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Chapter 421: Out of Control

    Chapter 421: Out of Control

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    As more and more mitochondria were working, his power seemed to increase endlessly. His body was like a volcano ready for an eruption of boundless power. He started to sway; he could not stand still. The human body was a tight system where it kept the body balanced. When a person stands, countless of muscles does plenty of minor adjustment to make that possible.

    However, as more and more power overwhelmed his body, his brain could not send signals throughout his body in time. Every minor adjustment made his body float a little.

    Luo Yuan looked around and noticed there a wall just a step away. He attempted to walk by leaning against the wall, as his body was stumbling. However, he had underestimated his power. Although he used only minimal strength, a slight move made his body plunge towards the wall.

    A loud thud was heard, and his body went straight into the wall with his legs sticking out. Stuck, he knew that he definitely had underestimated his power.

    Irritated, he used his hand to push against the wall. The tough wall crumbled like a biscuit, and he managed to open up a ten-centimeter hole.

    He then used his hands to hop down off the wall. Just as he landed, he noticed something terrible. Gravel had splattered all over, blanketing the space in dust. His body was planted into the ground, buried from the waist below.

    His Will had yet to fully recover, which made his emotion spiral out of control. The series of incidents infuriated him. Luo Yuan was furious, his temples were throbbing, and a fire rose in him.

    He let out a terrifying vibe and groaned. The veins on his arms were like tangled roots; a strong energy wave exuded from his muscles. There was a wave in the air, as he punched the wall.


    Even before his punches hit the wall, the air was compressed and a hole appeared. It was like a meteorite hit, a thousand tons were gathered on his fist. When his fist hit the wall, the kinetic energy was moving at six kilometers per second.

    The rocks were crumbling. Even giant rocks that weighed more than ten tons were cascading like feathers. It was like a massive bomb had collided with the wall. The mountain was trembling and a shockwave could be seen spreading all over the place.

    The worst part was, as the cave was air-tight, it caused the shock waves to echo, making the effect a few times more powerful. The cave looked like it had been weathered; it expanded twice the initial size after the wave had subsided.

    The powder from the rocks rained down, engulfing the place with dust.

    "Cough! Cough! Cough!"

    Luo Yuan could not stop coughing while closing his eyes. It was a mess, as he was buried in the gravel. What was left was his head sticking out with rock powder all over him.

    He did not have a choice but to pause lest the cave might collapse.

    All he could do was to wait for his body transformation to be complete. Fortunately, his strong body had allowed him to breathe normally under such circumstances.


    Suddenly, he felt light-headed, almost as if he was drunk.

    He realized that there was a change in his brain, which was the most dangerous part of the transformation.

    It got worse. At first, he could still think straight but slowly, he could not anymore.

    He was getting sleepier by the minute. He bit his tongue hard attempting to stay awake but it did not work. As time went by, his thoughts turned static and his brain wave had stopped. He could feel an eternal peace in him.

    He was jolted awake. He did not feel sleepy at all but the direct opposite. His thoughts were clearer than ever before, and he could feel his Sense had become more sensitive.

    His eyes were closed, and he could not breathe as his nose was not working. But he could still hear and feel even the tiniest movement outside the cave, despite how it was buried in up to 100 meters of rocks.

    His touch was upgraded too. Initially, he could not feel the pain while being buried in the rocks, as the senses were not sent to his brain. He was stunned, as that feeling should only appear if he had an upgrade in his Intelligence.

    "Could this be?"

    Luo Yuan thought to himself and launched the attributes panel immediately. The panel was shown in his brain so even with his eyes closed, he could still read it clearly.

    Character: Luo Yuan

    Occupation: Hunter

    Level: 12









    Skill:Science20,Math19,Mandarin19,English16,Finance17,Computer15,Dance1,Art3,Game6,Negotiation9,Socialization7,Cooking3,Driving1,Barehand Combat1,Saber Skill:7,Gun Skill:6,Casting:15

    Special Skill:Identification technique, Synthetic technique, Detection technique

    Natural Ability:Earth Stomp(Level 5) ; Body Fusion (Level 2) ; Four-Dimensional Travel (Level 9) ; Four-Dimensional Vision (5%) ; Four-Dimensional Brain (2%);

    Battle beast: Giant lizard (Level 3), Raging Ape (Level 2)

    Unassigned attribute point:0

    Unassigned skill point:5


    The attributes made him giddy. He looked at it over and over again to make sure that it was real. 29 Strength and 30+13 Physique! What was that?

    Luo Yuan began calculating and came up with a conclusion where his Strength weighed 150 tons, which was twice as much as that of an ordinary person.

    While he was not able to calculate his Physique, his bare attributes were 3,000 times more than an ordinary person. If he were to stand on the ground, the energy that he could absorb from below would be 562,500 times.

    The numbers were crazy, which meant as long as Luo Yuan stood on the ground, his strength was endless.

    As compared to these numbers, his Intelligence which gained +1 was nothing worthy of mention.

    He then looked at his natural ability. Earth Stomp was upgraded to level 13 due to the increase of Strength, while Body Fusion and Four-Dimensional Travel was added.

    The Body Fusion was understandable to him, but the strange thing was Space Teleportation was now Four-Dimensional Travel, and it started with level 9, while Body Fusion was only at Level 2.

    He looked further into the selection of the Four-Dimensional Travel.

    "Four-Dimensional Travel"

    "Level: 9 (related to Will)"

    "Effect: The journey from the three-dimensional world to the four-dimensional world, and back to dimension would cause a point-to-point movement in space. As the four-dimensional world was much faster than the three-dimensional one, a short distance (in a light year) in the three-dimensional world was akin to time passing so slowly that it was almost 1/100000 seconds in the four-dimensional world. Besides, the travel distance in the three-dimensional world and the time you stay in the four-dimensional world is related to Will."

    "Remarks: Such a travel method was a common way that was used by civilization in outer space. There is a danger to it, as during your travel, you will be exposed to a tiny chance of meeting four-dimensional lifeforms."

    Luo Yuan was stunned. He did not expect the space teleportation to be related to four-dimension. From what he saw, the Four-Dimensional Travel’s speed was ten thousand light years per second. As long as he had sufficient Will, he could travel the entire universe in a short period of time.

    He thought of a scientific article that he read on the internet before the apocalypse. The article talked about the intertwining of Quantum speed, where it traveled at different speeds. In the latest experiment, the intertwining of quantum was also ten thousand light year per second, which was the same with the four-dimensional speed.

    In theory, the limit of speed in the three-dimensional world was 300,000 kilometers per second. The law was yet to be broken. However, it was a contradiction that the intertwine of quantum could travel at such a high speed. But through four-dimension, it all made sense now.

    Luo Yuan stared at the panel for a while to digest said piece of information.

    He could tell that the system came from a super civilization that was many times more advanced than extraterrestrial civilization, where its four-dimensional travel technique was more mature.

    From what he read, he suspected that they had met some four-dimensional lives and might even be at war. Luo Yuan laughed and forgot about what he was thinking about.

    No matter the real four-dimensional creatures or super civilization, those were too far away from him and it was impossible that they would ever meet. Even if they had met, with his ability, it was a sure death.

    He then looked into Body Fusion. The ability was much simpler.

    "Body Fusion:

    "Level: 2 (can be upgraded through body training)

    "Effect: Tremendous strength and tough body for physical defense."

    "Remarks: You are now in the first stages of becoming an interstellar lifeform where you could survive for a short period of time in space!"

    When he saw that he could earn an upgrade just by physical training, he was excited. Although his mitochondria were mutated, its function to the body was somewhat similar where it was still a semi-autonomous organelle. When the need of physical strength increased, the mitochondria would split on its own to cater to the body.

    The only trouble was, his body strength was impossible to be drained unless his feet were detached from the ground.

    Hmm! Luo Yuan thought to himself.

    Maybe I can try draining my energy in the fourth-dimension.

    The four-dimension in his brain had always been the one that drained his energy. When he flew in the Space-Time bubble, his strength was drained when the Will was still sufficient. It was a major headache for him. But now that his Physique’s bare attribute was +30, as compared to his +19 Will, it would be a different story.


    Now that the renewal of cells was complete, his Physique had stopped growing. Luo Yuan immersed his body in Will and looked around his body in curiosity. He noticed that the old cells had been completely replaced by stronger cells.

    The cell membrane was a quarter thicker than the old ones, they were rich in color and elastic. They were tough and strong, while each of the cells was arranged properly.

    Perhaps the new cells needed fewer nutrients and oxygen than before, as they hardly relied on blood anymore. The blood capillaries were thinner by half.

    He was stunned, as his main arteries were one time smaller. He figured that the blood in his body was only a third of the initial amount. He finally understood what outer space life meant.

    In this endless space, the distance was always a massive number where there was no food to be found if one were to fly in space for more than 10 days. To survive in such conditions, one should have minimal reliance on materials or even possess a self-substantial body.

    It seemed like his body was ready for space.

    Next, Luo Yuan took a look at his cells. There were two mitochondria in most of the cells, which was twice more than what the gene owner had.

    He did not know how that happened. Perhaps his Agility helped in this. After all, his Agility was high and was a human instead of a machine – such comparison felt unfair.

    After a thorough check, he switched off the panel.

    There was dust floating in the air. He shook his head lightly to get rid of the dust on his face and shove the gravel that surrounded him away. He managed to get out of the wall.

    He stood still on the ground and dared not move to avoid from going out of control again, which may cause the cave to collapse into rubble.

    He removed his headband, started to fly via the space-time bubble and left the place.

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