suddenly, it was stunning. It then showed a fear and unbelievable expression like it just heard something scary. It was shaking,"How… How do you know about… the antidote virus?"

    "It was you who told me!" Luo Yuan proceeded to test him. His heart was heavy, he could feel that the antidote virus was crucial and extremely dangerous.

    "Not… not possible, that’s… not possible." It started to panic but soon it was calm again. It was obvious that the alien held back its panic, "The antidote virus… is an experimental project… in my motherland, it is very… dangerous, it has been… classified… as a prohibited project, maybe… I unconsciously… spilled it to you."

    Looking at it speaking incoherently, it was obvious that it was hiding something. Moreover, the images that Luo Yuan saw in the dream was not from some galaxy but was in the spaceship that he destroyed. He was sure because the scene in the dream was the exact same with the cabin of the spaceship.

    However, seeing that he could not use his Will to make it speak, could he get more information from him?

    The alien noticed that it talked too much, it immediately shut its mouth and did not talk again!

    Luo Yuan did not want to force it. He sat down leaning against the hole. He closed his eyes, the atmosphere became silent.

    When it was near evening, he went out and soon came back with a gigantic seashell. He used his Zhanmadao to open the shell and white, juicy meat appeared. He took out salt from his backpack and sprinkled on it evenly.

    The shellfish was still alive, triggered by the salt, the white shellfish had an intense spasm.

    He cut a slice of it with his Zhanmadao and put it into his mouth as he frowned.

    The risk was not completely over as the extraterrestrial civilization might still be looking for Luo Yuan. He did not want to make a fire to avoid himself from being noticed.

    He chewed slowly, he was surprised to find that not as horrible than he thought. The light flavor from the salt elevated the freshness of the shellfish, it was juicy and tender as it melted in his mouth. It would be perfect if there was some wasabi.

    But those were just fantasies that he had.

    Since the apocalypse, seasoning that was available in the reconstruction area was limited. Apart from salt, soy sauce and vinegar, there was nothing else.

    Soon, Luo Yuan finished most of the shellfish. Suddenly he thought of the alien, turned around and asked, "Do you want some?"

    The alien avoided eye contact and said nervously, "No… No… I don’t eat… such things!"

    Luo Yuan was not surprised. A human would not die from hunger if they did not eat for a few days, it should be the same for aliens. Since it did not look like it was dying, Luo Yuan did not mind him. He then finished the entire shellfish with the exception of its internal organs.

    More than 10 kilograms of meat was in his stomach but he did not feel bloated at all and soon, it was all digested.

    He tossed the shell out of the hole and cleaned his hands. He had enough rest and was ready to work again. He turned around and asked the alien, "Aren’t you sleepy!"

    "No…" Before the alien could finish its words, it felt a deep exhaustion kicked in its body. Then, its body was swaying and its eyelids became heavy.

    Luo Yuan looked at it and said, "If you’re sleepy, then sleep!"

    It could not fight the sleepiness and laid slowly on the ground. It closed its eyes, there was a sound that echoed in its ears.

    "You’re now a prisoner to human and you revealed something in a conversation earlier. You have been suspected, this is making you uneasy. You can only relax and let down your guards in your sleep. Let go of all the secrets, as they are the most personal thing for your spirit…"

    During the training in New Capital City, Luo Yuan had seen a few hypnosis techniques.

    As compared to the use of his Will to make it talk which was straightforward, hypnosis was like a silent lubricant that allowed people to let down of their guards.

    However, use of such techniques was difficult. First, one would have to make the other party relax their body and mind. It would require a quiet environment that nobody would interrupt and at the same time, it needed extensive guidance. The process was extremely tedious.

    However, it was not as much work for Luo Yuan. His strong Will allowed him to do hypnosis anytime, anywhere. As the alien’s expression was completely relaxed and entered the dreamland that was customized by Luo Yuan, he took out the soul-eating beast’s eyeball and invaded its dream again.

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