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Chapter 424: Coma

    Chapter 424: Coma

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan opened Chen Jiayi’s bedroom door and saw that the energy saving lamp was turned on. It was her habit ever since she had moss growing on her.

    The room was quiet, there was barely any sounds of breathing in there.

    She slept without a blanket in her gray pajamas. That outfit did not make her look the least bit boring. In fact, her silence made her look pure and innocent.

    Both her hands were placed on her thighs; she was sleeping peacefully.

    What bothered Luo Yuan was the moss that was growing on her. Countless of them had covered her head. It had been more than 40 days since he was last home. The moss was already eating into her body.

    "Can she be healed?" Zhao Yali asked in sympathy.

    "I’ll try, you guys wait outside." Luo Yuan said.

    Just as they were closing the door, Luo Yuan noticed that the mutated human was still in the room. He attempted to chase her out but she had become very stubborn. She even had the audacity to scream at him. Not sure what she was saying, but she refused to leave the room. After much hesitation, there was nothing that Luo Yuan could do but to allow her to be in the room.

    Luo Yuan sat on Chen Jiayi’s bed and held her weak wrists. His Will allowed him to look into her body easily. Luo Yuan turned solemn. The plant cell had already invaded her blood, coating all her blood vessels. Her blood was clogged, as her red blood cells were surrounded by plant cells. This meant that her metabolism was at the lowest point where ordinary people would have been dead by now. What kept her alive was the nutrients that were secreted from the moss.

    It was such an irony!

    Luo Yuan then put his hand into her pajamas. Feeling her soft skin, he was aroused. He took a deep breath and proceeded to do what he was doing.

    He took a look at her heart; it was filled with greens. It gave him goosebumps, and his lust had soon disappeared. It seemed like all her organs were covered in moss; there was no flesh left that could be seen in her.

    The mutated human was curious about Luo Yuan’s hand in Chen Jiayi’s pajamas. She hopped onto the bed and stared at Luo Yuan’s hand. He glared at her. Although he was being a doctor to Chen Jiayi, the mutated human’s innocent and curious stare made him feel awkward.

    As soon as he was done checking Chen Jiayi, he frowned.

    The case was serious, and it should not be delayed any longer. Now that she was sleeping for 20 hours a day, if nothing changed, she would soon not be able to wake up.

    Under such circumstances, with the risk of his Will getting infected, Luo Yuan insisted to kill all the moss in Chen Jiayi’s body.

    He carefully took off her pants to reveal her smooth, long legs, He closed his eyes instantly so that he would not be aroused again. Now that he had not had sex for more than 40 days, he was as dry as a piece of burning wood where his lewd imagination alone could make him lose all control.

    He held her shins and released his Will. As compared to genetic modification on a nano-level, the killing of cells was 100 times easier. Her legs which were all green soon faded and regained its original color. With her blood clogged, her skin was still pale.

    As he was moving upwards, her legs soon went back to normal. Luo Yuan opened his eyes to take off her underwear and pajamas. He could not help but peek. He almost lost control.

    He closed his eyes immediately, it took a while for him to calm himself down and start the healing.

    As he was touching her tummy, he did not notice that Chen Jiayi was awake. Her eyes were half opened. She then noticed Luo Yuan, who was sitting in front of her.

    "Boss… Boss Luo!" She was stunned.

    Luo Yuan heard her and his hands shook. He felt like a thief. He opened his eyes and said, "You’re awake."

    "I woke up from my nightmare!"

    She sat right up and looked at her naked body. She was confused but soon calmed down. "Boss Luo, what are you doing?"

    It was strange to Luo Yuan that she did not react like how a girl usually would. With her body bare-naked in front of others, a girl would usually feel shy.

    However, there was no emotion on her face. Although she was questioning him, her tone remained calm.

    Apart from her first words where she was slightly surprised, she was emotionless.

    But that made Luo Yuan feel somewhat relieved, as it made the situation less awkward.

    "Don’t get up, I’m healing you."

    "Boss Luo, it’s okay. I like myself like this, there’s nothing bad about being a plant." Chen Jiayi said coldly.

    She grabbed her pajamas and prepared to wear them, only to realize that she could not control her legs.

    Luo Yuan noticed that there was green in her eyes. When she was talking to him just now, her eyes were normal. He suspected that it was not Chen Jiayi herself talking, but rather the conscience that was formed by the countless moss.

    "You don’t get to decide!"

    The green in her eyes became intense. She struggled for a while and grabbed Luo Yuan’s face. The force and speed were comparable with a level three Flesh Series evolved human.

    But unfortunately, her opponent was Luo Yuan.

    He pushed down her head softly, while her hands flailed wildly in the air. She could not reach Luo Yuan.

    "Lie down quietly, this will only take a while."

    He laid her down on the bed.

    He was hesitating if he should heal her head as well, as it was rather different from the genetic modification of his own body. But this time, he was using his own Will to invade somebody else’s brain to influence the person. He did not know what consequences that would bring to Chen Jiayi.

    But looking at her attack, she was obviously controlled by something more superior. This was the worst it could get, as even if he were to kill all the moss in her body, as long as there was moss in her head, the problem would not be solved.

    He had to do it despite the risk.

    Fortunately, moss belongs to the plant species where they can be tamed, or else it would be risky to his family.


    Luo Yuan hastened his speed – the healing process took an hour.

    As he helped Chen Jiayi who was in a coma to put on her clothes, he was relieved.

    The one hour had drained his energy. It was more exhausting than battling for a few days continuously.

    The lust he had was too strong, and there were many instances where he almost could not control himself.

    Of course, the mutated human who was watching did play a part in helping him do that.

    He did a check on her body. Her blood was flowing normally, and her skin had regained color.

    The only thing was, she was now in a coma.

    As compared to Chen Jiayi’s Will that was loose, Luo Yuan’s was strong and condensed. Just a touch could bring about an intense effect.

    Ever since the killing of the moss in her brain, she fell into a deep slumber. Now it all depended on her Will and luck, whether or not she would wake up.

    He hoped that she would wake up one day!

    Luo Yuan looked at her and sighed. He turned around and left her bedroom, and the mutated human followed suit.

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