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Chapter 429: Finding Another Wisdom Tree

    Chapter 429: Finding Another Wisdom Tree

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The dragon looked to be in very low spirits, Luo Yuan could hardly find any scales on its body. The entire body of the dragon was burnt and was full of foul blood. Besides that, there were some wounds which have not completely healed and the larger wounds could even fit several people.

    From a human perspective, those wounds were simply shocking.

    It seemed to have released all its fear and anxiety in a long howl that sounded like endless thunder.

    Within a radius of several kilometers, all the bushes were blown away and those nearby the dragon turned into ash. Even Luo Yuan who was sitting on its head experienced loss of hearing and had buzzing in his ears for a short moment.

    From this incident, the level-eight creature was not as scary as what Luo Yuan imagined. Its giant body and horrifying force determined how destructive of a force it had regardless of whether it was intentionally destroying an object or not.

    When it inhaled, it was as strong as typhoon winds blowing and the air rewinded as it inhaled. To such a creature, it was merely breathing regularly.

    Based on the amount of destructive power it had, Luo Yuan was not even 0.1% of it.

    However, battles were not always about how strong one was. It was totally different when it came to a real fight. By possessing both abilities to teleport and foresight, there would not be much different in the result even if the Blue Dragon managed to recover. The only difference would probably be one slash versus many slashes.

    As Luo Yuan saw the amazing lung capacity the dragon had when it roared endlessly, Luo Yuan dug into his ears and gave it a punch on its huge head in dissatisfaction.

    He did not dare punch too hard to avoid breakings its head. The strength of the dragon was undoubtedly small compared to his natural strength but his hand was relatively small as well compared to the surface area of the dragon’s head.

    His best punch was far beyond the current speed of the electromagnetic gun in the reconstruction area. If he really wanted to, its skull would probably break.

    The Blue Dragon felt a sharp pain on its head like a needle was poking on it. It roared once and stopped as it was angry from the irritation. It turned around and bit hard, looking around at the same time. However, it could not find the thing which was irritating it but in the next moment, it got another attack on its head. It was then that it recalled there was a violent creature still standing on its head.

    In fact, it had forgotten.

    It could only blame the violent creature for being too small and light as it thought Luo Yuan had disappeared until it got that stinging reminder on its skull.

    It looked back at the city that it just escaped from and saw more than a dozen tiny tubes [1] which had caused it to be in danger. It did not dare stay any longer as it twitched its thick nose, identifying the direction it would head at and immediately walked away with heavy footsteps.

    Many huge footprints were left on the ground, its long body which was more than one hundred meters was swaying along the journey. Its pace seemed slow but it was actually shockingly fast. In just ten seconds, it had completely disappeared.

    At this point, everyone who was observing immediately felt relieved

    Luo Yuan was sitting on its head and left together with the dragon.

    He patted the dragon’s head once in a while which made the Blue Dragon scared that he would suddenly hammer its head again.

    The head of the dragon was not flat, there were many golden blotches regularly lined above its skull with a dense serrated texture. It looked very rough and thick with a strong defense. Besides that, there was a protective force field on the surface of its head which was about half a meter thick.

    In fact, although he seemed to sit on the head of the blue dragon their bodies were not in contact; he was basically floating right above its head. Therefore, he could not blame the Blue Dragon for thinking he was gone because it did not feel his weight on its head.

    He has done some experiments and was shocked by the effects of the protective force field. It was just a palm-sized area but it could withstand five to six tons of weight. Besides that, the force field was smooth and flexible, it could hardly absorb other forces.

    Of course, his speed was four to fivefold the speed of sound, causing the defensive effect to be greatly reduced.

    However, that was just him. If a human army was going to fight the dragon, a normal weapon would not probably even cause any harm to the dragon, not even when it was hurt.

    The rate of its recovery was shocking. Over time, wounds on its body were healing and closing up at a visible rate.

    From time to time there were dried blood stains and burnt scabs that constantly fell from its body and at the same time, the energy coming off its body had also become stronger.

    The Blue Dragon seemed like a normal creature the first time he saw it. Perhaps, its size was slightly larger than regular creatures but now that it was under the sunshine, it seemed different.

    Apparently, the reconstruction area has already received the message for everyone to temporarily evacuate. Luo Yuan did not see a single soldier when they passed by and the dragon and he were free to enter and exit the area. He looked up at the sky and realized that there were seven to eight unmanned aerial vehicles lingering mid-air but he did not care

    Luo Yuan could obviously feel the excitement of the Blue Dragon when they entered the jungle. It shook its body and its mane seemed to have disappeared. Luo Yuan could not see its charm like he did before.

    The next moment, it took a leap and its slender body slid across the sky like a beautiful arc in the air and lightly landed on a mountain a few kilometers away.

    Luo Yuan was amazed. If ordinary people were to see this scene, they would only think that it could jump amazingly seeing that it landed so beautifully. However, Luo Yuan could see through the nature of that leap.

    He was distracted the first time he saw it jump and could not see it properly, but the dragon leaped again which allowed him to see the whole process clearly.

    It was not an ordinary leap. When it was about to jump, the gravity around its body changed. The phenomenon was quite similar to his four-dimensional travel. Before he could completely get out of the space-time bubble, he often used his Will to have glide momentarily in the air like the Blue Dragon.

    Luo Yuan pondered and opened its attribute panel.

    "War beast: Blue Dragon"

    "Rating: 8 (Light Purple)"


    "Strength: 63 (65)"

    "Agility: 16 (17)"

    "Physique: 65 (68)"

    "Intelligence: 14 (14)"

    "Sense: 45 (45)"

    "Will: 16 (16)"

    "Experience: 0/2400"

    "Skills: Biting - 19, Tear - 15, Winding - 17, Tail strike - 15, Forest Survivability - 19, Plasma Breath - 5, Gliding - 18"

    "Natural Abilities: Protection"

    "Condition: Weak"

    "Loyalty: 60 (Escape is possible when the value is less than 50. The full value is 100)"

    "Unassigned attribute points: 0"

    "Unassigned skill points: 0"

    Luo Yuan was amazed by its attributes, 65-point of strengths was about six hundred times his Strength and its Physique was even more amazing, which was 68 points.

    Even Agility, which Luo Yuan had always felt so proud of it has been downgraded as the Blue Dragon's was even higher. It was not an easy job to kill the dragon when it was in its best condition.

    Luo Yuan was only still confident in some of the complementary attributes but the Sense of the dragon was an amazing 45-points. Apparently, the level eight creature had a comprehensive transformation. In comparison to a level-seven creature who would be like it was standing on the ground, the level-eight creature would be in the clouds, being much more powerful than the former.

    Luo Yuan pondered as he looked at its high amount of Sense.

    Every drop of blood and flesh consists of Will, which made the dragon a genetically-superior aggressive creature. Plants would die whenever they were contaminated with its blood and its flesh would not rot for long periods of time.

    However, Luo Yuan could not understand why his genes did not show such aggressive properties as his genes consisted of Will as well. He finally realized as he looked at its exceptionally strong Sense.

    Will and Sense are spiritual powers that come together as one. Will leaned more towards quality while Sense leaned toward quantity. However, since his Sense was not as superior as the level-eight creature, the Will within his flesh was not sufficient for such aggressive properties

    As for the skills, Luo Yuan only took a glance. He paid more attention to the Plasma Breath and Gliding ability of the dragon.

    When he saw the 5-point Plasma Breath, Luo Yuan understood that the ability is either less important or was a potential powerful skill. Of course, the latter would most likely be the truth.

    Luo Yuan looked at the message notifying him of the completion of the task before switching off the system.

    The requirement of the task was to rescue Hope City instead of killing the two level-eight creatures. In any case, the mission was considered complete.

    However, the increase in experience was more significant and a mission would not be enough if he only wanted to rely on the system to obtain an attribute point.

    Perhaps he could attempt killing the level-eight mutated beasts nearby the reconstruction area next. Luo Yuan felt that nobody would find additional attribute points a burden. More importantly, his attributes were currently imbalanced. Regardless of an upgrade in Agility, Intelligence or even his Will, there would be a significant effect.

    When he recovered from his thoughts, the Blue Dragon has gone out of hundreds of kilometers from him.

    It's had quite a unique way to travel whereby it did not take the usual route but instead, keep jumping from hill to hill. As its body gradually recovered, its speed got faster and the distance between each leap before it glided became larger.

    Before long, it could be seen leaping over three or four hills consecutively in a single leap that spanned over 20 or 30 kilometers.

    At this point of time, its scales had gradually regrown. The newly grown scales were relatively new and was colored in a light-blue and white tinge. However, within a few minutes, the color rapidly darkened and turned into a sky-blue color.

    Each of the individual scales had golden, complicated patterns on them that shone brightly under sunlight, like its entire body was glowing with a blue light. Its red mane grew out once again and swayed as the wind blew. When it jumped into the air, its slender body with four claws seemed like they were dancing, making Luo Yuan felt he was in a mythical world.

    10 minutes later, it finally returned to its nest. It was excited and its entire body was trembling with joy as it looked at all the familiar thing at its home. It wrapped a mountain with its body and roared in joy as it faced the sun.

    This time, Luo Yuan did not interrupt it.

    In fact, it was also very exciting for him to witness a familiar environment.

    He now realized that this was the mutated beast which caused him to run before he managed to finally escape by hiding in a puddle of mud.

    However, revenge was not the reason behind his excitement.

    He suddenly teleported away and the next moment, he appeared next to a waterfall in the valley. He looked at a tall hill nearby and found a plant that stood sixty to seventy-meter-high swaying by the breeze.

    That was the wisdom tree!

    Luo Yuan had cut it off once but now, it had all grown out.

    Perhaps at that time, he was too eager to get the wisdom fruit. He removed the wisdom fruit before the nutrients were fully absorbed which resulted in the formation of the wisdom fruit with its remaining nutrients which in turn germinated and grew again.

    Under the care of the Blue Dragon, the wisdom tree has grown even taller than the previous one. He suddenly recalled the natural ability of the Blue Dragon.

    He was not sure whether it could help him to get rid of danger, but the Blue Dragon could definitely help him to find the things he wanted. Perhaps, the Blue Dragon was born with the power of attracting treasures.

    Translator Notes:

    [1] The tiny tubes here are referring to guns

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