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Chapter 410: Without A Solution

    Chapter 410: Without A Solution

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan waited for some time before the mutated woman finally woke up. A flood of relief fell upon her as she glanced over and saw Luo Yuan. She then diverted her attention towards the city which was located not far away and kept her gaze upon it.

    As the major city in the Reconstruction Area, Hope City was undoubtedly a spectacle of delight. The city was in the midst of developing and countless rows of factories had been built. From afar, the smokestack of each factory looked like a giant tree which grew as high as the clouds; giving the illusion that the entire city was one gigantic forest in the sky. The environment was completely different from the forest she understood based on her memory.

    She was so captivated by her surroundings to the extent that she had not blinked once since she woke up. The thought of everything she saw seemed so fascinating and yet scary at the same time due to its unfamiliarity. However, she liked the feeling as it felt like she was home. She seemed to have recalled seeing these scenes in her dreams before.

    Her mind was so occupied with everything that was happening that she did not hear Luo Yuan calling to her until he repeated himself a second time.

    "Stop dreaming. Let’s go!" Luo Yuan said as he patiently waited for her. Both of them then hurried towards Hope City.

    The mutated human was anxious as she tried to regain control over her limbs and legs while maintaining her distance from Luo Yuan as they moved through the forest. Unfortunately, she slipped and almost fell face-down onto the floor. Only then did she realize that her body was wrapped in a soft object which made her feel uncomfortable.

    She is used to being naked and the clothes she dawned felt like a manacle to her. Her motions were now very restricted and she felt extremely insecure. She was also very frustrated and a furious expression was clearly shown on her face - exposing her tiny sharp teeth while she tried tearing off the clothes. However, she later realized that she could not tear off the clothes regardless of how much force she used. This is because the clothes that she was wearing was in actual fact a synthetic suit made from level eight materials which required her to have a higher level in abilities to destroy.

    She started panicking as she saw that Luo Yuan and was constantly gaining more ground ahead of her and chased after him in a quick but clumsy manner. Luo Yuan could not help but laugh at her reaction. A mutated human would need some time to adapt to putting on the suit. However, Luo Yuan did not want to see her naked when he arrived home. Even if he did want it, he was certain that the other women back home would not allow it.

    Finally, after what seemed like countless hours of running (to the mutated human), she could see that they were nearly arriving at Hope City and a glimmer of happiness rose in her heart. However, they were caught by surprise when a group of soldiers armed with rifles and whistles came out of nowhere and stopped them dead in their tracks just as they were arriving close to the city’s entrance. Luo Yuan saw that the guards were on a high alert as though they were preparing for a possible attack. Luo Yuan could see that even though both of them were in the line of sight of the rifles held by the guards, most of them had been mainly targeted at the mutated human.

    It was difficult for her to avoid being detected even though she had disguised herself by wearing clothes due to the peculiar way she was walking. "Stop, my dear colleague. As you know, according to the management policies, all mutated creatures are not allowed to enter the city. You have to destroy the mutated human." An officer said with a furious tone. It was fortunate that Luo Yuan did not look like a citizen with an upper-class status. Otherwise, the commanding officer might have been harsher to him.

    The mutated human quickly hid behind Luo Yuan as she saw that the soldiers were closing in on her. She glared at them with furious eyes and exposed her sharp teeth with a sound "Sssssss".

    Luo Yuan comforted her with a calm expression on his face. He then took out his ID, passed it to the commanding officer, and said, "Relax, I guarantee she will not be a threat to anyone." Luo Yuan said calmly.

    "That’s not up to you…" The officer said as he took the ID from Luo Yuan. He simply took one glance at the ID and his expression changed instantly.

    "Lieutenant General!"

    "Deputy Minister of the Firearms Bureau!?"

    He was shocked when he discovered Luo Yuan’s true identity and quickly bowed to apologize, "I’m so sorry, sir! I did not know you were a minister!"

    Next, he immediately turned around and told his subordinates, "Everyone, put your guns down!"

    "We sincerely apologize for our reckless action. Please do not be offended by us." The officer said in repentance.

    "It is alright. I hope I did not cause any trouble for you. May I leave now?" Luo Yuan said.

    "Sure!" The officer quickly replied. He was not authorized to question the judgment of people from that ranking anyway.

    Even if he reports the scene to the upper management, his report would surely be neglected due to the huge discrepancy in ranking between him and Luo Yuan. Thus, he was not willing to risk his career by offending someone from as high a position as Luo Yuan.

    The commanding officer only had a basic level ranking and did not know much about the Firearms Bureau. Even so, he knew for a fact that even the military officers would not simply offend the Firearms Bureau as the evolved humans working in there were an important asset to the military in many ways. This fact applied even more to Luo Yuan who was the Deputy Minister there. Not to mention also being one of the most powerful evolved humans in that department.

    Luo Yuan smiled and nodded at the commanding officer before proceeding to enter the city. The mutated human took this opportunity to taunt the soldiers by producing a hissing sound that surrounded her as she walked by them to catch up with Luo Yuan as she knew they were afraid of him. However, she quickly hid behind Luo Yuan again and followed him closely when the soldiers started scowling at her in an angry manner.

    "Sir! Who the hell is that? Why did you look worried?" A soldier asked when he saw Luo Yuan and the mutated human were already a distance away from them.

    "Damn you! Do you not know that he is a very powerful person? Even our chief leader would have needed to bow and be polite to him!" The officer said.

    "Have you heard of the Firearms Bureau!?" The officer continued to ask with a mad expression.

    Some of the soldiers nodded while most of them seemed puzzled. This was because a majority of the soldiers stationed at the city’s entrance during that day consisted mostly of low-level ranking soldiers.

    "The Firearms Bureau is a department which operates directly under the federal government and the members of the department consists solely of super strong evolved humans, especially the Deputy Minister who is also the Lieutenant General." The officer continued to explain. In fact, that was also his first encounter with such a powerful person that it was a bit difficult for him not to be agitated. He could not wait to share more about what he knew with his fellow soldiers.

    All of the soldiers took a deep breath. Though they knew little about the history of the bureau, they could tell that a Lieutenant General is someone who holds quite a high authority in the military based on their basic knowledge as soldiers. Besides that, the only other person they knew who had such a title was the commanding officer of their army in the military group. None of them had expected Luo Yuan, who was even younger than them, to hold such a high position.

    They would have been even more in shock and might have even lost their ability to breathe if they knew that the federal government had classified Luo Yuan as the most dangerous person who ever existed and that they see him as a human weapon.

    This fact about Luo Yuan also made every action taken by him to be of the highest concern to the government. Lately, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Luo Yuan to keep a low profile as he had been flying around the Reconstruction Area and it was hard to avoid being detected.

    His fastest flight speed was three times the speed of sound when he was flying at his maximum potential which was the same speed as an airborne missile. An even more shocking discovery was made by an automated reconnaissance aircraft which happened to be recording in the vicinity during that particular time. It was a beam of light traveling in the air. No one could have imagined a living organism could have traveled at such a speed if Luo Yuan had not exposed his identity when he arrived at the Reconstruction Area.

    The short video clip was being live streamed to the information security center and was then sent to the Intelligence Department. The results calculated by the program showed that Luo Yuan had been traveling at an insane speed of 12.34 kilometers per second.

    He was even faster than the traveling speed of the nuclear intercontinental missile and the electromagnetic guns in the Reconstruction Area. To sum it up, nothing could have beaten his speed in the Reconstruction Area except their laser weapons. Even the most powerful missiles could not hurt him unless he allowed it to detonate near him and only the super strong radiation rays could cause severe harm to him. Other than that, he definitely had enough time to escape based on the velocity that he could reach.

    Nevertheless, Luo Yuan was careful enough to conceal the weaknesses of his power to the upper management such as the fact that he needed some time to initiate his space-time bubble flight mode. Besides that, the acceleration process before he could reach his maximum velocity was rather slow. However, Luo Yuan was not afraid of an attack from the Reconstruction Area even without his space-time bubble flight ability. This is because he still had other powerful abilities to rely on. He could drill into the ground two seconds before an explosion could take place and escape from the rays before slowly initiating the space-time bubble flight mode to form an isolated defense space. It might have been impossible for Luo Yuan to determine the explosion at the last minute but because of Sensitivity, he would have been able to predetermine any explosions that were about to occur and avoid attacks even from a laser weapon would have been easy with the aid of his Foresight ability.

    Nothing could be hidden from his ability to foresee the future even if the preparations were perfectly planned. Not even if they knew beforehand that Luo Yuan had this ability. Attempting to kill him was basically a solution-less situation. That was also the reason why Luo Yuan was not afraid to reveal his Foresight ability to Ling Zhong-an as he knew that his action would not come back to bite him…

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