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Chapter 401: Stay

    Chapter 401: Stay

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    After passing them their gifts and a short conversation, Minister Ren proceeds to leave.

    Luo Yuan walked him to the door and returned.

    All of a sudden, Guo Zhiping became restless. He regretted having spoken so rudely to him and wished he could turn back the clock.

    He was not an idiot. As a staff of the City Security Section, it was impossible for him not to know Minister Ren from the Municipal Organization. Considering the fact that Minister Ren had paid a visit bearing gifts, how could he be an ordinary evolved man?

    In addition, Minister Ren sounded like the visit was arranged by his superior. They were afraid to be mistaken to be overreacting. If it were not so, they would have sent employees from higher positions to drop by. They were maintaining good relationships and it was totally beyond his expectations.

    He felt uneasy as he recalled the words that he said. After a while, he said, "Excuse me, I would need to excuse myself, as I have something to attend to later on."

    "Bye!" Luo Yuan answered coldly.

    Guo Zhiping walked towards the exit awkwardly and he heard a snicker behind him. He looked towards the floor and strode out of the room, not wanting to stay a minute any longer.

    "How rude!" Luo Yuan exclaimed.

    "I did it on purpose. He looked virtuous and acted confidently, yet he was still one of the bullies," said Wang Shishi upon seeing that Luo Yuan was not angry.

    Luo Yuan laughed sarcastically. If he was acting rationally, it was impossible for him to be confident. He was merely a normal evolved man. He would still be afraid when facing the government officials.

    "Let me see what Minister Ren brought over." Wang Shishi unwrapped the gift and gushed in surprise, "There are three bottles of level seven meat powder!'

    "This is rare!" Luo Yuan frowned, as Hope City was indeed spoiling him silly. Even Luo Yuan had not seen this in the Reconstruction Area before. They could hardly ever hunt level seven creatures, and on the rare occasions that they could, the bounty would be divided among the military.

    "Would the gift be too expensive to accept?" Zhao Yali asked.

    "It’s still fine though. It’s only uncommon to see meat powder of this level." Luo Yuan answered.

    He had killed few of the level seven beasts and was not really interested in sticky and powdery substances like this. He personally would have preferred to eat seafood.

    Wang Xiaguang was slightly disappointed seeing how Luo Yuan and the rest of them chatting happily. She felt like an outsider, ostracized from the group.

    She brought Guo Zhiping along to use him against Luo Yuan, as a mere excuse to reject him, and was also trying to hint to Luo Yuan for the very last time. If Luo Yuan was still yet to make a move to declare his feelings for her, she was about to give up on this relationship.

    Women were so eager to form a family after the apocalypse. She was under so much stress from the organization, the public and even from the blind date event organized by the government once in a month.

    She was not young anymore and it was time for her to start a family.

    Her face saddened and got up after sitting down for a moment. She simply gave an excuse and said, "I'm going back now as I have a meeting later."

    "Let's have lunch together before you go head off." Zhao Yali added.

    "I'm in a hurry. I'll have my meal in the office." Wang Xiaguang forced a smile, preparing to adjourn.

    "Wait!" Luo Yuan said, while holding her hand tightly, "You should come home and stay with us."

    He knew that Wang Xiaguang had a crush on him. He had gotten used to it and taken it for granted despite having no feelings for her. Only until the moment his rival appeared, he then realized that he could not let her go.

    He could not imagine how regretful he would be if Wang Xiaguang had left him. He was glad that he realized now before it was too late.

    "Yes, you should!" Huang Jiahui paused for a while and said. After an incident in the Desert City when they were threatened by the spirit of an evolved man, these women had gone through thick and thin together, building their friendship in times of adversity.

    Wang Xiaguang struggled for a while. She gave up and said, "What do you mean, now? Yes, I do like you. But don't you try to insult me by saying such a thing. I'm not that kind of woman!"

    She was a woman who had the courage to love and to hate.

    "Stay calm!" Luo Yuan said. "We've known each other for so long now. During that barbeque party at Donghu City, when we were still colleagues, you told me that your family had built a sanctuary and you could go there should you face any difficulties. I'll never forget what you've shared with me that day!"

    Wang Xiaguang took a deep breath, refusing to turn around. She did not know why she had an odd sense of sorrow, and soon burst into tears.

    Huang Jiahui, along with Wang Shishi and Chen Jiayi quietly left the living room.

    "How is it possible for me not to know you were in love with me? But you were rich and pretty, and I'm only a poor man. You're out of my league."

    "I don't mind." Wang Xiaguang mumbled. She wiped her tears and said, "If so, why are you treating me like this? You shouldn't have felt this way when it’s too late!"

    "Too late?" Luo Yuan glanced at her and said, "After the Apocalypse, society was completely lawless, what do you think was the reason that I'm not approaching such a beautiful woman like you?"

    "It's because you aren’t into me and at the same time, you have many women around you." She said while her tears rolled down her cheeks once more.

    Luo Yuan did not know how he could explain how he felt for her. He opened his mouth, but remained quiet in the end.

    Sex and love were two different things for men. Under such circumstances, Wang Xiaguang would have lost her virginity if Luo Yuan did not tamp down on his lust.

    When she saw Luo Yuan's distressed look she smiled with tears in her eyes and said, "Well, I believe you now!"

    She was a clever woman and did not want to ask too much. Having a great man like Luo Yuan to say these words was the best ending she could ever think of. Although this was not the perfect love that she was longing for, she had to compromise nonetheless, as Luo Yuan was the best man she had ever met. She could not help comparing Luo Yuan to every man who had a crush on her, only to end up being disappointed.

    Perhaps nothing was perfect, and things could never be so ideal.

    Looking at Wang Xiaguang's soft and pink lips, Luo Yuan could not resist anymore. He pulled her over and kissed her lips. Her lips heated up and she shivered as Luo Yuan kissed the salty tears on her lips. He released his grip and said softly, "Please listen to me, and stay here!"

    "No, that’s a little bit too fast!" Wang Xiaguang rejected and blushed.

    "What's on your mind? I'm just asking you to stay here, plus, you've stayed here before anyway." Luo Yuan was speechless.

    Luo Yuan continued as she saw Wang Xiaguang hesitating, "Are you afraid that you'll be bullied tonight?"

    "I'm not afraid of them at all. Well, I'll just stay here then!" Wang Xiaguang answered.

    It seemed like Luo Yuan had challenged her to stay, but in fact, she had already accepted this offer, even if she pretended to refuse at first.

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