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Chapter 403: Doubts

    Chapter 403: Doubts

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    The next day, Luo Yuan went to the Firearms Bureau.

    Everyone turned suspicious when he appeared there.

    Due to privacy reasons, only Chen Xinjie roughly knew where Luo Yuan had been, while the rest of them had no idea at all. Some of them even thought that the vice-captain had sacrificed his life.

    Only a few of them had their lunch in the office and Chen Xinjie was one of them. During their lunch breaks, Li Dong asked curiously where had he been over the last few days. Luo Yuan smiled but did not answer. It was not only about privacy issues, but also the fact that if he knew too much he would feel stressed.

    Sometimes, not knowing something was often better than knowing. The more he knew, the more depressed he would become.

    When he was about to leave after lunch, Luo Yuan walked toward Chen Xinjie. Everyone immediately left in order to give them due privacy.

    "I might be leaving!" Luo Yuan said after a while.

    "When are you leaving?" She asked, while biting her lips.

    "I'm leaving very soon as I'm going to New Capital City." Luo Yuan said.

    "Are you still coming back after that?" Chen Xinjie asked; her feelings mixed.

    The feelings she had for him were very complicated. It was her duty assigned by the organization to seduce Luo Yuan, but after getting along with him for so long, she had already fallen for him. His strong body was so attractive – as if he was born to seduce women.

    "Yes, of course, I'm coming back to my hometown. New Capital City is not far away from here." Luo Yuan continued, as he shared that the condition there was worsened by haze and not suitable for staying. With his speed, he could come back in half an hour.

    "But I hope that you can come along with me." He told her his intention, "I plan on shifting your job to New Capital City."

    Chen Xinjie was confused and undecided. She then shook her head and said, "This isn't right and I have a family."

    God damned family!

    Luo Yuan looked at her and suddenly remembered that she did not know that he already knew the truth.

    "We'll see. You think about it first!" Luo Yuan did not force her to answer as he was confident that she would definitely give in.


    Luo Yuan received a phone call in the afternoon. He immediately rushed to New Capital City despite being on holiday.

    During the two-day break, after the arrival of robots and aliens, it seemed like the Reconstruction Area was peaceful on the outside, but internally, there were plenty of complications within. Many cargo trucks transporting the latest industrial machines and all sorts of scientific instruments to be used in the Reconstruction Area were seen passing through the tunnel leading towards the mountain.

    At the same time, many of the research centers held dearly to their research projects on hand. Thousands of scientists and engineers were posted to a secret base situated at the mountain and they soon began their job to reverse the crack.

    The country could produce a powerful attack if it were to fully deploy its Will.

    When Luo Yuan flew to the outskirts of New Capital City, apparently, the number of chimneys in had been greatly reduced. Many of the industries were emptied and had stopped operating due to the introduction of machines.

    He landed quickly and walked into New Capital City. Compared to Hope City, the defense here was clearly more powerful and tightly guarded. When he was about ten kilometers away from New Capital City, he could sense that there were a few armored vehicles and rapid air defense firing guns aiming towards him.

    The soldiers immediately surrounded him as soon as he entered, with their guns pointing towards him.

    Luo Yuan was not angry and took out his ID from his pocket. One of the captains inspected his ID and as upon seeing it, he immediately let him go with a military salute.

    After making a phone call, the one who came to welcome him was still Wang Jing. Luo Yuan told her about what had happened earlier.

    "You should have applied for an air defense authentication code so that problems like this would not happen again. Better not to fly into New Capital City as it would influence the civilians here." Wang Jing said in a hoarse voice, looking fatigued and gloomy. Obviously, she was stressed out by the aliens. She was unable to sleep well over the few days, tossing and turning due to nightmares.

    Luo Yuan nodded his head. The gap would somehow exist between the evolved man and a normal human being. It was a matter of inequality in the quality of life. The impression that ordinary people conjured of an evolved man were that they were not merely adored and admired, but they were also looked upon with fear and hatred.

    In just a short while, both of them entered the underground city as if they were walking in a maze. They walked to the 125th team and everyone there was very busy. The staff was walking here and there, looking anxious although the atmosphere seemed to be very peaceful.

    The environment was very quiet because there were no electrical devices or phones in use, and not even the noise of a photocopy machine was heard. Everyone talked softly. Only the rushing footsteps of the information personnel and the sound of a pencil scraping on the paper could be heard.

    "Hi, we meet again. I'm Yu Zheng from the 125th team's intelligence office. Please accept my apologies for disturbing you," said a military officer with a smile, as he shook Luo Yuan’s hands.

    Luo Yuan had met him once and it was before he headed to Borneo.

    "It's all about the survival of humanity, you’re not disturbing at all," said Luo Yuan with a smile.

    Both of them entered the meeting room. There were many officers and most of them were intelligence personnel. They stood up and saluted. Luo Yuan waited until most of them had sat down before asking, "What's the purpose of asking me to be present here today?"

    "It's regarding the aliens that you sent here. We have examined the information gathered but some of it is not clear enough and failed to make sense. We are worried that there might be another party involved. Luo Yuan, since you are the person in direct contact with them, I would like to ask you what happened at that time."

    "Please continue."

    "First of all, according to the alien's confession, before it was caught, an earthquake happened without any symptoms. Do you know…" Yu Zheng asked.

    "You may stop asking about this. I was the one who triggered the earthquake." Luo Yuan interrupted before he finished his question. There was nothing to hide about this issue. Despite humans being afraid of an evolved man’s powerful abilities, they had to accept and bear with it for the sake of survival. As long as he did not cause a military coup, even if he were to kill a few people on the street, they would not care less.

    They exchanged glances with a terrified look plastered across their faces. They had been thinking about this problem for a long time and had no clue how it happened. They had never expected that it could ever be intentionally triggered by Luo Yuan. It was not an ordinary earthquake, even the Reconstruction Area which was so far away could detect its scale. Based on the satellite image, the earthquake drastically changed the topography of Borneo. It could have been an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0.

    After a short while, Yu Zheng regained his senses and said, "How about the spaceship…"

    "Yes, I was the one who destroyed the spaceship and imprisoned the aliens."


    "I think I have no more queries to ask." The interrogation session ended very quickly. Luo Yuan shook hands with few of the intelligence personnel and strolled out of the 125 intelligence office.

    There was a pin-drop silence in the room and everyone seemed stupefied.

    After a while, an intelligence personnel said in a raspy voice, "Do you think what Luo Yuan said is true? Is an evolved man really that powerful?"

    "I hate to admit, but I do think that this is the most reasonable explanation. You have no choice but to believe him," said Yu Zheng in a deep voice as he heaved a sigh.

    "So this report…"

    "Just hand in the report already!" Yu Zheng said.

    He sighed as the Reconstruction Area had created such a powerful human-like strategic weapon. He believed that they would be facing much bigger problems if the aliens had not appeared.

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