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Chapter 418: Cold

    Chapter 418: Cold

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    Luo Yuan was not entirely disappointed by the failure of the four-dimensional cloning. He was actually on the fence about it. Deep down, encountering the unpredictable four-dimensional world made him feel a little afraid and against the idea of cloning. Risks aside, even if Luo Yuan managed to turn the three-dimensional cloning to four-dimensional cloning, there would still be a transformation in their lives. The transformation was not limited to the dimension nor the upgrade of strength, but it was a transformation of the mind and body.

    It was like scrap material turning Godlike, with its extraordinary strength, endless information, and wide vision. When one becomes a four-dimensional creature, what he saw was different from what he used to see. In comparison, the three-dimensional world now becomes insignificant.

    Just like a child’s favorite toy, it would become nothing when the kid grows up, as it was all part of growth where they see the world changing before them. The changes from a three-dimensional state to a four-dimensional one would be 10,000 times more intense than that.

    He had the feeling that if he were to enter the four-dimensional state fully, he might not be able to stay in the three-dimensional one anymore.


    When the foundation of the experiment was over and done with, Luo Yuan’s presence in the lab was not required anymore. What happened next was the results. No matter how bad the result was, there should at least be one perfect clone from the base of 1,500,000 attempts.

    He left the lab to New Capital City and to the Firearms Bureau.

    "Captain Luo!"

    "Hi, Captain Luo!"


    Many staff and members of the team were stunned to see him, as they greeted him. He nodded at them in acknowledgment. He had not been in the Bureau recently, but he would show up every three to four days. Essentially, most of the people in the Bureau knew him.

    He went into his office, took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom. He switched on the tap and allowed the water to cascade down from his head, getting rid of the smell from the lab.

    Suddenly, the door flung open. Familiar footsteps walked towards him. Luo Yuan smiled.

    A few minutes later, moans came from the bathroom. Chen Xinjie was held against the wall by him. Her long and fair legs were hooked onto Luo Yuan’s waist. Her cheeks blushed and her clothes were messy. Her bra was on the floor, while her breasts bounced vigorously according to Luo Yuan’s rhythm. She was like a fish that had been hooked, gasping for air.

    "Slowly, slowly. I can’t do this anymore, my legs are weak, bring me to the bed!"

    Then, they went into the bedroom.

    "It’s my turn." Chen Xinjie said while blushing. Luo Yuan loved it fast, and although it was fun, she could not handle it anymore.

    Luo Yuan could not turn down such offer. He laid on the bed and smiled. Chen Xinjie bit her lips, looked at him flirtatiously and sat on him!


    It went on for half an hour before it ended.

    Chen Xinjie rested her head on Luo Yuan’s arm, just as she had an orgasm. Sex was like a drug to her, not getting enough after a few times. She hesitated in the beginning as she was playing hard to get, but as time went by, she could no longer resist.

    Moreover, not seeing Luo Yuan recently made her want it even more so. Whenever Luo Yuan was in the bureau, it became their secret rendezvous activity.

    "I think my mom has found out what we’ve been doing!" Chen Xinjie said after a while, worried.

    "How could she possibly know? Did you tell her?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "Of course I didn’t tell her, I’ve always behaved myself at home. Maybe my mom noticed the bleeding when she washed my clothes. It’s your fault that you always go so deep… what do I do now?" Chen Xinjie pinched Luo Yuan after telling him.

    That wasn’t an act at all; she was genuinely worried. She was already 24 years old. Before the apocalypse, a lady her age was considered young, but not anymore post-apocalypse. Ever since her mother found out about their hanky panky, she bugged her to bring Luo Yuan home but all efforts were in vain.

    It was unrealistic as whatever she told Luo Yuan would appear as lies.

    "So, what should we do?" Luo Yuan started to worry too.

    "Let’s just delay it!" said Chen Xinjie. "Is everything going well at the lab?" she asked.

    Luo Yuan did not hide what he was doing, as many people already knew about it.

    "It’s going quite well. We should be able to see the results a month later," answered Luo Yuan.

    "I don’t understand why you would want to spend all your time dabbling into this cloning stuff. What’s the point of it? Do you really want to be a scientist?" Chen Xinjie asked in curiosity while drawing circles with her fingertip on his chest.

    Luo Yuan could feel her heart beating fast out of nowhere. He looked at her and asked, "Why are you asking me this? Is this coming from somebody else?"

    If she happened to ask something else, Luo Yuan would not have minded. However, this was serious, as what happened at the lab was indeed crucial. He did not want to cause a stir in the Reconstruction Area, which might destroy the outcome. Although the damage would not be obvious, accidents and unforeseeable factors should be avoided altogether.

    "How can it possibly come from someone else – I’m just curious!" She felt that Luo Yuan had turned cold… her body soon became stiff yet she could still force a smile.

    She seemed to be hiding something!

    "If somebody else is keen to know, you don’t have to bother about them!" Luo Yuan said.

    "He knows what’s going on!" Chen Xinjie thought to herself. There was a chill running down her spine, as she felt insecure and did not know how to respond.

    Luo Yuan broke out from her cuddle, stood up and put on his clothes, "Okay, take a good rest and don’t think about it too much. I’m doing to the lab now!"

    What Chen Xinjie shared had made him a little more aware of his surroundings. From what she had said, the Reconstruction Area was now more and more alert with the experiment. Without his supervision, he was worried that there would be people trying to destroy the experiment in the lab.

    As the door was closed, Luo Yuan soon walked far away.

    Chen Xinjie laid pale on the bed; her eyes were blank and not moving a muscle as if her soul had seeped away. A while later, she started to sob. Perhaps their relationship was meant to be a disaster since the beginning.

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