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Chapter 397: The Truth

    Chapter 397: The Truth

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    Perhaps it was deeply hypnotized, the mist in the dream this time was many times bigger than the previous one. It was gigantic and majestic. At the same time, the dream was stable. When Luo Yuan entered it, he did not cause any major waves.

    The scene in the dream was no longer the cabin but a much bigger room. Apart from a round-shaped window, there was a pitch black, quiet galaxy. It was obviously outer space outside.

    "That would probably be the real spaceship!" Luo Yuan thought to himself.

    "Nobody would have expected the high-energy cosmic rays from the new planet’s explosion would cause a mutation in the antidote virus. The evolution of the organism is just too fast. It has not even been half a year and the entire planet had already fallen apart. How could such a mutation happen?" An alien mumbled to itself as it looked outside, "Fortunately, looking at the natives on the planet, it seemed like these intelligent organisms have great control over their bodies where they would be able to suppress the antidote virus effectively. In any other scenario, it would be too dangerous!"

    Soon, the scene changed.

    A screen float in midair appeared in front of Luo Yuan. The image was familiar to him where he could tell what it was in one glance. It was a double helix image of genes.

    The screen was surrounded by aliens in uniforms, an alien seemed to be persuading the team with excitement.

    "This is one of the infectious agent genes for the antidote virus from this planet. You could see from the image that the gene is unable to survive and there will be mutation happening anytime.

    However, during the mutation, mysterious parts were formed in the genes. They stunned me, one of them could even control electromagnetic forces. Perhaps this planet is more valuable than we ever imagined. It is a priceless treasure trove of genes. I want to venture into this plant for an expedition."

    The scene changed again. The screen that hung midair had a video of a giant mutated creature. Its body was glowing, it looked beautiful and mysterious. The stunning part was, the location in the video was not from earth, but was near to outer space instead. Earth could be seen from not far away.

    Suddenly, a high-energy ray hit its body. It was so bright that it was hurtful for the eyes, like a sun rising in the dark. As the light faded, its body that was not harmed at all. The only thing that changed was that the glow was now dimmer than before.

    It lifted its head and roared into outer space, the video tripped and there was distortion, showing that there was a massive disturbance. Then, there were three high-energy rays that came out of nowhere, hitting its body again…

    "That is unbelievable! It’s a miracle. Such defensive abilities are even better than the technology the Glassians’ possessed. If we could get enough gene samples and return to the motherland, there would be a breakthrough in Glassian technology."


    This time it was no doubt a nightmare for the alien where Luo Yuan saw himself in the dreamland. He was cruel in the dream, he looked ferocious.

    "You cannot… kill me!" It kept running in fear and suddenly, it stumbled on a rock on the ground. It fell down and the image of a black saber and shadows of people surrounding it appeared. It looked hopeless.

    Luo Yuan frowned as he watched the dream. If it died in the dream, it would be the end of the dream as his emotion would be triggered. It was a great opportunity, he did not want it to end so soon. He thought and entered a state of mind to stop himself in the dream. He did not just manage to stun the aliens, but even himself in the dream. He stopped immediately with a strange expression as he found himself looking at the Luo Yuan from the dream.

    It was like looking at his doppleganger, the feeling was amazing. He was unsure but he felt a mysterious connection from the bottom of his heart when he looked at his doppelganger. Soon, the body of Luo Yuan in the dream distorted as it began to collapse and disappear.

    Luo Yuan was shocked. He realised that the understanding he had of the inner workings of a dream was still insufficient. What he saw boggled his mind.

    Looking at the signs of a collapse in the dream that was caused by Luo Yuan's emotions, he quickly zoned out and disappeared from the dream. The disappearance of both Luo Yuan's did not even bother the aliens in the dream. The alien was deep in thought for a moment and was glad that it managed to survive. The scene seemed to change again.

    A while later, Luo Yuan left the dream. He heaved a sigh of relief. The sky was dark, it was midnight.

    He was in the dream for more than six hours. The endless changing scenes, aircrafts, spaceships to their motherland and everything he experienced in the dream He had seen almost all the important memories that were hiding in its subconscious mind when he was in its dream.

    Through those scattered images, Luo Yuan managed to deduce the purpose of the aliens that visited earth after some analysis.

    The apocalypse was started by the aliens!

    The antidote virus got its name from its ability to unlock bonds within biological mutations. Through the viral gene, it destabilized existing genes, allowing mutations to take place within a short period of time.

    Since the discovery of such a virus, the Glassians have had it on their wanted list. They even went so far as to carry out a secret experiment even after they found out the extreme levels of danger that it posed, that it could even destroy the entire planet. This was the reason why the virus was not allowed to be experimented on Until they received radio waves from the humans. They felt threatened and this eventually led to the expedition that happened.

    In reality, the Glassians were not at the level of an interstellar civilization. In interstellar space, flight had just begun. The idea of flying through the fourth dimension was still in its infancy and they could only fly at a suboptimal speed, utilizing nuclear fusion pulse.

    The motherland of the Glassians was more than 40 lightyears away from earth. They spent 50 years in a deep sleep and five years ago, they were on earth to release the virus.

    The mutation speed of the initial version of the antidote virus could barely be considered S fast. For the first three years, the biological change was so slow that it barely caused any serious threat to humanity. That was, until a cosmic storm caused by an explosion that happened on a new planet that happened in outer space, the antidote virus mutated into a new strain. That was how the virus went haywire, triggering the onset of the apocalypse on earth.

    The experiment of the virus was just an additional expedition mission for the Glassians.

    Their real objective was to destroy the humanity.

    However, their objective was delayed as the experiment was a rare one. A planet was the subject of their experiment and in their expedition, soldiers were not the only people that were involved but many scientists and elite scholars as well. The data of how the humans responded and their experience during such an occurrence was invaluable to the Glassians.

    Another reason was because they were two different civilizations. The Glassians may have technology that was way beyond the reach of mankind but human had their own unique way of living. Although they went on the same journey, they had something that they could learn from one another.

    However, the time mankind had remaining was not that long. They had perhaps a year or two at most.

    Once the resistance of humanity no longer proved to be valuable to them, havoc would ensue.

    He was stressed, like a giant rock was pressed hard against his heart, suffocating him. Although his will was as hard as steel, he could not take on such an attack. Feeling like that was the only way forward, he felt hopelessness take over his being and as he looked at the sleeping alien, an urge to kill flashed by his mind. He let out a sigh as he sat in the hole, emptying his mind.

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