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Chapter 431: Conciliation

    Chapter 431: Conciliation

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    At this point in time, Luo Yuan no longer cared about the impact of his actions. At his current level of Strength, he was not as cautious as he was before, his actions following the will of his heart.

    He turned on his space-time bubble but found that he could barely wrap the giant bird in the bubble but still, he managed to push it forward slowly. This was the first time he expanded the space-time bubble to such a large size. Although it posed some difficulty, he still managed to do it successfully.

    A lot of his Will was consumed like running water but the speed they flew at was not that impressive. He took almost 20 minutes just to fly over the city but fortunately, the speed improved after that.

    After flying for another 10 minutes, he had almost reached his destination.

    The Blue Dragon was still in a nap but it suddenly felt something strange in the corners of its mind and quickly opened its eyes. It was shocked when it saw the giant bird flying towards it at a fast speed.

    The Blue Dragon immediately reacted by standing up and jumped to a nearby mountain. However, it soon realized that the bird had been killed.

    A pair of huge eyes looked in suspicion and warily observed the flying giant bird.

    It realized that the giant bird was covered in blood and looked miserable. A large amount of blood flowed down from its body that was strangely suspended in the sky, forming a lake underneath but there seemed to be a layer of transparent film that pocketed the blood, preventing it from falling any further.

    The Blue Dragon could not understand what it was seeing so it quickly jumped to another mountain, further than where it originally was.

    It felt relieved when it discovered that the bird was not hunting it was instead, it was moving forward in a straight line. Soon, it fell into the valley it was at before in a small collision and after that, it no longer moved.

    After a moment, its fear subsided as its curiosity increased. The Blue Dragon lay on the ground and slowly but quietly moved to the front. Its movements were not insignificant because as it moved, trees began to collapse, causing a loud noise.

    Not a moment later, it climbed up the hill and slowly revealed its huge head. A pair of huge eyes carefully eyed the valley below. It saw that the giant bird was now lying beside piles of white bones and had collapsed the whole mountain. There was a small, insignificant looking creature that was waving something, quickly cutting the giant bird's body.

    However, it was this tiny creature that made the heart of Blue Dragon beat rapidly. It was scared and quickly hid its head; it was not until later that it revealed itself again and observed in silence.

    Luo Yuan turned around to look at it but then turned around and continued to cut the giant bird's body. On the attribute column, the loyalty of the Blue Dragon has rapidly returned to a higher level.

    This was a normal occurrence, especially in the wilderness as the threat of death and power were the only things that could earn respect from mutated creatures. Once Luo Yuan frightened it, the effects were seen immediately.

    Luo Yuan kept cutting the body of the giant bird but it took him a lot of effort to open its chest. Then, he held his breath and jumped into its body. The giant visceral width within the bird made him feel like an insignificant parasite. He used his knife to rip off its diaphragm and not long later, he found its heart.

    When he removed its energy crystal and jumped out of the body, the loyalty of the Blue Dragon had already reached 75 points. Apparently, his actions had seriously frightened it and was afraid that Luo Yuan would do the same to it.

    Luo Yuan wiped the blood on the energy crystal away and took a look at it in a darker place. The energy crystal shone brightly. This was the second level eight energy crystal he has got so far but it seemed relatively smaller compared to the previous one he had, it was not even one-third of its size and seemed like it had mostly been consumed during the self-recovery process.

    Luo Yuan removed the Will imprint on it and this time, it did not affect his mind like it did previously. With 19 points of Will, the imprint on the energy crystal could not resist and was totally defeated.

    He took a few glances at it and put it into his pocket. He had no plans to consume this energy crystal. Ever since he obtained the Body Fusion ability, he had an enormous amount of energy. Aside from a small portion that he had to use for his daily needs, the remaining excess energy was absorbed by the energy crystal within his heart. He felt it grow every day and currently, the one in his heart was at least four times bigger than the one he had in his pocket and its color was even purer. The one he just got had little value to him.

    It was then that the Wisdom Tree seemed to have smelled flesh and blood of the level-eight creature as its roots started moving. It rapidly secreted large amounts of fine silky filaments. The filaments first began to penetrate the ground that was soaked by blood, turning the translucent filaments a bloody red. As time passed, it began producing more filaments that soon covered the entire area and at the end, even the roots were pulled up and began moving towards the body.

    At the beginning, Luo Yuan was worried that the genes in the level-eight creature's blood would kill the tree but it seemed like his worries were redundant. The Wisdom Tree was unaffected by the flesh and blood of the level eight creature.

    The branches and leaves on the Wisdom Tree gently shook as if they were celebrating in joy. The green leaves above were also getting some of the blood while its spiral trunk screwed the body in a circular motion. It was growing at a slow speed that could barely be seen.

    Luo Yuan observed it for a moment and found that at this speed, it may take two to three days in order for the tree to fully absorb the body. He did not have much time that he could continue waiting here.

    He turned around to look at the Blue Dragon which was hiding behind a hill and warned it. It revealed only its head and he quickly flew back to Hope City

    "It;s fortunate that you came back! There were two horrible giant mutated beasts on the ground and I heard that many people died from the disaster! Many factories were destroyed too." Zhao Yali said with a little fear in her voice after she returned home.

    "Why are you the only one home? Where are the rest of them?" Luo Yuan asked with a smile. He found that only she and the mutated human were left in the house.

    "I stayed here to take care of Chen Jiayi. The rest of them went to help clean up the ruins. It must be a huge loss of Hope City this time. I'm not when they'll be able to restore it to its original state." Zhao Yali looked worried and continued to say, "Why were there such terrible monsters in the world? It's better that you don't go out in the future or you might be in danger if they accidentally hit you."

    "Don't worry, it's not that easy to meet such creatures. Even if I do meet one, it wouldn't be a big deal to me." Luo Yuan thought there was no need to hide, so Zhao Yali would not have to worry about him every day. She continued to say, "Haven't you heard? One of the monsters was killed by a human."

    "Killed by a human?!" Zhao Yali looked shocked all of a sudden as she slightly opened her mouth and quickly asked, "Who did that?"

    Before he could answer, the door opened and a group of people walked into the house, looking at Luo Yuan with mixed feelings. It was not only Huang Jiahui and Wang Shishi but even Wang Xiaguang was there too.

    "I thought you all went to clean up the ruins. Why are you all come back so early?" Zhao Yali asked. This was especially so for Wang Xiaguang who as a government servant should be at her busiest but was also back here.

    "You need to ask Luo Yuan, we were asked to come back." Wang Xiaguang said snappily.

    "What happened?" Luo Yuan asked but in his heart, he had some guesses as to what had happened already.

    "I don't know. Even the mayor personally met me to ask if we were okay. He even asked if we needed any help needed in daily life and so on. So kind of him!" Wang Shishi said with an excited look.

    Luo Yuan scowled and had some thoughts running through his mind

    In fact, this matter was far more complex than they thought. They were almost begged to come back by their respective leader.

    In the beginning, the top management of Hope City did not think that much. After the disaster, everyone in the city was called to support the massive reconstruction works. The district where Luo Yuan lived at was also on the calling list. Aside from Zhao Yali who needed to take care of Chen Jiayi and the mutated woman who could not be revealed in public, everyone else went to help.

    Even in the reconstruction area, there were no special privileges. At least on the surface, everything had to be done in a fair and just way. Even the Mayor of Hope City and his family could not avoid coming out and taking the lead.

    After the apocalypse, this was a regular occurence but when the Mayor received a private call, everything changed.

    The impact caused by Luo Yuan was still spreading not only in Hope City but also in New Capital City.

    The video of his fight were played over and over again in various departments and was finally sent to the first and second officer. Everyone almost lost their voices when they watched the video

    In the video, he demonstrated ultra-fast speed, powerful strength, and abilities that seemed like he was able to freely move through space. All these shocked everyone to the core, making them feel weak inside, breaking the usual preconceptions they had of power. The weapons today seemed like they could do little to stop him. Rules and regulation no longer applied to him.

    To humans, he was almost like a god. If he became evil, the government would be toppled by him in a single day and if he was like an angel, humanity would see great improvement. Fortunately, Luo Yuan has shown no ambition to be in a position of authority thus far. If such an incident did not happen in Hope City, nobody would know that Luo Yuan possessed such power, far more than they thought he had.

    It was ridiculous to say that the safety and security of a country depended on one single person, but it was a cruel fact that they needed to accept.

    Some people even had a premonition that a new era was coming.

    Unless the government took a risk with the whole situation, the only thing that the reconstruction area could do was to compromise and conciliate or at least avoid doing something that could trigger Luo Yuan's dissatisfaction

    Luo Yuan explained a little bit of the situation to everyone so that they understood the unexpected treatment from the top management. Everyone was silent except for the simple minded Wang Shishi.

    Not only were they shocked by the scary amount of strength Luo Yuan possessed but also worried about the attitude of the reconstruction area. Huang Jiahui and Wang Xiaguang who had a better sense of politics deeply understood that no matter how harmless Luo Yuan seemed to be, the government would never have peace of mind with him having uncontrollable power.

    What they currently did was to conciliate with Luo Yuan, getting him into the team but there were no guarantees that the situation would not change in the future.

    In the case Luo Yuan was unfortunate enough to meet an accident, get injured or fall into a coma, nobody could guarantee that the top management would not take that chance to eliminate him.

    "Luo Yuan, promise me. Don't go to New Capital City any longer and don't get involved in politics. We will live our lives." Huang Jiahui sighed and said worriedly after a while.

    "Don’t worry, I have a plan." Luo Yuan said to comfort her. At the very least, before the threat of extraterrestrial civilizations was resolved, the reconstruction area would not do anything to him.

    However, when he noticed that everyone looked at him with a look of discontent, Luo Yuan had no choice but to surrender and say, "Well, okay. I will not go to New Capital City in the future. There's nothing there for me to go to anyway."

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