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Chapter 428: Blue Dragon

    Chapter 428: Blue Dragon

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The giant bird was unable to escape and felt extremely insecure and hysteric. After it shredded the nuclear-powered electromagnetic tank, its huge body was rampaging everywhere and most of the factories in its path were all destroyed. Several explosions happened and the sound of the explosions stimulated the giant bird, sending it into a frenzied state.

    At this moment, a human shadow appeared on giant bird's head unexpectedly. The giant bird seemed to feel it. It was still running but its action got slightly erratic as its heart throbbed. However, before it had a chance to react, the shadow took out a knife and a strong wind blew the very next second. A saber was immediately whipped out from its sheath and a bright light instantly shone like lightning, a high-frequency wave coming off it and spreading around.

    The giant bird suddenly trembled and stopped any movement, time seemed to have stopped that very moment.

    With the remaining inertia in its body, it continued to move forward a few steps. However, half of its head suddenly tilted and began slipping down from its body, the wound smooth like the surface of a mirror, exposing the gray brain. It was then that it finally stopped walking but the body still managed to shake a few times before it eventually slumped on the ground.


    The ground was strongly shaking and it seemed to cause a chain reaction as the nearby buildings also slowly collapsed one after another. if there are people here, they would find that those fallen buildings were having a similar fracture as the giant bird head as both were as smooth as a mirror.

    By the time this happened, the human shadow had disappeared

    Headquarters of the Security Division.

    The chief kept walking back and forth anxiously. He was stressed out from the updates and news from the battlefield as well as the upper management.

    "Sir, the giant bird is dead." A soldier who was monitoring the movement of the screen suddenly stood up and said. Perhaps it was because he was too excited or maybe it was so strange, bizarre, and incredible that even the chair flew away when he stood up.

    "Are you serious?" The chief suddenly stopped walking and said in a staggeringly loud voice.

    Then he quickly went to the monitor. It was not only him but everyone in the headquarters who came to confirm the news.

    It was not completely accurate to say the bird had died. It was still exciting to see it move its body as it seemed to struggle to stand up again. When it fell down again, a huge pit was formed in the hard cement floor. However, everyone could see that it was dying.

    On the screen, everyone could clearly see half of its head missing. The entire upper section was full of blood and cerebral fluid was splashing everywhere due to its struggle.

    "What just happened?" The chief asked with an agitated look.

    "I  I didn't see it clearly!" The soldier said nervously. In fact, he found it strange as the image appeared out of the blue and the screen seemed to violently shake a few times as the giant bird walked a few steps before it fell to the ground.

    "Replay the video!"

    The soldier quickly replayed the video but they did not find the cause of its death except for a blowing wind before its death, a shock that caused many groups of people to stare at the screen with their eyes wide open.

    The soldier replayed the video in slow motion without the need of a reminder.

    At the moment, the chief calmed down from his excitement as what happened was too bizarre.

    If the bird had died due to their efforts, then it would certainly be a surprise. However, they may have to face a creature far more terrifying than the two giant monsters before them.

    It would be a totally different story if the creature had the intention to become an enemy of mankind.

    The video was replayed again and again in slow motion. Three times, five times and it was only at the tenth time that they found some slight changes in the images.

    There was an insignificant shadow next to the giant bird's head. Both seemed so close together, the shadow was so insignificant when compared to the head of the giant bird which was eight to nine meters wide.

    Even then, when it was played in slow motion for so many times, the shadow they saw only appeared for half a second before it disappeared. Without paying full attention, the shadow may be impossible to detect.

    "This body, is that a human?" An officer looked at the screen and mumbled uncertainly.

    They looked at each other as they felt it was unreal.

    "Continue to play the video slowly."

    The soldier simply skipped ahead fifty times.

    Fortunately, in order to cope with various situations of endless bizarre incidents after the apocalypse, unmanned aerial vehicles were installed with a miniaturized high-speed camera so even if the video was played in fifty times slower than the regular speed, the video would still remain clear and smooth.

    This time, they were absolutely certain that it was a human. In the image on the screen, the man was dressed in black and his body seemed unclear. It was difficult to see his features as the air around him seemed to be dense.

    Especially when his hands were holding the saber, the video got distorted and they were unable to see clearly.

    Although they could not see the face, the black suit and saber helped the chief recall something. He turned around and said, "That should be one of us! Get the video uploaded to the intelligence department!"

    Suddenly, a loud sound from a massive bomb came from far. The cannon on the wall had begun firing.

    The chief's face became pale and he quickly pressed and held the built-in microphone in his helmet to connect to the communication channel, he then loudly ordered, "I am the chief of the Security Division, Chen Junde, please cancel the current command immediately. Stop firing immediately. I repeat, stop firing immediately."

    30 minutes ago.

    Luo Yuan was still wandering in the space when the explosion of the hydrogen bomb explosion emitted a strong light. He could clearly feel the shock.

    His vision was far beyond the limits of the human eye and was comparable to the resolution a satellite can provide. The cities and factories in the reconstruction area were clearly visible and he could even identify the trucks on the streets.

    After the hydrogen bomb exploded not far from the reconstruction area, Luo Yuan paid very high attention to that spot.

    The very next moment, the situation deteriorated rapidly when the two monsters were seen escaping the nuclear attack. The city seemed like it needed help, and the system gave him a mission.

    "C-Level Mission: Saving Hope City"

    "Time Length: One day"

    "Accept / Decline"

    He was shocked but did not hesitate to accept the mission.

    Not to mention, his power has been upgraded several times and he had been waiting to try fighting the level eight mysterious lifeforms. Based on the description of the mission, he had no time to hesitate at all.

    Hope City was his lair with a population of over one million. All his wives also lived there, if he allowed the two level-eight creatures to rage in the Hope City, it might not be safe even if they were living in an underground city.

    He quickly initiated the space-time bubble and returned to earth.

    Although his speed was faster now, his level nine Four-Dimensional Travel only allowed him to travel at a maximum of only about three hundred kilometers in a single leap, and each use consumed quite a lot of his Will. Even if he was at his optimal condition, he could only manage to leap 11 to 12 times which would bring him 3000 to 4000 kilometers. Unfortunately, that was only one-tenth of the journey based on the current distance between him and the earth.

    Before his Will became more powerful, the ability to teleport was merely a means of traveling between planetary bodies. In the vastness of space, the space-time bubble was still the best way of moving about.

    It was only when he reached the troposphere that he teleported nearby the giant bird to kill it.

    Perhaps it was due to the injuries the level-eight creature sustained or his sudden appearance, the battle seemed too easy and was beyond Luo Yuan's expectations. He had thought it would have been a risky battle but it would seem that one slice was enough to kill it

    After withdrawing the saber, Luo Yuan immediately teleported to a higher altitude.

    The entire view of Hope City was kept under his powerful vision.

    Later, it came to his realization that he could not find the other level-eight creature, it seems that the scream of the giant bird before its death had completely scared it away. He searched over and over again and finally found the footprints. No matter how hard creatures of this size tried to hide, they would always be betrayed by the fact that they would leave huge footprints and accidentally hit buildings around it.

    The creature disappeared again and when it reappeared, it was standing by the edge of a huge pit.

    The hole was a hundred meters wide and two levels underground were opened up by a violent force. Several footprints which looked like huge ponds seemed to have completely halted there and then. Apparently, the creature drilled a hole.

    At this moment, Luo Yuan felt someone watching him and as he turned around to look, he found a few acquaintances. However, it was not a good time to talk so he just nodded his head slightly. He then turned around immediately without hesitation and jumped into the hole. With his foresight ability, he was not afraid of an attack from the creature

    "The man looks like my master!" Fang Peibin said surprisingly as he stared at him from a few kilometers away.

    "I think it's him! The silhouette seemed very similar especially since he's also holding a saber!" Xu Zhiqiang said with a dignified face, "I guess only Brother Luo has the courage to kill such a monster."

    Lin Feiyan turned pale as she overheard their conversation. She clenched her fists and she felt an uncontrollable chill, immediately taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.

    Her blinking eyes had a firm stare at the hole as several members looked at one another while hinting secretly. They stepped back quietly to avoid suffering an unexpected disaster.

    Within half a minute the ground violently shook as a loud sound was heard.


    The beast which had been secretly drilling into the ground suddenly jumped out and ran along the streets. Its huge body destroyed the factories along the streets as well as breaking countless blocks of buildings, causing a lot of stones and dust to fly everywhere.

    The atmosphere became scary and a few members who were hiding at the junction with pale faces quickly turned around and ran in desperation. They ran for about 400 to 500 meters before they finally stopped after seeing the monster's body disappear completely from the junction.

    Several people who still lingered around in fear looked at each other, finding what had happened completely unbelievable. Only Lin Feiyan's face became dark due to being overly frightened but she continued to press forward.

    "Captain, which way do we go?" Wu Qianru quietly asked but unfortunately, no one cared about this.

    Li Dong breathed heavily and said, "You Have you seen it?"

    "See what?" Wu Qianru was lost and asked miserably. She was busy running when the giant beast came and completely forgot what she had seen.

    "That was Captain Luo, you didn’t see him standing on the head of the monster?" Xie Junhui seemed scared and excited as his entire body trembled. He answered on behalf of Li Dong as he was still gasping for air.

    "You saw it? I thought I was wrong, what is happening?" Xu Zhiqiang said

    In fact, Xu Zhiqiang was not the only miserable one but Luo Yuan did not even know what was happening.

    When he entered the cave, the level eight creature in the shape of a dragon was resting at a corner, motionless. However, it seemed scared and was shivering when Luo Yuan came closer.

    Initially, the Blue Dragon was not so weak. Although it was powerful, its attack pattern was not aggressive. In fact, the human body was actually quite tempting for it.

    However, Luo Yuan just killed and the blood of the giant bird tainted his shirt. Its screams before its death had taught the Blue Dragon a lesson and caused it to be in fear.

    Especially more so when this 'tiny creature' did not even seem afraid when he saw the dragon. As a highly intelligent creature, this fact alone was enough to scare it to death when it imagined the consequence, notwithstanding the fact that this dragon was a coward!

    Before Luo Yuan taken any action, the system sent him a message.

    "The light purple Blue Dragon has completely surrendered to you. Do you want to keep it as your war beast?"

    "Cancel / Confirm"

    Luo Yuan was stunned and hesitated slightly but he finally accepted the surrender of this creature.

    In fact, with his current level of Strength, this war beast would be of little help. It would be the same even if it were a level-eight creature. The war beasts would not be able to augment his ability to move super-fast and fight rapidly.

    He had something else in his mind. Such a high-leveled organism appearing in the reconstruction area would ensure its safety and will also serve as a precaution to prevent the upper management from attempting anything bad.

    The newly surrendered Blue Dragon had a very low level of loyalty which was just 60%.

    Since he had experience in monitoring the giant lizard and King Kong previously. Luo Yuan believed that this was just temporary.

    Luo Yuan stood on the Blue Dragon's head and traveled across the street. Perhaps, the monitor back at the headquarters had already received the message as they were not attacked along the journey. After half a minute, the Blue Dragon leaped and flew about 1000 kilometers upward, jumping over walls before it landed in a forest.

    As the Blue Dragon saw the forest, it felt relaxed and could not help but make a long howl.

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