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Chapter 423: Back Home

    Chapter 423: Back Home

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    After adapting to his increased power, what was left was polishing those skills and keep training to get even better.

    At the break of dawn, Luo Yuan took a bath in the pond to wash away all the blood stains on him. Putting on his clothes and picking up his Zhanmadao, he gathered his Will to fly back to the Reconstruction Area.

    Half an hour later, he knocked on the door at home.

    Wang Shishi, who opened the door, was surprised to see him. She hugged him and said, "Boss Luo, you’re finally back!"

    Luo Yuan patted her tiny shoulders and apologized, "I have been busy working these days, but it has finally come to an end."

    The mutated human in the living room heard the familiar voice, put down her toy and ran towards him. She hid behind the door and only revealed half of her body. She stared at Luo Yuan in such excitement to a point that her body was trembling.

    Luo Yuan looked at the mutated human and noticed that she had gained weight after a month of not seeing her. Her face was plump now.

    Apparently, she was living a good life and well-fed with good food.

    Soon, Zhao Yali and Huang Jiahui came out too. They were surprised to see Luo Yuan. Only Wang Xiaguang was working at that time.

    "Let’s go in." Luo Yuan let go of Wang Shishi’s hand, much to her slight disappointment. All of them then followed him into the living room.

    She thought his hug was strange, and she squeezed his arms to confirm. Curiously, she asked, "Boss Luo, why is your body so hard? It’s as hard as a rock."


    "You should touch your arms."

    Luo Yuan was stunned, there was nothing strange about his arms – they were soft.

    Suddenly, he realized that his senses were completely different from those of ordinary people.

    Huang Jiahui and Zhao Yali heard what Wang Shishi said and gathered around him to squeeze his arms too. His arms that were soft to him, were hard for them. No matter how hard they tried, they were not able to squeeze it.

    "What happened to your body?" Huang Jiahui was worried.

    Luo Yuan explained, "I was blessed recently where my ability had a massive upgrade. To be honest, I was in the wilderness for the past few days trying to adapt to my powers but until now, I have yet to gain full control. It might take a long time, and until then, I will have to sleep alone!"

    "Sis Huang and Sis Zhao were ordinary people, so it might prove dangerous for them. My body is much tougher than theirs; I will sleep with you." Wang Shishi could not hide how happy she was. Women are the same when men in dominance were present, same goes to Wang Shishi.

    Hey, I’m an evolved human too, remember? Zhao Yali thought to herself while staring at Wang Shishi. As she was a reserved person by nature, she had to take it all in. It was impossible for her to argue with Wang Shishi over a man.

    Luo Yuan sighed and shook his head, "Bring the broken pressure cooker that’s in the kitchen corner for me!"

    When Zhao Yali snapped out of her reverie, Huang Jiahui had already made her way to the kitchen and presented the pressure cooker to Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan broke the handle of the pressure cooker and tossed it aside. He covered the cooker while holding its top and bottom. Then, without using any strength, he pressed against the cooker and broke it.

    All the ladies were scared and took a few steps back.

    It was not the end. Luo Yuan proceeded to pinch the metal like he was playing with dough. The inside of the pressure cooker was thick & tough, and could not be easily deformed, especially a normal Flesh Series evolved human, who could not do anything to it.

    If not for the noise that was coming out of the metal pinched by Luo Yuan and seeing it turn red, they would’ve thought that it was all but an illusion.

    Within seconds, a metal ball the size of a fist appeared on Luo Yuan’s hand.

    It was dark red; even Wang Shishi who was standing two meters away could feel the heat. It was at least 600 degrees Celsius. However, the metal ball sitting on his hand directly on his skin did not hurt him at all.

    After showing it to everyone, he walked into the kitchen. He switched on the tap and washed the dark red metal ball with water. An explosion was then heard, and smoke was then everywhere.

    They stared at each other in confusion.

    Huang Jiahui felt insecure. She realized that her distance with Luo Yuan was getting further by the day. Not his status nor identity, but rather his way of life.

    Just like ants and humans, there was a big gap between them. As time went by, the distance was greater than ever before.

    Perhaps one day, he would leave and never come back.

    Zhao Yali did not think as much as Huang Jiahui. She was worried that his power would prevent them from having sex.

    Even Wang Shishi was scared. She dared not ask Luo Yuan to sleep with her anymore.

    But soon, Wang Shishi had cast her worries aside and went up to Luo Yuan in excitement, "Where’s the metal ball? Show it to me."

    Looking at Wang Shishi’s innocence, it lifted Luo Yuan’s mood. He took the metal ball out from the kitchen and gave it to her, "Be careful, it could be a little hot."

    Wang Shishi received the metal ball and realized that it was still hot. She used her telekinesis to levitate it in the air.

    She looked at it and yelled in exaggeration, "Your fingerprints are on the ball!"

    "Boss Luo, how much strength do you have? Can you lift a truck up?" Wang Shishi asked in curiosity.

    "That’s easy," Luo Yuan said. A 4X6 24 wheeled truck was only 10 tons – which was nothing to him.

    "How about a tank?"

    "Any type of tank would be no problem for me!" Luo Yuan answered.

    "How about a large aircraft?"

    The more she asked, the more excited she was. Her face was blushing and her eyes lit up. Luo Yuan happily played along with her. "It depends. If it’s on the ground, it should be fine, but not when it’s in the air!"

    "Does that mean you’re Superman?" Wang Shishi asked in excitement, "Do you think you’re stronger or is Superman?"

    Luo Yuan was speechless, how could one be compared with a fictional character?

    He thought about it, Superman in comics aside, if he were to compare his strength with the Superman in movies, they both had their advantages. Perhaps compared to Superman who could lift a mothership, he would pale in comparison, but a real battle would have a different ending.

    His two-second Foresight and Space Teleportation alone were sufficient to defeat him. With his level eight Zhanmadao, it was a sure win for him.

    As they were talking, Huang Jiahui approached them. Seeing that Luo Yuan was no different from what he used to be, she was relieved. At least he would return with a heart filled with everyone back home.

    However, Zhao Yali was in fear. She was blushing and did not even dare to look at him. Nobody knew what was in her mind.

    Luo Yuan sighed. As he got more and more powerful, it can sometimes be a burden to him. He realized that his strength had grown during the training last week.

    From the initial 150 tons, his force was now 200 tons.

    Although his Strength attribute remained at +29, the growth rate shows that his Strength would be more than +30 in less than half a month.

    That was the reason why he could not control his power. He was not able to keep up with such a growth rate, unless he stops any of his training, or else he would have to be on his own for a long time.

    The mutated human stayed by Luo Yuan quietly while staring at him. As she listened to him, she was worried that he would leave again.

    "Oh right, where is Chen Jiayi?" Luo Yuan suddenly realized that he had not seen her since his return.

    "She’s still sleeping! She has been like that as of late, despite how much I yell at her, she would only wake up in the afternoon." Huang Jiahui said helplessly. She was far from being Chen Jiayi’s mom where she could be strict to her. There was no choice but to only let her be.

    Luo Yuan was stunned and stood up instantly, "Let me take a look!"

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