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Chapter 404: The New Minister

    Chapter 404: The New Minister

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    An underground tunnel had been built below the ring road at the headquarters of Firearms Bureau.

    A naked muscular man was standing still and his face seemed void of expressions. The next moment, a beam of highly energized particles instantly crashed through his body.

    He hissed softly. His body began to become blurry and was emitting a faint glow.

    It was a particle accelerator.

    Compared to those large particle accelerators, this was relatively smaller and it was only one kilometer long. Thus, its energy would be much weaker as it was merely generated by a mini power station at the Firearms Bureau.

    The heavy particle accelerator was originated from Lanzhou and was built in the 80’s. It was brought along during the migration. However, since it was unable to keep up with the changes in technology and research, this heavy particle accelerator was then abandoned and a new version of an accelerator was developed.

    After the Firearms Bureau was created, he requested for this semi-finished accelerator.

    The creation of the Firearms Bureau by the Reconstruction Area, to some extent, was to comfort him.

    When the contradictions between human and the evolved man were intensified, part of the evolved man was not satisfied with being dominated by a normal human being. They then attempted to strive for higher status and power. Meanwhile, the top management of the Reconstruction Area was increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied with their lawless behavior.

    The mutiny in the battlefield had resulted in the destruction of the city. Under a bloody command, a military purge began.

    Many evolved men and soldiers had either died or escaped!

    The purge soon extended, causing many of the evolved men to be worried. They hid here and there, which caused a stir in the Reconstruction Area. It was ongoing until one day when the executed command was canceled and things seemed peaceful everywhere now.

    The command was abrupt. In the early days of the apocalypse, the evolved men were still very weak. A few of the well-trained soldiers could easily kill a weak evolved man. During the great purge, the armed forces were well-prepared for the battle. Not many soldiers died and it turned out to be a one-sided massacre.

    The evolved men were incapable of striking back. But under such circumstances, the attacks had subsided all of a sudden. Those evolved men who had survived was then promoted as if nothing had happened before.

    Ten days later, the Firearms Bureau was created and he was appointed as the vice minister of the department. No one knew what had happened but there were some clues, upon seeing him becoming the vice minister of Firearms Bureau.


    After half an hour, he gradually walked out of the channel of the particle accelerator and there was green smoke around him. A slim secretary immediately brought him some clothes. He saw a frown on her face but he did not care about his naked body and the secretary who was flushing in anger. He then put on his clothes slowly.

    "Didn't I tell you not to come here? Be wary of the radiation!"

    "You don't need to care about me," said the secretary, rather rudely.

    His body was recovering as soon as the high temperature on his body decreased. He then said as he was walking, "Can't you understand me? It's for your own good. What happened today? Why are you coming over?"

    The secretary said, "The newly appointed vice minister will be here at 9 o'clock. You must attend and I'm only worried that you will be late."

    "Vice minister?" He paused for a while and recalled what he had been told, "Oh yes. You've told me this before. He'll be here today?"

    "Yes, it's already half past eight now!" The secretary could not help but said, "His name is Luo Yuan. Please don't forget this later."

    "Is my memory that bad? Hopefully, he turns out to be a friendly person." He slightly frowned and said, "The Reconstruction Area still had ill-feelings about me and wanted to decentralize the power."

    "Please calm down!" The secretary was worried. They had built extraordinary relationships as their relationships were not only between secretary and minister but had also comprised family and love. She did not want anything to happen to him.

    "Don't worry. Everything will be fine, as long as he is not bothering me." He was grinning, bearing his white teeth, but his eyes remained cold.

    He knew that the day would come. However, he was not eager for power. True strength and abilities were what he had been pursuing.

    "Do you know his strength and abilities?" He mumbled, looking at the secretary as if she had something to remind him once more. He said with a smile, "Don't worry, we'll unite as one. I've heard about this many times, and I believe he must have his abilities if he were to be appointed to undertake this position."

    "Where is he from?" He asked.

    "He's from Hope City!"

    "If I'm not mistaken, it's Lin Feiyan's territory, the woman with very strange abilities." He said with hesitance.

    "He is the deputy team leader," said the secretary.

    He was stunned and highly doubted this, as it did not make sense to him. Even if the rate of promotions had been faster in the Firearms Bureau as compared to other government departments, he had never been appointed as a team leader prior to this. Instead, he was directly elected as a vice minister. This did not make sense at all.

    Something unbeknownst to him must have happened. "What's happening in the Reconstruction Area?" He asked.

    The secretary shook her head, as she did not know anything as well.


    His curiosity was aroused. Having seldom come back to the office, he sat for a while and handled some unimportant documents. Suddenly, he stood up as if he sensed something. He drew the curtains and saw a car slowly entering the Firearms Bureau.

    One of the deputy ministers of the Organization Department and a stranger who was donning black from top to toe had alighted the car.

    At the same time, he raised his head as he had sensed something too.

    Both of them exchanged glances and smiled at each other. They then shifted their gaze.

    The deputy minister of the Organization Department glanced at Luo Yuan and said, "He is also the vice minister of the Firearms Bureau. His name is Ling Zhong-an. There's something fascinating about him!"

    "What's that about?" Luo Yuan answered.

    "During the migration after the apocalypse, Minister Ling and his lover were separated in the crowd. When he found her, she was already married and they left each other with remorse.

    His lover's husband worked as a government personnel, and during that time, he was already a vice minister. As soon as his lover's husband knew about this, he divorced his wife and sent her to the Firearms Bureau.

    "Then what happened next? Are both of them married now?" Luo Yuan asked curiously. It would not be anything out of the ordinary if they were both married, so he believed that something else must have happened.

    "No. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding between them, which caused them to bicker. They then parted in discord. However, Minister Ling did not give up and no one knew what he had done. Soon enough his lover is now his secretary!"

    Luo Yuan looked at him as if he had understood something. He was surprised in the first place wondering why a deputy minister would tell him so much about another person’s private affairs. He now realized that the deputy minister was trying to remind him about something.

    Obviously, he knew that he should not mention the vice minister's secretary in front of him.

    As soon as Luo Yuan regained his senses, he felt that something was not right. Why did the deputy minister deliberately remind him as such?

    Did they consider him a womanizer?

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