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Chapter 398: Team 125

    Chapter 398: Team 125

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    A few moments later, Luo Yuan returned to reality.

    He looked at the time and realized that it was now 11 p.m. at night. It was pitch black out side and as he listened to the sound of waves and mutated beasts roaring, he walked out and climbed into a tree nearby. As he looked into the sky, he found that it had only dark clouds and not an inkling of starlight. The darkness was like a black cloth that covered the entire sky. Gloomy and depressing, he let out a sigh.

    "God help me!"

    The Glassians only had superior detection skills if compared to mankind. However, they only excelled in accuracy, distance, and power. They had little advancements in other segments of technology. Though they had the most advanced gravitational wave detection technology as well as technology to detect life, they had little going for them in other fields. Their technology to gauge distance was similar to the abilities of mankind to detect electromagnetic waves as well as optical detection techniques.

    Clouds would cause a disturbance in both techniques. This was especially so for optical detection techniques. As long as the clouds remained there, it was redundant.

    It was the best time to leave.

    "It seemed like I will be back to reconstruction area tonight!"

    Luo Yuan thought to himself, hopped off the tree and returned to the hole. He suppressed the hurry to leave and stayed on for an hour more. After 12 a.m., he carried his backpack, removed the headband and put the alien into a deeper sleep with his Will. He then picked up the robot and placed the alien on top as walked out of the hole immediately. He picked a spot on higher ground and initiated his space-time bubble.


    Within half an hour, a glow could be seen shooting across the surface of the sea. It disappeared on the horizon as its speed got increasingly faster. The sea was not calm at all, waves were rumbling. He was like a high-speed elusive shadow that crossed the waves. Eventually, everything was behind him as he disappeared beyond the horizon.

    Almost an hour later, Luo Yuan arrived in China. As he carried some weight with him, his speed when traveling in the space-time bubble was affected. He had reached his maximum speed but it was only two kilometers per second. His speed had dropped more than once but it was sufficient to get him where he wanted to go.

    To be safe, Luo Yuan flew so close to the ground that he almost touched it when he was in flight. The obstacles in the terrain had no effect on his flight at all. His journey was almost a straight line through all the obstacles before him. He crossed trees and even mountains!

    Occasionally he would cross high altitude areas where he flew in darkness most of the time. There was neither light nor sound there.

    For a claustrophobic person, such an environment would ruin everything. Fortunately, Luo Yuan’s strong Will helped him fight such emotions.

    The use of his four-dimensional vision drained his energy. He felt weak and he was pale but he did not slow down at all.

    During his final journey, he almost saw stars and blacked out. He relied heavily on his determination.

    He forcefully controlled the direction he was flying in and flew above the ground. Looking at the reconstruction area that was far away, he was relieved. He flew from a few seconds more, then he left his space-time bubble and fell slowly from the sky.

    As he landed, Luo Yuan fell weak on the ground with the robot in his hands.

    He was drenched in sweat, he looked like he came out of a pool of water. He struggled to put on the band on his forehead and entered the Earth Pulse mode. His strength restored at a fast pace. Within seconds, his pale face regained its color and after a minute, he was fully restored.

    He got out of his Earth Pulse mode and lay on the ground, refusing to get up. After a long time, he gathered his Will and sent out a communication wave. Soon the phone was connected, "Is this Wang Jing? I’m Luo Yuan, I’m back!" He then hung up the phone.

    It was 1:30 a.m. and she was fast asleep. Wang Jing, who was the contact person assigned by the high commissioner picked up the phone that was placed next to her bed. She was half awake when he called and before she managed to figure out what the call was about, Luo Yuan had hung up.

    Just as she turned around and got ready to fall asleep, she jolted and sat upright. She did not feel like sleeping anymore.

    She was fully awake, took the phone in her hand and realized that it was really Luo Yuan.

    "Luo Yuan Major Luo, how could he be back so soon!" Even with an optimistic estimation, Major Luo would take at least two months to complete the mission. Else, taking an entire year to complete the mission was expected as the distance to the location the mission was at was one-third of the distance of a trip around the earth.

    She tried to return his call but it never connected. Suddenly, she realized that Major Luo’s satellite phone was given to her before he left. It was shut down and placed in a metal box. She hopped off her bed, opened her drawer and took out the metal box. She keyed in the password and opened it, the phone was still inside. She switched on the phone and called Luo Yuan, the phone she held rang.

    "What the hell!" Wang Jing placed her hand on her heart that was beating fast, it was unbelievable!

    That aside, it was a serious case where the fate of reconstruction area was in the account. She dared not be reckless, even though it was in the middle of the night, she called the leader.

    "What’s wrong?" Soon the phone was connected, it was picked up by a person who sounded tired.

    Before Wang Jing could say anything, Luo Yuan caught the signal and interrupted,

    "I’m Luo Yuan. The goods are here, I have also captured a strange mutated beast. It’s alive."

    Wang Jing did not say anything. A while later, she said in excitement,"Please stay wherever you are, don’t hang up, and don’t move!

    Both of them did not say more as the communication on earth was basically transparent to the aliens. They did not want to reveal anything.

    In the quiet night, many were woken up from their slumber.

    Luo Yuan put the call on hold, satellite phones could send out his location as well but compared to a mobile phone that relied on a base station, it was much more complicated. More than 10 minutes later, the phone was cut off by the other party.


    After a long wait, it was almost 5 a.m. and the sun was rising.

    Three modified heavy trucks arrived in front of Luo Yuan. Many soldiers hopped down and surrounded the place. A middle-aged man of the lieutenant general rank hopped off from the driver’s seat. He glanced at the shiny green intelligent robot and the alien that were next to Luo Yuan. His pupils shrunk. He quickly ran towards Luo Yuan and shook his hand hard.

    "Major Luo, I am the Team 125's commander, Xie Zeming, I’m greeting you on behalf of the leader. Thank you so much, your dedication will be forever remembered by mankind!"

    He saluted him when he saw Luo Yuan’s clothes were neat and his face was clean. He was one of the few people who knew about the mission. He knew very well that Luo Yuan had terrifying abilities to be able to make it back from Borneo to the reconstruction area through such dangerous environments in such a short period of time.

    "I’m flattered, Major Xie. You guys worked hard too. The things here, quickly move them away!" Luo Yuan nodded and said. 125 was a unique serial number. Before he left the reconstruction area, he was in contact with Team 125's intelligence office which specialized in the investigation of aliens. Team 125 was obviously assigned to be in touch with him with regards to their battle with the aliens.

    "Yes, the business is important!" He looked at the robot and saw that the alien that was in deep sleep. He waved his hand at the soldier at the back, he was in deep thought. Previously, he had suspected the existence of aliens. He had thought that he was paranoid but now that the truth was right in front of him, he was relieved.

    Apart from a transport truck, the two heavy trucks were covered with lead plating. One of them even had a medical team and a variety of medical machinery that made it was like a mini hospital. It was obviously prepared for the alien so that they could come and rescue it if it was injured along the journey.

    The soldiers were fast and efficient, most of them were obviously evolved humans with great strength. In less than half a minute, the robot and alien were moved into each truck.

    When he was invited into the truck, Luo Yuan rejected, "I’m not going, I’ll be going home and will be resting for for two days before I take my leave to New Capital City!"

    "You should go. We'll make a move then." The major nodded understandingly. Luo Yuan had been out in the wilderness for far too long. Even for a powerful evolved human like him, it was not an easy feat. The suffering and loneliness he experienced were unimaginable by ordinary people.

    Soon the trucks left.

    Luo Yuan remained at the same spot and looked into the sky. He imagined the aliens and the spaceship in outer space. He then sighed, found the direction he was headed to, pointed his feet and ran quickly to Hope City.

    He ran faster and faster. He had left the reconstruction area for so many days and had never felt so overwhelmed with home sickness.

    He missed his home and the people at home!

    He missed his bed and the hot soup!

    The more he thought, the more nervous he became. If not for his lack of Will, he would have used the space-time bubble to fly back.

    The day was beginning to get bright as Luo Yuan arrived at the entrance of his home. He was emotional, he attempted to knock the door for a few times but refrained from doing so, hesitating. He walked in circles outside the door, took a deep breath and finally knocked on the door.

    Huang Jiahui and the rest were still sleeping. More than a minute later, there were footsteps approaching the door.

    "Who is that? Coming, coming!"

    It was Huang Jiahui and upon hearing her sleepy voice, it was obvious that she was woken up by his knocks.

    Soon, the door was opened. Huang Jiahui looked at Luo Yuan who stood in front of the door, stunned. Joy could be seen on her face, but she was not as surprised as Luo Yuan imagined she would be, "Why are you back? It hasn’t even been a week, I thought you said there were problems at the mining area in your letter? I thought you would only be back after a few months!"

    Luo Yuan was shocked, the emotions that he mustered along the way were crushed by her words. It was absolutely the fault of the committee but soon, he snapped out these thoughts and said, "It was a coincidence. There was a change to the situation, they don’t need me in the mining area anymore."

    "That’s great, if you did not write to us every day, we would have been worried dead! I bet you haven’t even eaten! I’ll make you some food, it must be rough out there!" Huang Jiahui did not think too much and went ahead to cook in excitement.

    Luo Yuan did not respond to her as his eyes were aimed at her peachy butt. His breath got faster as he walked toward her immediately. Huang Jiahui felt there was something strange behind her. Just when she was going to turn around, she felt dizzy as she was carried by a strong man who walked towards the room, "Food can wait, what I’m hungry for right now isn't food." Luo Yuan said while he panted.

    He was exuberant and his adrenaline was pumped 10 times more than ordinary people which caused him to have strong desires. He could not release his desire when he was in the wilderness, he almost lost his mind to a point where a mutated human that was filled with scales was beautiful and tempting to him.

    "What’s wrong with you, the rest will wake up soon." Huang Jiahui blushed and slapped Luo Yuan’s chest a few times. Noticed that he was not walking in the direction to her room, she screamed, "You’re going to the wrong room!"

    Just when she finished talking, he slammed the door open!

    Soon, there were screams from Zhao Yali coming out of the room as well as the noise of clothes being torn with great strength.

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