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Chapter 407: Equally Strong

    Chapter 407: Equally Strong

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    "Using more power won’t do you any good!" Luo Yuan said confidently, as he laughed.

    His confidence was justified. It was possible to be tricked by an evolved human if he was not able to foresee the future. However, such an outcome would be impossible even if the opponent was very tricky or mysterious, as he could not escape his ability to foresee his upcoming strategy. Luo Yuan was able to set a trap in advance and beat him during the battle.

    "Here I thought that I was the arrogant one, but you're far worse!" Ling Zhong-an laughed and felt upset inside. He admitted that Luo Yuan was indeed very strong, which he was unable to match. So far, no one was able to talk to him after he had fully utilized his power. "I hope you don't surrender later," said Ling Zhong-an.

    "Cut the crap, man! Come on!" Luo Yuan exclaimed with a laugh.

    Ling Zhong-an turned serious and took a few steps backward. After that, his entire body was glowing in light blue, turning invisible every once in a while.

    At the same time, he looked very scary and his body was trembling. The air particles began to shake and a stream appeared like an aurora.

    Luo Yuan’s eyes were sharp and he knew that the magnetic field around Ling Zhong-an was changing. He immediately looked wary, as he could now sense the danger.

    Suddenly, a curved line was drawn under his feet. His body was slanted and a huge fist passed by his chest. Without realizing his trick, Ling Zhong-an was already standing beside Luo Yuan and tried to attack him.

    Luo Yuan did not counter attack as the foresight in his mind displayed negative results.

    Suddenly, Ling Zhong-an's body had become very strong and heavy like the extraterrestrial bodies. He foresaw getting punched by Ling Zhong-an but will not be injured too badly. However, Ling Zhong-an would be the one injured, as his bones would have been broken. The strange thing was that his body was not as heavy as he thought; it was merely an illusion.

    Ling Zhong-an was teleporting and appeared beside Luo Yuan haphazardly to attack him.

    However, Luo Yuan managed to escape each time, just as he was about to strike. He never counter-attacked. The foresight had also shown him that Ling Zhong-an was almost running out of strategies.

    This kind of defense was horrible beyond imagination, especially against the strategy of teleportation. Those who did not have the foresight ability might not have been able to escape from his attacks.

    The battle had entered a rapid mode, which was difficult to be seen by the naked eye. The forces had caused many small plants to die as it was swirled into a mud cyclone.

    The battle had eventually turned stagnant and boring.

    One kept attacking and the other was doing his best to avoid it. Both of them looked like they were battling with air instead of taking each other head-on. After a few minutes, they both decided to stop.

    "What kind of power is that?" Luo Yuan asked curiously. He sounded very calm as if he had not participated in that battle. It looked intense earlier, but it was as easy as drinking water to Luo Yuan.

    "The body was being partially energized. I heard it from the experts, I’m not so sure myself," said Ling Zhong-an, without hiding anything, in full honesty.

    Luo Yuan looked surprised, as he was not as naive as he used to be anymore. Despite how heavy or light the particles were, the moving speed was at its sub-optimal speed.

    To him, that kind of speed was similar to teleportation.

    Luckily, there was a short break as he attacked, and the speed returned back to normal. Otherwise, Luo Yuan might not be able to escape, despite his strong foresight.

    "What about you?" Ling Zhong-an was very curious. He never met someone who was so powerful yet boring at the same time, as Luo Yuan was as flexible as an eel, which annoyed him thoroughly.

    "The earth element’s superpower and foresight, of course!" Luo Yuan told him directly, after learning about his honesty.

    "Foresight!?" Ling Zhong-an repeated what Luo Yuan had said and laughed sarcastically, "What the hell? That’s too much, though! No wonder you didn’t even counter attack. You already knew what I was going to do! If so, I’m not going to fight with you anymore. It’s pointless and boring!"

    "So do I. You’re really a monster!" Luo Yuan felt the same. It would be just another boring battle unless he uses his Zhanmadao.

    Unfortunately, it was not even a fierce battle. Hence, the Zhanmadao might not even be suitable for that

    Luo Yuan returned to the headquarters of the Firearms Bureau and literally stayed in the office for the whole day. As he had just been newly promoted, he had many tasks to attend to. Although he lacked interest in the political authority, as a Deputy Minister, he should be familiar with all the sub-departments and data, as well as management policies.

    In the afternoon, Luo Yuan ran a simple inspection at the sub-departments with the company of the Office Manager.

    He stayed in the department of research and development for a longer time, which was the main function of the department – to serve the evolved humans. It was not very big, only about a few superpower research centers with about ten researchers working there together.

    After an introduction was made by the Director of the Research Center, Luo Yuan realized that they could help in customizing the model of the energy initiator. Most of the evolved humans did not know much about Science, failing to master the skill of using their power and strength efficiently. The same momentum of force would have generated a different outcome if it were to be exerted by two different people – a less civilized person and someone with the knowledge of martial arts.

    For example, Luo Yuan was not aware that multiple Earth Stomps could generate a resonance and lead to an earthquake. He also did not know that he could gather the vibration energy to form the Earth Geyser.

    Other than the customization of the energy initiator model, they had also done some researches on mental training, as well as the special energy of the human body. However, Luo Yuan realized there were not many outcomes from the research at the moment. Basically, they just copied and pasted the study from the ancient books of the Buddhism and Taoism.

    Luo Yuan lost interest after taking a look at the report.

    Fortunately, he did not expect much from that. It made sense that those people were not really talents, hence, they were assigned to this research center because most of them were transferred from those big research centers due to their lack of performance. Compared to the times before the apocalypse, their quality of work was only akin to those of internship students.

    He shook his head lightly. From certain aspects, the research center was just a tool for the Reconstruction Area to show that they were prioritizing the Firearms Bureau.

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