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Chapter 411: First Experience Of Human Life

    Chapter 411: First Experience Of Human Life

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    The mutated woman started to sneeze as soon as they entered Hope City which made her feel awkward. Pollution in the urban area is becoming very serious nowadays. The air was filled with a layer of gray mist and there was a foul odor lingering in the air. It was hardly suitable for the mutated woman who was used to the fresh air in the jungle.

    Even though the journey had been challenging up until now, she was still very excited. She had felt more secure and less threatened by her environment since she entered the city. She kept looking around and sometimes stopped to gaze longer at things which caught her attention. It was only when she realized that Luo Yuan had moved quite a distance away from her that she would then start to pick up her own pace in order to catch up with him.

    Fortunately for them, this was not the workers' commuting time and therefore the street was far less crowded than it would otherwise have been. As a matter of fact, the street was almost empty except for a few cars that passed by. Luo Yuan felt relieved as he feels that the strange looks and behavior of the mutated woman might end up causing a huge commotion between the townspeople.

    After walking through the city for some time, they arrived at what seemed to be an underground passage. Surprisingly enough, the air smelled fresher underground as compared to what the mutated woman had experienced when she was walking through the city. She eventually stopped sneezing. After walking for about 10 minutes, they arrived at a door.

    "Well, this is your home from now on." Luo Yuan smiled and said to the mutated woman before knocking on the door.

    However, the mutated woman did not hear anything he said. Instead, she was focusing on the light bulb which was hanging right above her. She had a high tendency of being easily attracted to shiny and bright stuff. All she could think about at that moment was how she could get her hands on that light bulb to be made as part of her collection.

    Zhao Yali was the one who opened the door. When she saw Luo Yuan she asked curiously, "Why are you back so early today?"

    "I met a mutated human today and out of sympathy for her situation, I decided to bring her back home," answered Luo Yuan.

    The mutated woman became aware of Zhao Yali’s presence as soon as she opened the door and quickly hid behind Luo Yuan. Zhao Yali saw that there was a pair of curious amber eyes moving up and down from behind Luo Yuan’s body as if it was scanning her.

    It was only at this moment that Zhao Yali noticed that there was a lady behind Luo Yuan. Both women started scanning one another but when Zhao Yali met eye to eye with the mutated woman, she saw that the mutated woman was suddenly frightened and almost screamed.

    "Well, we have gone through so much but you are still so timid. Don’t worry, she won’t bite. Let’s go inside first. Is everyone at home? "Luo Yuan saw her expression and knew that she was scared. He could not help but giggle.

    Generally, anybody who met the mutated woman for the first time would be struck with the same spine-chilling feeling. Zhao Yali calmed down slightly. She was just shocked as she was not prepared to meet someone like her. Otherwise, it would not have been so bad. After all, it was not the first time she saw a mutated human. In the past, she had even managed to live together with Chen Xianfeng for such a long time even though she was scarier and had a very bad temper.

    She stared at Luo Yuan and said, "Everyone is home except for Xia Guang who has gone to work." However, she was still worried and complained, "Why did you want to bring a mutated human back? Does she really not hurt people?"

    "Don't worry, she is even more timid than you." Luo Yuan said. He was quite reassuring on this point. Furthermore, if she had been braver and more familiar towards humans in the past, she would not have been so easily captured by a mere human. Of course, this was not the only reason why he was certain of it. He had also used his abilities on her earlier so he was pretty much assured of his statement. He knew that she had a certain degree of reasoning ability. Not only was there food and drink provided to her here but also shelter and safety. Therefore, there was basically no reason for her to be aggravated and start to hurt people.

    A few people immediately stood up when they saw Luo Yuan enter the living room with the mutated woman tagging along behind him. Only Chen Jiayi, who was slow in response, stood up a few seconds later.

    It became clear that Wang Shishi was the bravest among the group. While all the others members were still in a state of shock from this turn of events, she calmly walked towards Luo Yuan to take a closer look at the mutated woman. She was fascinated at the sight of the mutated woman and thought aloud saying, "Hey look! It is a mutated human!"

    Luo Yuan nodded and repeated the words that he had just told Zhao Yali. He further explained, "She had been following me around for some time when I was in the mining area. Today, I met her again and sympathized with how she was living alone in the jungle so I decided to invite her home to stay with us. Which brings me to the question, do we still have any food? If so, please give some of it to her."

    "Yes, we do. Does she eat meat?" Huang Jiahui quickly replied while casting a curious glance over at the uneasy mutated woman.

    "She is not picky when it comes to food and eats both meat and vegetables. However, she stills prefers meat over vegetables." Answered Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan deduced her eating habits based on his experience of traveling with her. Luo Yuan knew for a fact that she still had the human omnivorous eating habits within her even though she was a mutated woman because she could eat the same things Luo Yuan ate which included both meat and vegetables.

    Huang Jiahui proceeded to the kitchen to retrieve the leftovers they had kept from lunch and brought it to the table. She took into consideration that Luo Yuan might be back for lunch and even prepared an extra portion of food for him. The dishes were made from high-grade ingredients and because most of the woman living in the house had small appetites, the dishes were hardly touched.

    The tasty smell coming from the food immediately attracted the attention of the mutated woman. She could not help herself from the scent that was coming from the food and kept alternating her vision between Luo Yuan and the food that was sitting on the table. She saw that the crowd was far away from the table and as Luo Yuan was just beside her, she gathered up enough courage to step out slightly from behind Luo Yuan.

    Faster than a ninja cat, she gently leaped across the table to pick up a big plate of stew before disappearing back behind Luo Yuan again.

    Luo Yuan was taken by surprise at her next actions. She gave a tuck at Luo Yuan’s pants and when he turned around, she offered him the plate of stew while gesturing him to eat first. Luo Yuan could tell that the mutated woman really wanted to eat the stew as she kept her eyes fixed on it and was even watering at her mouth.

    "Aww… She really does care a lot about you." Huang Jiahui teased Luo Yuan without the slightest hint of jealousy. She believed that no matter how lustful Luo Yuan was, he would most certainly not fall for a mutated human.

    Though many of them knew that mutated humans possessed a certain degree of intelligence, the rate at which the mutated woman was learning and adapting exceeded most of their expectations. Luo Yuan was dumbfounded by her actions. This was, in fact, his first time seeing a humane act from the mutated woman. Apparently, she was closer to him than he thought.

    "You. Eat." Luo Yuan replied while pushing the bowl back to her. This action was to help her to understand the human language faster.

    Perhaps it was because the gesture and words spoken by Luo Yuan were related to the food, she immediately understood. Her eyes lit up and she quickly took a big piece of meat with her hands and stuffed the entire thing into her mouth. She was eating in such a rushed manner that she was scattering the stew everywhere, leaving greasy marks all over Luo Yuan’s pants and the floor.

    In less than a minute, the entire bowl of stew had gone down into her stomach and not a speck of meat could be seen in the bowl. She had practically licked the bowl clean. Her eyes immediately went back to the other food which was sitting on the table. She quickly grabbed the next plate of food which was closest to her and started eating. Within a short time, the mutated woman had finished eating all the leftovers; leaving behind only a stack of empty plates on the table. She shifted herself back behind Luo Yuan and gave a loud burp.

    "Let’s get her clean shall we? She looks like she could use a nice bath." Wang Shishi suggested. She seemed to have taken an interest in the mutated woman.

    "Do not worry about her eating habits as she has been eating that way for a long time. She even used to eat raw meat in the past so technically she would not fall sick easily. We will teach her slowly to adapt to our culture of doing things one step at a time." Luo Yuan suggested. It did strike his mind to help the mutated woman to shower as she did not seem to allow anyone else but Luo Yuan to touch her.

    However, he quickly decided against it as the mutated woman was a mature lady even though her features looked different from them. He felt that his actions of helping the mutated woman take a bath would certainly be criticized and thought badly of by the other ladies in the house.

    The presence of the mutated woman made the house feel even more crowded. Wang Xiaguang was given a surprise when she reached home later that evening to find the mutated woman living in her house.

    Luo Yuan explained to the mutated woman that Wang Xiaguang was not a threat and only then did she let her guard down. She was beginning to adapt to her surrounding environment and people and did not feel as nervous as before. However, she still hid behind Luo Yuan most of the time. Probably because there was an innocent look to her, everyone could quickly accept her as part of their family.

    The house that was given to them by the Reconstruction Area was huge. At night, they were able to immediately sort out a new bedroom for the mutated woman. Chen Jiayi replaced the mutated woman’s worn out clothes with some of her own.

    Although she was reluctant and seemed uneasy, under the comfort of Luo Yuan’s abilities, she still wore the clothes and resisted trying to tear it apart

    Luo Yuan decided to sleep in Zhao Yali’s bedroom that night. They made love for about an hour before they decided to call it a night. Zhao Yali asked Luo Yuan while they were resting on the bed, "Do you think the mutated woman can be cured?"

    Luo Yuan thought for a while and answered, "I don't think so." Unlike Chen Jiayi, her mutation had deeply affected her genes. It was impossible to cure her. Zhao Yali was relieved at this piece of news. She felt that the mutated woman looked scary at first but eventually found her to be quite charming once she got to know her. She purposely went to help the mutated woman change her clothes earlier as she wanted to ensure that Luo Yuan did not get a chance to see her naked.

    Other than the scales which formed on her back, the mutated woman looked exactly like an ordinary person. In addition, her skin was very smooth and her figure was something most woman would kill for.

    Zhao Yali believed that if not for the fact that she was a mutated woman, Luo Yuan would have fallen head over heels for her by now. At least now she still had narrow eyes and a scaly back which prevented Luo Yuan from being too attracted to her.

    Luo Yuan was laid down in a relaxed position on the bed; completely oblivious to the reality that deep down Zhao Yali was secretly thinking about him. How could he blame her? She had lost her virginity to Luo Yuan while they were on the way back to her hometown. It is not surprising that she has a strong feeling towards Luo Yuan and was jealous when he was nice to other women.

    She felt the fatigue slowly drain over her body and after 10 minutes of talking, she slowly fell into a deep sleep while hugging Luo Yuan. Luo Yuan also felt sleepy and started closing his eyes.

    Just as he was about to doze off, the door slowly opened.

    He knew that the person that entered his room was none other than the mutated woman just by listening to the bare footsteps on the floor. He was slightly astonished as he did not know she had learned how to open the door.

    The shadow quietly crept around the room. Luo Yuan opened his eyes as soon as he heard the sound of the footsteps but immediately closed it again as he did not want to startle the mutated woman. He knew that since this was her first day living in the house, she must be quite curious about her surrounding environment and is trying to take in everything that she saw around her.

    The mutated woman looked at Luo Yuan first who was sleeping bed and then shifted her gaze over to Zhao Yali who was hugging Luo Yuan. She stood there as if she was deep in thought while watching them sleep. After standing there for some time, she proceeded over to lie down on the floor at the side of the bed

    Luo Yuan woke up before dawn the next day. After performing some stretches on the bed, he went over to the wardrobe to get changed. The mutated woman was awakened by the sound of his footsteps.

    She had a high tendency of being woken up by even the slightest sound made as she was used to living in the dangerous wilderness and being extremely alert was second nature to her.

    Chen Jiayi’s old pajamas fitted her body perfectly except for the obvious bulge formed by her breasts. She yawned before turning around to see Luo Yuan. Immediately her eyes were attracted to his naked body and she started scanning him from top to bottom with a curious expression.

    Luo Yuan had not bothered to put his clothes back on after having sex with Zhao Yali last night. He felt kind of awkward when he finally realized that the mutated woman was staring directly at his naked body. To make things worse, he could tell that her intent was purely based on the desire to know more about the human body and there were no lustful thoughts involved. Luo Yuan became embarrassed and quickly put on his clothes before dashing out of the room without looking back at her.

    The mutated woman got up and immediately followed him. She squatted in front of the door and curiously observed Luo Yuan’s movements as he went into the bathroom to wash up. Luo Yuan was dumbfounded. He was prepared to resolve the issue that he had with the mutated woman but decided against it after seeing her actions. He returned to his bedroom to retrieve his weapon before heading quietly to the entrance of the house.

    She seemed to understand that Luo Yuan was heading out and immediately became very energetic; hissing a couple of times while preparing herself to follow him out. She happily followed Luo Yuan to the door but Luo Yuan turned and stopped her before he opened the door, "Listen to me and stay here. I will be back at night." The mutated woman seemed to understand what he said. She suddenly became down and listless, until Luo Yuan used his abilities to comfort her.

    Luo Yuan breathed a sigh of relief as he was worried that the mutated woman would insist on following him. He walked out through the door and soon disappeared into the underground passage ahead.

    The mutated woman stood for some time at the door even after seeing Luo Yuan disappear into the darkness. She no longer needed to attach herself to him. After all, she knew that this was Luo Yuan’s home and he would always come back to it no matter what.

    She closed the door shortly afterward and quickly sneaked back to her own bedroom without making a sound. The decoration in the room was simple with only a dressing table visible to her other than the bed she was supposed to be sleeping on last night.

    She looked curiously at her reflection in the mirror and played with herself for some time in front of the mirror. However, she quickly found herself becoming bored and diverted her attention towards the bed. The quilts were still neatly stacked. Suddenly, she had an idea and went to open the quilt before she proceeded to cover her bed with it until she was satisfied with the setting. She then sneaked under the comfort of the quilt and laid her head on the soft pillow. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she held her own arms tightly around herself as if she was holding something in front of her.

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