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Chapter 400: Love Rival

    Chapter 400: Love Rival

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The white light poured from the sun soon spread across the surface of the earth. In between darkness and light, there was a majestic arc that formed. Milky-white mist evaporated as the light shined, it was a breathtaking scene.

    He put on the band on his forehead while floating high in the sky to witness the breathtaking view. He felt like his spirit was cleansed. Being in something so big, he felt like nothing although he was powerful.

    The air was thin and the oxygen was low. There was hardly any signs of mutated creatures at that altitude. Luo Yuan looked around, he could only see several small flecks floating in the sky. Creatures that could survive at such an altitude should be on a terrifying level. Although they were just small flecks in a distance, in reality, they were gigantic.

    After staying for a while, Luo Yuan dove down from the sky.

    The gravity helped in his acceleration. He was like a meteorite falling from the sky. Majestic phenomenon covered the skies as he dove down. Cyclones and vortexes surrounded him, making him look like a God descending to earth.

    When he got closer to the ground, a terrifying force could be felt. A Strong wind blew and there were tornadoes around him. It was like a catastrophic event had happened. He slowed down and landed on a branch. He was the focal point as typhoons formed around him, making trees fall down while smaller ones were uprooted while others danced in the air.

    A while later, the cyclones, vortexes, and typhoons stopped. Many sticks and gravel fell from the sky.

    Looking at the damages that were caused by the vortex that was created by his suit, Luo Yuan was shocked. Fortunately, he did not land on the reconstruction area or else they streets would be destroyed.

    "This was only made from the Demonic Horse’s mane. If it was the real Demonic Horse, the thought of the damage alone was terrifying. The existence of a level eight creature was horrifying."

    Suddenly, Luo Yuan thought of the scary creature in space that he saw in the alien’s dream. He did not know which level that creature was at but he guessed its level should be even higher than the Demonic Horse.

    Surprisingly, Luo Yuan was not worried at all. As long as the spaceship was still flying above their heads, the lives of human were not guaranteed. However, it did him no good by worrying about it.

    He did not stay any longer as he levitated and flew towards the reconstruction area.


    As Luo Yuan entered the house, the ladies had woken up. There were some others too, Wang Xiaguang and Chen Jiayi were there. There was another man that he had never seen before.

    Seeing his return, Wang Shishi ran to him and kisses his cheeks several times, "Boss Luo, why did you sleep for so long? Luckily the doctor said it was alright as you were catching up on your sleep that you lost earlier."

    "Maybe I was too tired from my mission!" He said.

    Zhao Yali and Huang Jiahui were flushing in anger. If he knew that he was tired, why would he insist on having sex with them? If not for that, he would not be sleeping for the entire day. They were blaming themselves as they thought something bad had happened to him!

    Sensing their anger, Luo Yuan was embarrassed.

    His desire took over. He could not control himself and because of that, an embarrassing incident like that had happened.

    He tried to change the topic and asked, "Chen Jiayi do you not have school today?"

    Hearing his voice, Chen Jiayi lifted her head in a blur but she did not say anything. She spaced out.

    "It’s their tenth-day rest today, don’t you remember?" Wang Shishi said.

    Luo Yuan had been in the wilderness recently, he would not bother about the tenth-day.

    In the cruel environment that followed the apocalypse, the reconstruction area was surrounded by islands. The battle of living space between mankind and mutated beasts as well as plants did not stop at all. Every single day, they had to use what they had to fight this battle. If they were to compare the amount they spent in the military before and after the apocalypse, what they spent in the past for a year was now their daily expenses.

    Millions of factories worked every single day, with most of them being research institutes that specialized in the military.

    Even so, mankind was just maintaining their current living conditions and expansion was not even on the table for discussion.

    Under such conditions, the initial rest day system did not apply anymore. They only get one rest day after 10 days, which was called the tenth-day rest. But even with the ten-day system, most of the factories were on auto-pilot. Apart from sleeping and eating, the workers were basically working continuously where they did not get to rest for months. Only schools get the regular rest day.

    He then looked at Wang Xiaguang and the man next to her, feeling uncomfortable. Soon, he adjusted himself, "It’s rare to see you here. Who is that next to you, why not introduce us?"

    The man showed hostility ever since he stepped into the house.

    Wang Xiaguang pouted and smiled, "I forgot to introduce him. This is Guo Zhiping. He is also an evolved human and he’s working at the City Security Section."

    Guo Zhiping was tall and he looked healthy and filled with righteousness. He wore a battle suit on him and it seemed unusually fitting.

    He stood up and forced out a smile, "Hi, I am Guo Zhiping."

    Luo Yuan looked and him and said, "Hi, I am Luo Yuan, but what is the purpose of your visit?"

    "It was a little presumptuous, I got to know Wang Xiaguang from a blind date that was organised by a government institute. It was love at first sight. No matter her personalities or look, she’s my ideal type. I have been trying very hard to woo her but she did not give me a chance. At first I thought she was playing hard to get, but now I understand that she has someone else. I don’t blame her, it was me who insisted to come. I want to see who exactly it was that she couldn't forget so that I can finally give up on her. "

    The rest looked at each other, Luo Yuan stared at Wang Xiaguang, she looked at another direction without any expression. He said, "So What now"

    "I’m truly disappointed. You are a womaniser, you don’t deserve Wang Xiaguang. I heard from her that you are an evolved human, perhaps that’s the only thing that’s attractive about you. I wonder, how strong are you?" said Guo Zhiping but he did not want to admit how handsome Luo Yuan was. He also had this mysterious vibe about him which was the most attractive thing about him. However, to be able to defeat his love rival, he had to give his best.

    Before Luo Yuan could say anything, Wang Shishi was angered, "What did you just say? Why don’t you look into the mirror? Boss Luo, let me teach him a lesson!"

    "It’s alright Shishi. He’s our guest, I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear what he said." Luo Yuan said coldly, "If you dare to disrespect me again, I will teach you a lesson."

    Guo Zhiping opened his mouth, he wanted to say something but there were no words coming out of his mouth. He was not sure why, but Luo Yuan who seemed like an ordinary person to him suddenly gave off an irresistible charm and a terrifying vibe at the same time. It was like a massive hand pressing against his heart, suffocating him.

    "Wow, it’s so crowded in here today. I see the door was opened so I invited myself in, I hope leader Luo wouldn’t mind." He said with a smile and a present on his hand. It was Minister Ren from the Municipal Organization Department,

    Everything was back to normal, Guo Zhiping gasped for air, the air was flowing again. He looked at Luo Yuan in shock.

    "It’s my pleasure to have you here Minister Ren, please have a seat! Jiahui please get us some tea." Luo Yuan stopped giving off his aura and stood up to greet Minister Ren.

    "It’s alright, there’s no need for tea. Old civil servants like me always have tea in our bellies." Minister Ren laughed, "Ah, Wang Xiaguang is here too. How’s work? Have you adapted yourself?"

    When Minster Ren came in, Wang Xiaguang and Guo Zhiping stood up straight.

    "It’s alright. Couldn’t get used to it in the beginning and I was clumsy but many of them are taking care of me, I have adapted well now, " Wang Xiaguang said immediately.

    "That’s great!" Minister Ren said, "Work is really hectic at the Industry Bureau."

    After a short chat, Minister Ren told them the purpose of his visit, "I heard that you haven’t been feeling well, Hope City sent me here to pay you a visit. I wanted to come earlier but I didn’t want to disturb you!"

    This time Luo Yuan was just catching up on his sleep, he was not even hospitalized. If they were to send someone who had a high rank to visit him, that was totally overreacting.

    There was no secret that could be kept too long in the world. Although the news about Luo Yuan being promoted to the vice-captain of the Firearms Bureau had not been announced, everyone was talking about it. As a special bureau that was formed by super evolved humans, their influence was not that wide but it was definitely not something that you can just brush off as well.

    Their influence was small in the sense that they had limited rights and it was wide in the sense that they were the highest committee that was directly under the highest ranked departments where they held an independent status, allowing them to talk directly to the superiors.

    Also, as the most driven security force of the reconstruction area, many other cities relied on their existence. To form a good relationship with the deputy minister of Hope City was a necessity for Luo Yuan.

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