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Chapter 425: Outer Space

    Chapter 425: Outer Space

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    "How’s Jiayi faring?" Zhao Yali asked instantly as she saw Luo Yuan coming out of the room.

    Luo Yuan shook his head and told her everything.

    There was silence in the house. Chen Jiayi had always been the quiet one in the group. She had always felt that her existence in the house was somewhat… insignificant but she was a good girl.

    Everyone emphasized with the situation she was in.

    "Maybe we should bring her to a hospital!" Huang Jiahui suggested.

    "That’s a good idea!" Luo Yuan nodded and said.

    Luo Yuan had a full understanding of the human body since he had the ability to modify genes. Although he knew that the hospital may not be able to help, it still gave them a little hope.

    Everyone moved fast. Luo Yuan carried Chen Jiayi and they made their way to the hospital. The mutated human attempted to follow them but she locked in the house, screaming as she saw them leave.

    Soon, they arrived at the hospital.

    The hospital was not too far away, the distance was only four kilometers. It was the first time Luo Yuan was there. If memory served him right, the amount of people in the hospital right now was significantly lesser compared to the time before the apocalypse. Most of the people there were couples who were trying IVF as well as volunteers. There were not many patients, most of them being those who were physically injured.

    Now that the meals were rich in nutrients, the human body was stronger compared to pre-apocalyptic times. Even without training, an ordinary human right now would have the body of an athlete if they were compared to humans before the apocalypse.

    After all, the diseases were caused by viruses and bacterias. The first virus had a simple structure, similar to the antidote virus. Perhaps viruses were the only organisms that were unaffected by the antidote virus after the apocalypse began.

    Bacteria, on the other hand, had a difficult time invading the human body since they now had better and improved immune systems

    Although there were not many people at the hospital, they had complete medical equipment. Before long, Chen Jiayi was called up for her medical check-up.

    Five hours later. They had her medical report in their hands.

    Her body was normal. In fact, it was even better than the body of an ordinary human. Her brain was totally fine, with the exception that she had messy brainwaves. In a nutshell, she was a completely healthy individual. That being said, they still lacked a proper explanation for her coma, being only able to guess the possible reasons.

    After they rejected the doctor’s advice to stay in the hospital, Chen Jiayi was carried home by Luo Yuan. He knew the cause of the messy brainwaves. It was caused by the Will he had used to heal her. Even if she were to stay at the hospital, it would not help her condition. The only thing they could do was to wait for his Will to gradually dissipate.

    In theory, she was no different from a vegetable.


    Luo Yuan put Chen Jiayi down on the bed and covered her with a blanket. Before he left, he took a good look at her closed eyes and her smooth face. She looked like a tiny white flower on the sidewalk. He sighed and walked out of the room.

    He had the urge to smoke but he managed to control himself. Having seen countless disasters and deaths ever since the onset of the apocalypse, he had a cold, tough heart but he still had feelings for the people around him.

    Though Luo Yuan had seen everything in the world and had killed many people, he was lonely deep inside. Within that exterior was just an ordinary person. It upset him when things happen to people close to him.


    The next morning, Luo Yuan put on his clothes after he woke up.

    He took a look at the mutated human who followed him to his room, looking helpless. In an attempt to prevent her from entering his room, he locked the door to his room before he slept. It did not deter her though, she broke the lock and came into the room.

    He stared at her but she avoided any eye contact and pretended to yawn. Of late, she had become more human-like and less fearful of Luo Yuan. She was a shell of what she used to be when she used to shy away from human contact.

    Luo Yuan put on his pants and shoes and carried him Zhanmadao with him as he walked out of the room. Once he was done showering, he walked towards the door but she pulled his legs, not wanting to let go. Luo Yuan lifted his leg but she continued to hold onto him. Not wanting to entertain her, he walked a few steps while she held onto his legs. He then pointed at her bedroom after he opened the door.

    The mutated human shook her head and mimicked him as she pointed outside the door while she screamed. He thought to himself, "This girl was getting smarter." Perhaps the reason why she clung onto him was that he was the first person she ever knew. Though she spent most of her time with Wang Shishi, she would not Luo Yuan alone if he was at home.

    Another possible reason was that he had been away for too long and that she was worried. Though she was very persistent, he did not want to bring her along.

    He was up to something and she would not survive in the cruel place he was headed to. He removed her hands from his pants and gestured to her, looking like he would smack her. Being scared, she took a few steps back and Luo Yuan took the chance to run out the door before closing it instantly.

    Looking at the closed door, the mutated human was upset. She went back to her room unwillingly.


    Luo Yuan left Hope City into the wilderness. Stopping to look at the sky, his heart was beating fast. He was headed to outer space for adaptive training. Since the system told him he was a lifeform that could survive in space, it would be ridiculous if he had never been to space. At the same time, he wanted to know if he could really survive in outer space and how long he could survive.

    He removed his headband. His body used to drain quickly whenever he entered the four-dimensional world but this time, he did not feel a thing. It was no different compared to when he was his regular self. The amount of strength that was used when he had +30 Physique was felt like nothing. The amount of strength he consumed was slower than its recovery.

    He then took a deep breath and began to fly within his space-time bubble.

    There was a total of five layers in the atmosphere which were the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, and exosphere. However, those did not affect him at all as he was traveling at a high speed. Even before he reached his maximum speed, he was already in the exosphere. As he accelerated, the earth beneath him seemed to get further away.

    He could not help but turn around to take a good look. The earth was like a gigantic ball before him that was sparkling, it was majestic.

    He had seen many images of earth that were taken from outer space. It was a completely different experience to look at it with his own eyes, from outer space. The feeling he got was incomparable with what he got when he was looking at two-dimensional images.

    In outer space, oxygen was thin. The once blue sky was now a pitch black, a complete darkness with countless mesmerizing stars scattered around.

    There was a scorching light that came out from the white fireball that was above him. Without the filter and refraction from the atmosphere, the sun seemed smaller than when he saw it from earth. However, the light coming from it was much stronger.

    20 minutes later, he reached his maximum speed. He was flying at 150 kilometers per second. It was his first time in space so he faced many uncertainties. For safety reasons, he did not dare venture too far from earth. He maintained his speed and flew for another minute before he left his space-time bubble.

    The oxygen within the bubble faded while the remaining oxygen within his lungs was forced out by the air pressure. It was uncomfortable, feeling like something was being pulled out of his body. He did not feel too good but managed to adapt to the conditions of outer space after a while with his powerful body.

    The mitochondria within his cells were able to release water particles and when fusion took place, it would create oxygen. He was now able to survive in a vacuum.

    He floated in space, allowing the weak gravity coming from the earth to move his body. It had no direction and was neither up nor down. His found it difficult to adapt his body to a zero-gravity environment as he had been on the earth his entire life. No matter how hard he tried to stand upright, it was to no avail.

    It was extremely quiet and there was no sound at all. Having only been there for half an hour, he already started getting goosebumps as his imagination ran wild. In such an environment, the loneliness an individual would experience is sufficient to drive one to the brink of insanity if there was nothing to keep occupied with.

    All of a sudden, he saw something approaching him. His eyes were sharp and identified it as an artificial object that had been discarded. Luo Yuan gathered his will and flew towards the object. Since there was barely any gravity in space, a slight movement was enough to propel his flight to a high speed.

    Soon, he arrived at the object and found that it was an abandoned satellite with the European Union logo on it. Both sides of the solar panels powering the satellite were burnt and he found that there were many such satellites in the area, being able to spot on every thousand kilometers or so. Some were still completely intact while others had been scattered to pieces.

    He recalled the time the took to fly to space within the space-time bubble as well as the distance he travelled. He realized that he was at the distance where he was in a similar orbit with satellites.

    It was a dangerous place as broken pieces were constantly coming at high at high speeds. If he was not aware of his surroundings, he would be crushed by the floating pieces.

    Though Luo Yuan was immensely strong, under such high speeds where the projectiles traveled at 10 kilometers per second, he would be easily impaled.

    However, with his foresight ability, he had nothing to worry about. He flew forward at full speed for more than an hour and stopped when he felt he had only half of his Will remaining. The place he was at was not safe and he had to preserve his energy if he needed to fight off spaceships from the extraterrestrial civilization. Besides him, there were other life forms wandering through space.

    The glimpse of the super-creature that he saw in the alien’s dream gave him the knowledge that such fearsome creatures existed in space. However, he did not come across any life forms along the way.

    Come to think of it, such fearsome life forms were rare. The chance of being able to encounter them in the vastness of endless space was smaller than the chance of striking the lottery!

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