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Chapter 399: First Cosmic Velocity

    Chapter 399: First Cosmic Velocity

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    An intense thunderstorm had finally stopped, there was a musky smell that lingered in the air. Two fair, plump bodies laid weak on the bed. Their eyes stared into space, there was redness in their bodies. They were as weak as a pile of slime, having no more strength to struggle any further.

    After his desires were fulfilled, he fell asleep and unknowingly snored. Luo Yuan had not been resting properly for the past two days. He was strung like a tight wire with the amount of stress he was under, about to break at any moment. His four-dimensional vision that drained his energy added to his exhaustion.

    Although he had a strong physical strength that could be restored easily but he was still a human after all. Even if he was a piece of metal, there would be times when the metal would be worn out. Even though he looked strong and full of energy, like there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, he was actually on the brink of collapse.

    He slept all the way to the next morning. He opened his eyes, there was nobody else on the bed. He did not wake up immediately, he was silently watching the ceiling. He was surprisingly calm, he could feel that there were changes that were happening to him. Deep down in his spirit was a dense energy passing though. The energy was as calm as water flowing in him, it was following his thoughts.

    He extended his hand and saw an inch long glow on his palm. It seemed like spring water from deep reservoirs in the mountains, it was crystal clear and so pure that it made people think of perfect white snow, clear crystals and brilliant diamonds. The glow flowed through his body and in a blink of an eye, his entire body was glowing.

    He levitated from the bed and sat slowly on the edge of his bed. He opened the attributes panel, the bare attribute of Will was upgraded to +17. Combined with the Haunted Locust Heart, it was a shocking +18.

    When he was younger, Luo Yuan used to always see a sentence in novels that said the best practice was the alternating between a stressed and relaxed state. He had always wondered how true it was but had never experienced such a situation. Now, after having a breakthrough from one full day of sleeping, it was proven.

    But Luo Yuan knew very well that the crucial part of it was the stressed state instead of the relaxed state. If a person did not accumulate a sufficient amount of stress, how could one be talking about being relaxed?

    In reality, after his Will increased again, besides joy, Luo Yuan noticed he was surprisingly calm. The desires that used to bother him had reduced and he was now fully alert.

    He put on his clothes and put out his hand as the Zhanmadao flew into his hand immediately.

    After the Will upgraded again, the Zhanmadao’s flight was faster than before. It had almost reached the level of the legendary flying sword.

    However, Luo Yuan was confused. Although his Will had an increase of one point and the upgrade was great, it was not the upgraded from the system. Instead, it had upgraded due to his accumulated experience of utilizing his Will. Its growth was limited and based on the increase he felt, it was less than 10%

    However, the change in his Zhanmadao made Luo Yuan realize that the growth of his Will was not as simple as the number of points he had in his Will. On top of the change in quantity, there were some qualitative changes as well and the changes in his Will had actually been predicted.

    The most obvious one was when he recently he noticed that there was an unusual magnification of his vision at a fast pace when he used his Will. Initially, he could only see the outside of a blood vessel but now he could see all sorts of cells.

    Previously he thought it was the effect of the changes that happened to his brain when it became a four-dimensional brain but now he could see that it was a sign of his Will’s transformation.

    He sat down and a few moments later, he opened his eyes looking stunned.

    If the cells that he saw earlier were previously just the size of a sesame seed but was now the size of a longan fruit under his vision, this meant he could see the cells even clearer. Even the mitochondria and the nucleus of the cell could be seen clearly.

    This did not only mean that his Will was upgraded but at some point, he would have the ability to transform bodies. Luo Yuan thought that eventually, he would be able to copy the abilities of other evolved humans and transform the structure of his genes. The more he thought, the more opportunities seemed to present themselves to him.

    Environmental triggers could affect the genes too!

    It was like parents who were both athletes. Their offsprings would be much healthier than the others. The same applied to an alcoholic father, his offsprings could possible be an alcoholic too due to the environment they were brought up in. A mutation was not the only factor that will cause genes to change. The theory of use and disuse could be applied in theory of evolution as well.

    But those were only his ideas and he was not in a hurry to experiment.

    He grabbed his saber and walked out of the room. The ladies were asleep, there was nobody in the living room.

    He did not want to wake them up, he walked out of the house quietly and arrived at Hope City.

    He gathered his Will and started to fly. He flew dar away, his speed was faster and faster. The flight using Will picked up faster than curvature flight. In about 10 seconds of acceleration, Luo Yuan had reached his maximum speed.

    He did not stop at all, in five minutes, Hope City was far behind him.

    The biggest obstacle occurred when flying with Will was the air pressure. Without air pressure, he could still accelerate without gravity.

    Before he owned the battle suit, his could only fly at a speed of only 30 meters per second and at the same time, the flow of air would push against him. When the wind blew in the right direction, he could go up to 60 meters per second if he was lucky. When against the wind, it was hard to even fly.

    Before he had the battle suit made of the Demonic Horse’s mane, the weather was the biggest factor when he flew with Will. It was not exactly helpful and not only it was slow but it was dangerous as well.

    Now, with his new tailored battle suit, the air pressure had decreased significantly and the speed of his flight increased to an insane amount where he could fly up to 200 meters per second.

    Now that his Will was +18, his speed was even more shocking. It was now more than 800 meters per second, twice the speed of sound.

    Under such high speeds, the area that was a few kilometers experienced a mysterious phenomenon. Cyclones and vortexes came out of nowhere. They stayed there for a long time, blurring the sky. Luo Yuan could barely be seen in there.

    More than 10 minutes later, when he was out of the range of reconstruction city. He stopped.

    As he floated in the air, he took off the band on his forehead and proceeded to try flying in the space-time bubble.

    The time needed for him to pick up speed decreased. A minute later, Luo Yuan was already moving slowly.

    10 minutes later, he had broken through the speed of sound.

    30 minutes later, his speed had reached the maximum.

    Not only it was 10 minutes shorter than the time it took initially, the speed was faster too.

    He was like a streamer that flew across the sky and disappeared. As his speed was too fast, he did not have the time to control his direction at all.

    His body was cutting straight through the earth like a flash of light, disappearing in the sky.

    The speed was at least 10 kilometres per second, it had exceeded the first cosmic velocity [1].

    Fortunately, he realized that he was going too fast. He quickly got out of the space-time bubble and stopped.

    After the bubble had gone, the air that was contained within faded away and disappeared. He could not breath properly so he decided to hold his breath. He looked around curiously and found that he had arrived more than 10,000 meters above the ground.

    He could see a blurred arc of the earth, it was stunning.

    Soon there was a white glow appearing from the edges of the ground. In a short period of time, the glow got stronger and stronger. The darkness was soon overtaken by light at an alarming rate.

    It was the sun rising!

    [1] First Cosmic Velocity: Also known as orbital velocity, is the speed that will bring a rocket or any other projectile into orbit around the earth. A slower projectile will fall down to earth.

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