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Chapter 422: Adaptation

    Chapter 422: Adaptation

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Ten minutes later, Luo Yuan was out of the cave. He got out of the space-time bubble and descended from the air. As he landed, he fell onto the ground. He accidentally uprooted a tiny tree as he struggled to get up.

    He sighed and got up carefully with both his hands and legs.

    Luo Yuan’s body was like a powerful speeding car that was sensitive to instructions but the trouble he faced now was that his body used to be akin to a tractor. Although he had a perfect score for his driving skills and was able to control his tractor of a body perfectly, controlling this speeding car was a whole new ballgame and required lots of practice.

    Having full control aside, standing up was an arduous task now.

    He had to be careful with every inch of his movement, as he was unable to contract his muscles too much, lest his body would be plunged to a distance away. At the same time, neither could he exert too little pressure on his muscles to avoid falling to the ground.

    He was like a baby, taking his first steps for the first time, learning the basics of how to stand upright without faltering.

    From stumbling around to standing still, it took him two hours of practice. He then finally learned how to walk.

    Luo Yuan had lost count of the number of times he collapsed and how many plants he destroyed in his wrath.

    He was killing mutated beasts and the plants in the area; chaos had struck within a few kilometers away. Most of the trees had been crushed and holes were made in the bigger trees.

    His Strength was said to only be about 150 tons, but that was purely his Strength. On the other hand, his ability to destroy was not included, as speed was involved. With Luo Yuan’s +16 Agility, when combined with his Strength, the force of his punch could weigh at least 3,000 tons. With such mighty power, his punch could very well destroy the armor of a battleship.


    The sun was setting; dusk was approaching.

    Luo Yuan sat on a tree branch while scratching his head. He realized that he should have remained in the forest for the next few days, as he was still unable to take control of his power within such short period of time. If he were to go home now, he could foresee what would happen. Heck, he would even have the tendency to subconsciously cuddle a person that he wasn’t supposed to, in his sleep.

    He had goosebumps while he thought about it, but soon, he left those thoughts behind.

    Luo Yuan was frustrated and smacked the branch. A loud thud ensued and the tree broke into half.

    Pieces of dead leaves landed on his head.

    He shook his head and let out a deep breath while trying to suppress the anger deep down in his heart. He knew very well that it was caused by the imbalance of his attributes, where his body was bursting with information. Luo Yuan was easily infuriated and had a lack of control over his emotions, that even his 19 points of Will could not control him.

    He figured that the owner of this gene might be a bad tempered one, or perhaps his death was somewhat related to his poor anger management.


    It was getting later into the night, when carnivorous mutated beasts were most active and where strange noises and terrifying roars could be heard. The sounds of insects chirping were everywhere – it was irritating.

    However, that racket was inaudible that night, as there was a loud explosion coming from the distance. The noise was intense, as there were 100 of them every second. Without ear plugs, it could be disastrous for an ordinary person.

    All the mutated beasts fled the place after hearing the explosions. Even the level seven mutated beasts did not want to fight an unexpectedly strong enemy just for the sake of food. Those insects that were chirping kept quiet and hid underground and amongst trees. Some of them even hid behind the leaves fearing for their lives.

    Luo Yuan punched hard on a big tree. A shockwave that could be seen by the naked eye immediately spread through the area.

    Before his transformation, the speed of his punch could only be compared with the speed of sound. Now, his speed was 12 times more than that and the damage was 150 times more than ever before.

    The bushes within a 30-meter radius had been smashed to pieces. With his power, the shrubs within 50 meters had fallen and there were no branches or leaves left on trees.

    The tree that he punched was the biggest tree in the area; it was a level seven. Although it could be compared with the lightning tree, its diameter was more than 50 meters with the height of 700 meters. It was as tall as a hill!

    However, Luo Yuan’s impact managed to shake the entire tree - dust was flying everywhere out of it.

    As the hole on the tree expanded from his punches, it was so deep inside that Luo Yuan started to punch the air instead. The impeccable speed had compressed the air which made his punches more focused. 50% of the force went to the bottom of the hole and created a mini hurricane.

    The hole was wrecked even further by the hurricane, causing rumbling noises to follow.

    After many slices, the tree that was weighed more than 10,000 tons collapsed, crushing other smaller trees.

    A loud thud was heard, as the ground shook and filled the air with sand and debris.

    Luo Yuan turned around immediately and ran, but the sandstorm was faster than he was. He only managed to run more than ten meters away, as he was buried in dust and sand, not being able to escape. He then used his Will to fly far away.

    He flicked his fist that was flushing red from the collision, and miraculously, the temperature soon went down.

    The capacity of his body heat conduction was alarmingly low. If he were to be a piece of metal, under such high-speed collision, he would have melted by now. However, there was only redness on the surface of his fist and no increase of temperature in his flesh.

    Escaping far away from the dust, he descended immediately and started to regain his bearings while running around looking for a new target. Those mutated beasts that bumped into him suffered an unfortunate fate. They were all dead in his hands.

    Although he was moving, his was not as agile as he was before. But as long as an object within 20 meters was less than five tons, the force of air that was created from his punch proved to be fatal.

    However, his journey was not a smooth sailing one. He was swept away by this and was mauled by claws. Although he foresaw that using Foresight, but it could not be avoided as he was not agile enough. But with a slight leap, he was able to fly in the air where even a level six mutated beast could do nothing to him. All these were unnecessary but Luo Yuan refused to take cover.

    The Body Fusion was unbelievably powerful. Even when he was hit with the speed of light and ran into countless trees, he was not hurt at all. The power was reciprocal. As the force of his punch was 3,000 tons, this meant that his body was able to handle the same amount of attacks, or else, he would have collapsed by now.

    Soon, the day turned bright. Luo Yuan walked towards a creek, with bare parts of his body covered with blood scabs and exposed flesh. He was reeking of disgusting blood stench.

    He took off his clothes and hopped into the creek. There were piranhas in it but he did not care less. He then washed himself clean.

    Ever since Luo Yuan was out of the cave, he was busy training for a full day where the blood on his body had attracted many mutated beasts. This caused him to be attacked with almost every step he took. It was endless trouble.

    However, he was not tired at all.


    It had been a week since Luo Yuan’s stay in the forest. Apart from adapting to his newfound powers, he was battling away. He had long forgotten about his Zhanmadao, and his battle style was now with his bare hands.

    In the beginning, he would pick those mutated beasts that were low-level. Whenever he met a level seven mutated beast, he would use his Earth Geyser to tackle them. The power had been upgraded by more than 100 times, and its effect was better than he could ever imagine.

    One hit could even smash a level seven mutated beast and disintegrate it into a pile of flesh, leaving all his bones broken.

    On the fifth day, he was able to control his power better and as he was adapting, a level seven mutated beast was nothing to him now.

    Comparing Strength alone, a gigantic level seven mutated beast would naturally be more powerful than Luo Yuan, but just like how a nail could easily be hammered into a piece of wood, a metal chopstick that was heavier than a nail would be harder to hammer, as the force exerted was different.

    Moreover, with Luo Yuan’s Body Fusion, the level seven mutated beast was akin to said metaphor of a wooden chopstick.

    With his Agility and lightning speed, a few punches could easily kill off a level seven mutated beast. The damage inflicted was like an electromagnetic bomb attack spreading towards a large area.

    Now that he had adapted well to his powers, it gradually was ingrained into his instincts. He had also been training his Four-Dimensional Travel. Possibly because his Will was strong, the Four-Dimensional Travel was much easier than he thought it would be. He did not even need to gather his Will; his mere thoughts would execute such an ability. But when he did use his Will, the distance of travel would be multiplied.

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