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Chapter 402: Destroying Plant Cells

    Chapter 402: Destroying Plant Cells

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    All of them had possibly already expected Wang Xiaguang’s return, so no ruckus was caused. They were living in harmony with each other, but Luo Yuan somehow sensed that they did it deliberately. Everyone was trying so hard to maintain such a harmonious atmosphere. He believed that time could change them for the better and they would get used to it eventually.

    Luo Yuan did not go out, but instead stayed in the comfort of his home. He had a feeling that within the next few days, the Reconstruction Area would no longer be a peaceful place.

    Luo Yuan then asked Chen Jiayi about her studies.

    Looking at her face clouded over in confusion and her unconvincing voice, he knew that she did not do well in her studies. Despite being sent to school, she was still suffering from vegetization which was beginning to get worse and worse.

    Luo Yuan took a drop of blood from her blood vessel. The blood was turning green and it no longer looked like human blood.

    He checked using his Will and discovered that her blood was composed of a lot of plant cells, clumping together with the normal red blood cells. The ratio of the two compositions was 3:1. When a number of plant cells outnumber that of the red blood cells in her body, he fears that she would no longer be human and in some form or another, her life would be like that of a vegetable.

    Luo Yuan crushed the plant cells using his Will. The blood recovered instantly, turning back into a bright red color.

    His Will was strong enough to destroy the layers of cells with ease. But he hesitated, wondering if he should completely destroy all the plant cells in Chen Jiayi's body.

    He could hardly predict the consequences of destroying the plant cells entirely, as not only the plant cells will be destroyed, but also it could cause undesired side effects. In addition, the invasion of his Will could somehow leave some marks on her cells even if he did not do it intentionally.

    His Will was relatively stronger than Chen Jiayi's. The defense system of the cells paled in comparison to his Will, let alone attempt to overcome it.

    The worst-case scenario would be causing her body to become paralyzed or in mild cases, causing an inability to coordinate movements.

    The greatest concern, however, was having a small part of plant cells in her brain. Even Luo Yuan could not imagine what would happen if he had left the marks of his Will in her brain cells.

    In executing this, he did not stay away from the rest of them. Huang Jiahui was surprised and happy as she witnessed Chen Jiayi's blood color changing from green to red. She then asked, "Can the disease be cured?"

    "There are certainly ways to cure and treat this disease, but I can't predict what would the final outcome be." Luo Yuan sighed and said.

    Everyone turned silent after Luo Yuan shared the possible consequences of the treatment. It could put her health at serious risk, as she might not be able to move for the rest of her life.

    It was completely quiet and depressing, so Luo Yuan said, "It is, of course, impossible for her to get cured in just one treatment, but constant treatment such as treating the plant cells in her blood first would make her feel a lot better."

    Red blood cells were able to be renewed very quickly, so even if he had left the marks of his Will there, they would be replaced very soon. At the same time, residues of the dead plant cells would be transformed into nutrients. These nutrients were transported by the blood flow to cells throughout the body, while the unabsorbed nutrients would be eliminated. This would not cause any serious impact on her health.

    "You should have said it earlier! I was so worried about that." Zhao Yali hit Luo Yuan, as she chided him.

    "Yes, I did not make myself clear." Luo Yuan said, "But I'd still have to ask for Chen Jiayi's agreement first."

    Luo Yuan then asked Chen Jiayi about it. She was stunned for a while and hesitated. The parasitic moss living in her body had harmful effects on her. She began to exhibit vegetal tendencies.

    She did not realize the problem and even enjoyed being vegetated. Basking in the sunshine every day was one of the happiest things she would do.

    However, she was an orphan who was brought up by Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan was like her guardian and she would never dare go against him. She continued hesitating for quite some time and finally nodded her head, as she did not want to disappoint him.

    "Don't worry, I can promise you that you won't feel any pain!" Luo Yuan reassured her.

    Chen Jiayi raised her head and said pitifully, "I'm not afraid of pain!"


    Luo Yuan entered Chen Jiayi's bedroom to avoid any possible distraction during the treatment. He locked the door as he entered. Her bedroom was clean and tidy but was filled with the pungent smell of plants.

    Chen Jiayi was sitting at the edge of the bed. She suddenly blushed and asked, "Brother Luo, do I need to take off my clothes?"

    Luo Yuan glanced at her and realized that she had grown up. When they first met each other one year ago, she was still a little girl. She was now a pretty young lady. The influence of the parasitic moss had caused her to be rather quiet and weak, just like a pure white lotus flower.

    However, Luo Yuan shifted his gaze and said coldly, "No, rolling your sleeves up will suffice."

    She looked at him absent-mindedly. When she regained her senses, she immediately rolled her sleeves up. Her skin was slightly green in color. The smell of her skin lingered in the air – it was soft and clean.

    Luo Yuan placed his hand on her radial artery. His Will could easily break through human's defense system.

    Each cubic millimeter of blood contained millions of cells. When the ratio of plant cells and red blood cells were 3:1, it indicates the presence of a large number of plant cells. It was certainly a difficult task to get all these cells destroyed.

    Thanks to his Will that could grant his every wish, he did not have to kill them one by one. As long as Luo Yuan stayed focused and generated his thoughts to kill the plant cells, his subconscious ability would take over his consciousness, to deploy those very thoughts.

    He tested this repeatedly to adjust the magnifying power of the internal scanning by his Will. He was looking for an optimal magnification factor with the highest efficiency so that he could use his Will to destroy the cells with the smallest magnifying power. He then found the optimal power in just a few minutes.

    With this magnifying power, the blood vessels were closely packed and looked as small as the size of a fingertip. He could hardly distinguish the plant cells from the red blood cells. A thought had suddenly crossed into his mind and millions of plant cells were destroyed by his Will. The dead cells were clumped into a sticky liquid.

    With a 16-point Agility, he was able to enter a time dimension that was at least ten times slower than the others, making him able to destroy the plant cells within hundred cubic millimeters of blood per second.

    Chen Jiayi was just sitting at the edge of the bed staring blankly at him as if she did not feel a thing. Sometimes she would look worried, but she could not differentiate whether the fear was from her or the parasitic moss.

    Soon, three hours had passed.

    Luo Yuan soon had a very bad headache and retracted his Will, as he had almost used up all of it. However, the results from this treatment were obvious.

    There were still remaining plant cells in Chen Jiayi's blood, but the ratio of the plant cells to red blood cells had significantly reduced to 1:4. He estimated that after ten days of treatment, most of the plant cells in her blood would have been killed.

    He looked at Chen Jiayi and her skin had become redder.

    "How do you feel?" Luo Yuan asked.

    Chen Jiayi shook her head and said softly, "I did not feel any pain."

    "That's good. Don't go to school over the next few days; I'll apply for your absence."

    Chen Jiayi looked happy as she hated school so much. Not only that she could not understand what had been taught, her classmates had also looked down on her strange skin color and reserved attitude. She had never told anyone about this and bottled it all up.

    Luo Yuan could roughly guess as he saw her jumping for joy. She could now slowly gain control over her movements and was more expressive now. He said with a smile, "If you don't like to go to school, then you don't have to go anymore!"

    The reason he sent Chen Jiayi to school was trying to slow down the rate of vegetization, and not for academic purposes. Since he had found a better way to treat her now, sending her to school was no longer necessary.

    A thought suddenly came to his mind. He said, "You might have a lot of waste being excreted tonight. Don't worry when you see this, it is normal."

    Luo Yuan left her room after he finished his sentence. He did not realize that Chen Jiayi was having mixed feelings, filled with a certain sense of longing.

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