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Chapter 415: Experiment Laboratory

    Chapter 415: Experiment Laboratory

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan awoke the next day when the Sun was already up.

    The mutated woman who had entered his bedroom somewhere in the middle of the night to sleep quickly got up as soon as she knew that Luo Yuan was awake. As usual, Luo Yuan put on his clothes and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth without bothering her.

    He warned the mutated woman not to follow him as he was walking out of the bedroom. He then exited into the underground passageway and flew in the direction of the New Capital City, leaving Hope City behind him.

    Somewhere along the journey, he used his Will to trigger the electromagnetic waves and dialed the contact number of Wang Jing (the specialist who was in charge of the communication between Luo Yuan and the high commissioner). Before she even began to talk, Luo Yuan had already drafted an electromagnetic message,

    "I need a biological laboratory with human body cloning facilities and a few experienced researchers to help me."

    The threats imposed by the extraterrestrial civilization were gradually increasing and in order to find a solution to the problem, there had been a major change in the research centers of the Reconstruction Area and therefore it was not difficult to arrange a biology lab for Luo Yuan.

    He soon received a reply from Wang Jing.

    "The decision is not mine to make and we would need to get an approval from our superiors."

    "Then submit the application now! I am hoping to get the reply by today!" Luo Yuan replied and immediately terminated the line. He did not have to worry about the formalities like he used to in the old days as he was powerful enough to do so.

    In fact, Luo Yuan was so powerful that the Reconstruction Area had no way of threatening him even if he chose not to obey their rules and regulations. The only thing that could be done when civilization came across someone that was more powerful than them was to either compromise or request for a mutual exchange.

    Ling Zhong-an used to behave that way and now that Luo Yuan is more powerful than him, he decided that he would do the same.

    He received a call from Wang Jing even before he arrived at the New Capital City.

    "Good morning, Minister Luo. This is Wang Jing. I have just gotten confirmation that your application has been approved. May I know when would you like the lab to be ready?"

    "Can I have access to it now?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "Sure! Where are you exactly? Do you need me to lead the way for you?" she replied.

    "Could you come over to the headquarters of the Firearms Bureau in about half an hour?" Luo Yuan replied her.

    He had already spotted the building of the Firearms Bureau in the distance when he ended the conversation. He quickly shifted to fly at a lower altitude and headed towards the building.

    Luo Yuan landed in front of the main entrance and proceeded to walk into the headquarters.

    A few of the lower ranked staff had a conversation at the lobby. They quickly dismissed themselves and remained silent as soon as they saw Luo Yuan walking in. Luo Yuan felt strange and headed towards the elevator. There was a member of the Firearms Bureau waiting for the elevator as well. He greeted Luo Yuan nervously, "H…Hi, Minister Luo!"

    "Good morning." Luo Yuan replied as he looked over at him and nodded. They remained silent after that.

    However, he was becoming annoyed as he realized that the person would peep on him when he was not looking and quickly diverted his attention somewhere else when Luo Yuan turned to look at him. When Luo Yuan shifted his view somewhere else, the member would turn back to peep at him.

    "Is there something on my face?" Luo Yuan smiled as he asked.

    "Oh, no! No." He waved his hand nervously and said, "Your strap looks nice!"

    Luo Yuan stopped smiling and remained silent. He had been attracting a lot of attention since he had his strap on his forehead. Though he had gotten used to it, he still felt awkward when someone directly pointed it out to him.

    He became even more nervous as he saw that Luo Yuan was unhappy. He smiled and tried to please him saying, "I used to have a strap last time and I still keep it as a memory. However, this is the first time I am seeing one that glows. Is it a customized one?"

    Luo Yuan became even more upset at his question and asked, "What is your name?"

    "My name is Luo Darun but you can call me Xiao Luo, Mister Minister!" He smiled and said.

    "Seems like we came from the same ancestry treeline 500 years ago, huh? Since you like it so much, I will give you one someday." Luo Yuan looked at him and said.

    He looked so serious that Luo Yuan could not imagine how he would have looked like wearing the strap.

    Luo Darun was sweating and he embarrassingly replied with a smile saying, "Oh, that would be great! Thank you, Minister Luo. Now if you would excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom as I seem to be having an upset tummy."

    Luo Yuan knew that he was trying to escape from him.

    "What a terrible excuse!" he thought to himself. Luo Yuan shook his head as the elevator finally arrived. Since he had obtained his four-dimensional vision, the strap had become part of his body and he pondered at the thought of the day he would finally be able to get rid of the funny looking thing.

    He took the elevator to the sixth floor and walked into his office. The office was still very clean even though it had been two days since he had last entered it. Apparently, someone was helping him clean the office every day. He was resting on his chair when he heard a knock on his door.

    "Come in!" The door opened and surprisingly, Chen Xinjie walked in.

    Luo Yuan quickly got up and shockingly asked, "When did you arrive here?"

    "I was here since yesterday. However, you did not show up for work yesterday." Chen Xinjie said gently with a sweet smile.

    Luo Yuan quickly closed the door. He made sure that there was no one around before he took hold of Chen Xinjie’s hand and said, "I thought you told me that you did not want to come here?"

    "This arrangement was made by the upper management. What was I suppose to do?" Chen Xinjie said. Luo Yuan knew that though she seemed to be blaming her superiors, she had a hidden meaning behind that statement.

    "I see. Seems like they have done me a big favor as I was just thinking about transferring you here earlier." Luo Yuan said with relief.

    Chen Xinjie’s expression immediately changed and she asked, "Did you find out anything new?"

    Luo Yuan pretended not to understand what she had meant and asked, "What do you mean? Are you telling me that you are hiding something from me?"

    "Actually…" Chen Xinjie hesitated for a while before she finally went on saying "If… I mean if it was really true that I was hiding something from you, would you be mad at me?"

    "Why would I be mad? Everyone has their own secrets. You could tell me yours whenever you feel like it. However, it is also fine if you do not want to tell me." Luo Yuan comforted her with a smile as he already knew about all her secrets. He wondered about what she was not telling him.

    Chen Xinjie sighed while she locked her hands around Luo Yuan’s waist. She remained silent while she listened to his heartbeat. She realized that the more understanding and gentle Luo Yuan was towards her, the guiltier she felt. She was worried that someday when Luo Yuan found out about the truth, he would leave her.

    "Which role are you being assigned to now?" Luo Yuan finally said after they had been cuddling for some time.

    "Assistant Admin Manager" she smiled and said. Chen Xinjie was well prepared to take on her new role.

    "I recalled seeing you being so busy working through day and night when we were in Hope City. There are just so many things to do in the administrative department that I believe you would experience the same working life as you did then in Hope City. I still need a secretary so why don’t you come and work for me?" Luo Yuan said after giving it some thought.


    After Chen Xinjie had left his office, he proceeded to the office of Minister Dong. He stayed there for quite a while and discussed his plan of transferring Chen Xinjie to his department. He knew that it was only a small matter to both of them and it did not take very long before Minister Dong gave his approval.

    He immediately received a call from Wang Jing just as he was leaving Minister Dong’s office. She had arrived at the headquarters and was prepared to escort Luo Yuan to the biological laboratory.

    They arrived at an underground laboratory after they had traveled for half an hour.

    "This is a biology lab which mainly studies genetic research. Their primary research focus is on analyzing the cloning of the human body and special genes from evolved humans", she explained. Morality was different under different living conditions. After the apocalypse, many prohibited activities had been revised as it was necessary under different circumstance.

    Luo Yuan was not surprised when he heard her introduction.

    Luo Yuan thought that perhaps she had informed the person in charge of the lab that they were coming as a few people were already on standby at the entrance to welcome them into the lab.

    "I would like to introduce you to some people. This is Professor Fei, the director leading the lab. This is Professor Cao and the person towards his right is Professor Guan", she said.

    Luo Yuan greeted them one by one and shook their hands.


    "How are you?"


    These people were clearly not interested in entertaining him but they were not rude to him as well. Luo Yuan was sure that had it not been for the administrative order that had been issued by the government to them, they would have certainly not helped him. Luo Yuan pondered for a moment before saying, "From now onwards, I will be taking over this lab and all of you are required to listen to my instructions."

    They immediately stopped smiling and Luo Yuan could see that some of them were pissed at him but no one said a word. It was not as easy as it used to be before the apocalypse where they could simply resign and leave the lab. This was a time of war and discipline was a key element in every single department. Whether they were willing to help or not, they knew that they had no choice as they had received their orders directly from the upper management. They knew Luo Yuan’s identity as someone had told them about him. To some extent, the entire lab had fallen under the direct control of Luo Yuan.

    "Now, please bring all the relevant documents, files and thesis report to my office and I will begin to assign you your jobs in the afternoon." Luo Yuan said. He then turned to Professor Fei and said, "Oh right Professor Fei, could you please show me to my office?"

    Professor Fei quickly responded by saying, "Minister Luo, we had already assigned someone to help you clean your office earlier. Please follow me."

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