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Chapter 405: Goodwill

    Chapter 405: Goodwill

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The headquarters of the Firearms Bureau was located on the outskirts of the New Capital City. It was around five to six kilometers away from the outer region of the city. The place was deserted and the ground was paved by grass. Perhaps, the top management had always regarded the Firearms Bureau with suspicion and they had also believed that "out of sight, out of mind" was a good way of putting it.

    However, it was because of this, that the Firearms Bureau was large and spacious.

    They had their own power station, research center, hospital, weapon processing factory, and also a team of rapid response forces that was directly under the Firearms Bureau, in which air forces were included. In addition, there were also some of the cooperating agencies that belonged to the Firearms Bureau.

    In the headquarters of the Firearms Bureau, approximately 40 of them were team regulars and approximately 200 of them were the reserves. There were up to 2000 members in the department including the logistics, soldiers, researchers, doctors, technicians, and other supporting personnel.

    Of course, the Firearms Bureau was created not only to protect New Capital City or to lead the teams, but it had an overall responsibility for maintaining the security in mines and oil fields of the Reconstruction Area.

    The mining sites were not only located in the Reconstruction Area but also in the enclave. Compared to the mines located there, mining sites at the Reconstruction Area were relatively safer, as there were mutants raging in the enclave, resulting in a very bad environment. They had sent troops to guard the mining sites in the enclave, but the troops suffered great losses. Therefore, the evolved men from the Firearms Bureau were stationed around the mines to defend the area against the mutants.

    Luo Yuan had a rough idea about the structure of the headquarters of the Firearms Bureau after listening to the deputy minister's introductions. Without a doubt, the entire Firearms Bureau was an independent kingdom.

    Someone came to get them as soon as they arrived at the entrance of the office.

    "Minister Dong, we meet again. He is Dong Huijun, the minister from the Firearms Bureau. This is Luo Yuan, the newly appointed vice minister. Both of you are colleagues now."

    "Hi, vice minister Luo! Despite never meeting before, I've heard of your name a long time ago. Welcome to the Firearms Bureau." Minister Dong extended his hand and seemed to be particularly friendly.

    He was around 40 to 50 years old. He looked very tired and it was imaginable that it was not easy for a non-evolved man to become the minister of the Firearms Bureau.

    "Hello, Minister Dong." Luo Yuan smiled and shook hands with him. His attitude was neither warm nor cold as he knew that as an evolved man, he had to define his position clearly. Otherwise, no one would obey him regardless of how strong he was.

    "The meeting room is ready." Minister Dong did not change his expression and said with a smile.

    They quickly headed towards the meeting room. Minister Ling was in the meeting room and his secretary was sitting beside him. Luo Yuan had a quick glance at her. She was indeed a beautiful woman.

    Luo Yuan immediately shifted his gaze and thinking that the superior might have treated him as a womanizer.

    Everyone's eyes were on him as soon as he entered the meeting room.

    There was doubt, disdain, surprise as well as judgment.

    Their eyes were filled with discrimination. Luo Yuan frowned and laughed at himself. He gradually moved forward and Ling Zhong-an who was sitting on the first row suddenly stood up. The meeting room immediately turned silent and everyone held their breaths.

    Luo Yuan stopped walking and looked at him calmly. He had no idea what Minister Ling wanted to do.

    Ling Zhong-an walked a few steps forward and stopped in front of Luo Yuan. He was tall and muscular, looking strong and powerful.

    Standing in front of him, Luo Yuan was obviously shorter. He extended his hand and said, "We've met each other just now, I'm Ling Zhong-an."

    "I'm Luo Yuan, thank you for helping me out!" Luo Yuan finally smiled and shook hands with him. Apparently, he attained great reverence from the evolved man as compared to the minister.

    The goodwill of Minister Ling had made the situation less awkward. At least, there would not be so much discrimination anymore.

    "Don't mention it. I'm not going to attend this meeting. It's boring. Let's have a drink together later. I'm still keeping some of the good drinks that we had before the apocalypse."

    "Sure!" Luo Yuan answered with a smile.

    Ling Zhong-an then left the meeting room and his secretary followed closely.

    He admired Ling Zhong-an's free and easy attitude. He did almost everything with a calm disposition, without offending anyone.

    He then followed the procedures for an appointment and it was indeed boring. Perhaps the one who scheduled the meeting had thought of the Firearms Bureau as a special department, so the speech was only just a short one.

    The meeting ended in ten minutes.

    Everyone filed out of the room. When Luo Yuan walked out of the meeting room, Ling Zhong-an was squatting in a corner and his secretary had left.

    "Let's have a drink." Ling Zhong-an stood up, as he clapped his hands.

    "Now? It's still early." Luo Yuan looked at the time – it was not even half past nine.

    "Time doesn't matter." He stretched his hand towards Luo Yuan's shoulder and dragged him over. He was feeling uncomfortable, as no one had ever placed their hands on his shoulder after the apocalypse. He consciously felt his muscles twitching when Ling Zhong-an pat him on his shoulder. There was a slight buzz in the air and the view near his shoulder was blurred.

    Ling Zhong-an's forearm bounced off and he retreated a few steps back. He stepped on the muddy ground and it became uneven. His body was then slammed against the wall. Soon, the cracking sound of the concrete was heard and the wall had collapsed.

    Ling Zhong-an swept away the dust and stood up with no injuries. He gently shook his wrist as it was stiff. He was not angry but instead exclaimed happily, "You're so powerful. I think we should fix a date and learn from each other."

    At this moment, not everyone had left. The crowd was shocked upon witnessing the scene, and even Luo Yuan was surprised with his Strength.

    He knew from the training system that muscles would never be activated independently. It seemed like it was only the movement of his shoulder, but in fact, all of the muscle groups in his body were linked together and generated an instant power. Even Fang Peibin who had evolved could not withstand such a great impact. Ling Zhong-an was not injured at all. The reason he retreated a few steps backward was mainly due to the restriction of human weight – he had to balance himself.

    "You're good too. We can exchange some skills anytime. Let's have a drink first!" Luo Yuan did not reject and he was equally excited. How could he miss out on fighting with such a powerful opponent?

    "Yes, you're right! Let's drink first!" Ling Zhong-an laughed loudly.

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