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Chapter 432: False Alarm

    Chapter 432: False Alarm

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    After dinner, Luo Yuan took out a thermos, put several cups on the table and poured four cups of water. Then, he took out the energy crystal and sliced it into four thin slices before he put them into the cups of water.

    As soon as the slices of energy crystal made contact with the water, they turned into small cyclones that rotated at a high speed in the cup. It seemed like there was an invisible force that pushed the cyclones forward and it looked pretty amazing. The whole process lasted for only a few seconds before the slices fully melted in the water.

    The four cups of water immediately emitted a fluorescence that could barely be seen.

    "Brother Luo, what are you doing?" Wang Shishi saw Luo Yuan's strange behavior and walked over, intimately clinging onto Luo Yuan and asked curiously.

    "These are for all of you to drink." Luo Yuan said without looking at her, "In the future, you will all have to drink one cup every few days."

    "Why are you so secretive? What is that thing in your hand? Let us see." Wang Xiaguang protested coquettishly.

    "This?" Luo Yuan took up the energy crystal. When it was revealed, the mutated woman at the side started to stare at the energy crystal and looked nervous. She was restless and kept looking at Luo Yuan, hoping that he could give her a slice too.

    "This is an energy crystal." Of course, its name listed in the system was the "energy collector" but Luo Yuan thought that a crystal better described this object.

    "Where did you get this from? Is this some kind of jewelry?" Zhao Yali asked.

    "It looks like jewelry but it was taken out from the mutated beast." Luo Yuan smiled and said, "It can be found in most high-level mutated beasts. This is the source of their energy and this energy crystal on my hand was taken out from a level eight mutated beast.

    "I took it once before and it had an immediate effect to improve my physical fitness. Even if it was taken by an ordinary human, the effect would not be any weaker than if an evolved human took it. Though the situation today is much safer than before, there might still be unavoidable accidents. After all, getting stronger is always better."

    Zhao Yali who was next to him opened her mouth and could not say anything at the time. Apparently, the energy crystal had been taken out from a level eight mutated beast that was killed by Luo Yuan earlier today. Before today, when they used to listen to his stories, they were never able to visualize what an energy crystal looked like. It was only when they saw the one he held in his hand that everything became clear, allowing them to understand what he had meant.

    When everyone looked at the energy crystal again, it was suddenly cast with a mysterious aura.

    Each of them got one cup to drink with only the mutated human waiting helplessly beside, hissing anxiously with a pitiful look.

    "It is better to drink small bits of it several times since your bodies are quite weak. You may not be able to take the effects if you drink it all at once." Luo Yuan reminded them when he saw a few of the ladies were ready to drink the concoction.

    The amount of energy crystal put in the water was very little and though there were four pieces used, their combined amount would only add up to one-tenth of the original crystal and could not even compare with Luo Yuan who managed to ingest the entire crystal.

    However, the rest had very weak physical fitness levels. Aside from Wang Shishi and Zhao Yali who were evolved humans and had strong physical fitness levels, the rest were basically ordinary humans. Luo Yuan was worried that the human body could not take it if there was a sudden consumption of too much high-level energy crystals.

    "Can you say everything at one go?" Huang Jiahui who was ready to drink was scared and put the cup back after she listened to what Luo Yuan had just said.

    "Let me drink first." Wang Shishi thought that she was an evolved human and stronger than the rest, so she took up the cup and drank. Then, she said, "It is tasteless aside from some fishy smell."

    "It was taken out from the body of the mutated beast, don't expect it to be good to drink. The fishy smell is inevitable." Luo Yuan said.

    After he finished his sentence, Wang Shishi’s face suddenly became flushed. She was shocked and shouted, "It's so hot! My body is burning!"

    When the rest saw Wang Shishi had drunk the concoction, they did not hesitate any longer and picked up their cups to drink.

    For a time, everyone’s face became flushed and they felt like their bodies were being burned. It seemed that the heat was too much until ladies began to take off their clothes until they were naked.

    When he saw the blushed bodies of the ladies that made them look like they were drunk, he was somewhat excited.

    Unfortunately, he could only look at them but dared not do anything. He feared that any carelessness might lead to a tragedy if they got excited.

    At this point of time, the mutated woman began getting anxious and pulled Luo Yuan's pants to attract his attention.

    Luo Yuan reluctantly looked away from the ladies and turned to the mutated woman instead, looking at her in amusement. He did not forget her portion but just wanted to poke fun at her.

    He took out the energy crystal and used his fingernail to lightly scratch through the crystal to cut out a piece that was one-tenth of its size and threw it to the mutated woman who was waiting anxiously by the side.

    She quickly took it and put it into her mouth without even looking at it. Then, she turned and eagerly looked at the remaining energy crystal in Luo Yuan’s hand, indicating to him that she had not gotten enough yet.

    "That’s it for today, I will give you more tomorrow." Luo Yuan waved and said to her and then put the energy crystal back into his pocket.

    The mutated woman was very clever as she could now understand simple gestures. When she got rejected by Luo Yuan, she was immediately disappointed and became restless but the feeling soon disappeared when heat began spreading through her body. She suddenly became dizzy and walked like a drunken person.

    Luo Yuan amused when he saw the mutated woman starting to undress like the others

    Half an hour later, when everyone finished the drink and the heat had faded, everyone felt incredible as their bodies felt as it was full of power.

    "Brother Luo, I feel like I can kill a mutated beast in just one punch!" Wang Shishi said with a look of excitement. She stood up, waiting to test her strength but she fell down after just one step after she lost her stability.

    Everyone laughed.

    Wang Shishi faces quickly blushed and she stood back up. She had used too much force until her body jumped up into the air and almost hit the ceiling.

    Fortunately, she was able to use her telekinesis to immediately control her body and landed slowly. She cried and said, "I feel like I don’t know how to walk anymore."

    "Let me try!" Wang Xiaguang also eagerly stood up. Because of the lesson that she learned from Wang Shishi, she was more careful but every step she walked was still unstable and she almost fell down several times. Finally, on her seventh step, she was unsuccessful and fell to the ground.

    Usually with Luo Yuan fast reaction and speed, before she even fell down he would be able to hold her to prevent her fall. However, he did not have full control over his strength so he did not dare to help out. It was only when she fell to the ground that he walked to her and hold her up.

    "Take your time. The sudden increase in your strength will require some time to get used to."

    "How long does it take?" Zhao Yali quickly asked.

    To him, this level of power upgrade was so insignificant that he would be able to adapt in a few minutes. However, their ability to control their body could not compare to the control he had over his. After he thought for a few moments, he said, "It depends on your stability as well as your ability to comprehend your own power. If you're good at it, you'll probably just need half a day of practice. If you're not so good at it, you may need to take up to a couple of weeks."

    Everyone secretly looked at each other. On the surface, they looked like they in harmony but inside, they were thinking of competing secretly. Nobody wanted to be the last one to adapt to their new power and being teased as the one with poor balance and comprehension.

    In the moments following that, the living room became a total mess. Several women kept yelling non-stop. They knocked over the coffee table and broke the glass, dishes on the table were also dropped onto the ground and the food was scattered all over the ground.

    Looking at the broken glass on the floor, Luo Yuan helplessly waved his hand and used his Will to clean up the mess before he flew over to the trash.

    Everyone had been used to the miracles Luo Yuan's performed and they were not shocked at all. Besides, they did not care about it since they were too busy falling onto the ground.

    At first, no matter who fell down he would go and help up but soon he gave up because he was not able to help everyone at the same time. There were a few times where the ladies fell on purpose due to jealousy and did not want to stand up but instead, they just waited for him to help up.

    He clearly knew that with the level of their Physique today, they would not feel pain with such a gently fall.

    So, in order to be fair, he decided not to help anyone. He already expected to replace all the fragile items at home several times.

    As for the mutated woman, she could quickly adapt to the change of her growing strength. Perhaps the amount given to her was too little that she did not see significant changes. The only things that changed were the color of the scales on her back which turned into a lighter color, close to the color of a white jade

    The next few days, Luo Yuan spent a lot of time in space to slowly adapt to the environment of space to adapt physically and psychologically.

    The environment in space was a challenge to everyone and even the strongest fighters could not stand the weightless environment for long periods of time. Even Luo Yuan who had 19 points of Will needed some time to adapt.

    Every time he flew to a further distance, he would stay for longer periods of time.

    On the third day, he drifted in the space for tens hours and on the fourth day he had planned to land on the moon.

    This was a super long journey. The distance between earth and moon was about 380,000 kilometers. However, with the speed Luo Yuan's flew at, it felt like the distance he would travel if he wandered around the neighborhood.

    He departed at three in the morning only took an hour before he landed on the moon.

    There were large and small craters on the surface of the moon. The ground was full of thick regolith that every step Luo Yuan took shot dust up into the air.

    Here, where the gravity was only one-sixth of what it was on the earth, Luo Yuan could barely feel the gravity. With just a minimal amount of force, he felt like he was about to fly off the moon.

    Before he was here, he was somewhat excited but after he landed, he was slightly disappointed. Aside from a few novelties which interested him when he first reached, everything became dull as he stayed for a longer period of time.

    Of course, as compared to the vibrancy of the earth, the moon was desolated and silent. There were almost no living things but an endless gray.

    Bursts of Gamma rays still raged there which would not dissipate for the next few years.

    There was no ozone layer to block the radiation so it was terrible. When it shone on the skin for extended periods of time, he felt a slight numbness on his skin. If it were ordinary people, they would have been killed by such radiations.

    The gamma-rays triggered by the supernova was shocking. Take the sun for example, the supernova could trigger energy rays that were a trillion times more powerful than the sun within less than an hour. If this was still unclear, this energy was the equivalent of hundreds of years of radiation which was within the entire galaxy.

    If the earth was close to the supernova, even if was hundreds of light years away, our entire planet would still be completely decimated by the blast.

    In some sense, the earth was fortunate as the source of the gamma-rays were so far away that it barely affected the planet. However, even if that were the case, the planet had still undergone dramatic changes.

    When he looked at earth from here, the earth seemed to be shrouded in a hazy and beautiful glow. However, this scene was the main culprit that caused the ice to melt in the North and South Pole. The strong photo-electric effect after the atmosphere was blown away by gamma-rays made the earth turn into a kind of giant oven that increased the overall temperature of the earth significantly.

    It was at this time that Luo Yuan sensed something and suddenly looked to the sky on his left.

    He looked carefully and detected a small dot that could barely be detected exuding a faint light. In outer space where it was full of stars, it was not obvious. If he did not sense the dot, it would be impossible for him to notice the small dot.

    Within a moment, Luo Yuan's face suddenly changed. The small dot was not stationary but was moving slowly towards his direction.

    Though Luo Yuan was alert, he did not fear it. With his current ability, there was nothing much that he feared. Even if he could not fight it, his ability to teleport would help him escape from any threat.

    He looked around and hid in a crater that was several meters wide in diameter. He squatted down and waited patiently.

    The dot was not traveling fast or rather, it was slow to Luo Yuan. After ten minutes, the dot still remained a dot but was now twice as large in size and it was then that Luo Yuan vaguely saw its shape. It had a well-proportioned, slender body.

    He immediately ruled out a meteorite as a meteorite would not have such a shape so only two answers remained. It was either a mysterious interstellar life-form or the spacecraft of an extraterrestrial civilization.

    Luo Yuan's look became serious as he tightly gripped the knife in his hand firmly. It was fine if he met an interstellar life-form but it would be unfortunate if this dot turned out to be a spacecraft of an extraterrestrial civilization.

    He was not mentally prepared to get in touch with extraterrestrial civilizations. He had planned to increase his Intelligence once the wisdom tree upgraded to level eight and after that, upgrade himself through completing missions and only then would he be ready to face extraterrestrial civilization. However, these things were still out of his control. If the extraterrestrial civilizations planned to attack, he would never really know if it would be a year later or the next moment. At that time, he would definitely regret it if he did not stop the attack. If he actually encountered the spacecraft of an extraterrestrial civilization, it was a good opportunity to destroy it.

    His heart was beating fast. Although he tensed up as it would be a brutal fight, he felt indifferent and held his knife tightly until his palms were slightly wet.

    Half an hour later the original dot had now become the size of a round-table. He hid inside the crater and firmly stared at the stars, but he was doubtful.

    "This Doesn't seem like a spaceship. It looks like a mutated beast."

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