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Chapter 433: Tracking

    Chapter 433: Tracking

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    At this time, the interstellar creature had gotten quite close to him and its distance was not more than several thousand kilometers away. From Luo Yuan's perspective, its body rapidly expanded as the image became clearer.

    It was clear now why Luo Yuan thought it was a spacecraft previously as it really looked like a spaceship from science fiction.

    It had a spinning, conical body with no hands and feet. On the sides of its body, there was a pair of semi-circular flat pieces of meat that slightly undulated as it flew. Its narrow, tapering mouth was tightly closed as two rows of fangs crossed each other. It clearly looked very grim and was not a friendly creature.

    Despite the interstellar environment, the creature looked like a fish. Perhaps, it was originally born from the ocean. As it gradually approached, the faint light became clearer and brighter. Its entire body exuded a field of energy as well as an extremely oppressive aura.

    This was the first time Luo Yuan had witnessed an interstellar life-form. Compared to a level eight creature, this was hundred times of times worse. The energy it gave off on the surface alone was already enough to shock Luo Yuan.

    If the energy of a level eight creature was like a layer of silk that was indistinct, the energy from the interstellar creature was dense and powerful. As it got closer to the moon, the fragile magnetic field of the moon become a complete mess.

    What was even more frightening was these abnormal fluctuations even began to appear in space-time. This time, he did not have his headband so he could clearly see the subtle ripples forming in the fourth dimension from a force in a distance place.

    Although the fluctuations were extremely weak, like the ripples in the water caused by water-flies which were barely detectable. Disturbances to space-time like these made Luo Yuan feel dignified.

    "It was not easy to deal with such a creature." Luo Yuan thought in his mind.

    A creature that had the ability to warp space-time was undoubtedly quite powerful. Even if it only had the ability to escape, that would mean that if it wanted to flee, nobody would be able to kill it.

    When he saw this, he suspected it was a level nine mutated beast, Luo Yuan had eagerly wanted to try fighting it. With his ability to foresee the future as well as teleport, even if he was not able to win the fight, he could still escape.

    There was no price to pay even if he failed but if he successfully killed a level nine mutated beast, he would not only gain a huge amount of experience but the precious materials on its body as well. That alone, was enough for him to take the risk.

    Ten minutes later, it got closer to the surface of the moon and looked even larger in size. With space behind it, it already seemed to be larger than the earth itself. Such a stark contrast in size shocked Luo Yuan.

    This was an unimaginably huge creature and perhaps it was due to the fact that it came from the sea or maybe it was due to the lack of gravity in the interstellar environment that removed the limits it had on size. The level eight Blue Dragon could be considered to be negligible if it was compared to this creature. It was more than 600 meters long and it probably weighed at least ten million tons in weight.

    There was no scale and hair on its body. On its back, it gave off a dark green glow and there were golden rings and under the belly, it was completely purple in color.

    It exuded a strong glow and looked daunting and at this time, a notification came to him in his mind.

    "Level C Task: Kill Gerard the giant interstellar creature."

    "Time-Limit: None"

    "Accept / Decline"

    As he expected, it was a Level C task. However, it was a bit strange as it was the first time he saw the name of the mutated beast in the notifications he received. From its name, it seemed like it came from the ghetto.

    The thoughts flashed through Luo Yuan's mind but he put it aside and thought little of it. Apparently, the power of this interstellar creature was so fearsome that the humans gave it a name.

    Shortly after, it flew down and landed on the surface. It swung its tail like a fish and swam into the air 700 to 800 meters from the surface. Its speed was about one kilometer per second and this was considered to be very slow for interstellar travel that even most meteorites were faster than it.

    However, this was not a problem as the speed one would use when they took a leisurely walk would be different with the speed one would use when they were running. Speed would usually be associated with feelings and urgency.

    When the creature moved away, Luo Yuan quickly floated into the air and chased after it.

    Undeniably, it was a little difficult to deal with it after he saw its actual size. It was far bigger than Luo Yuan expected. In addition, due to the vacuum they were in, he could attack without any air resistance but it also took a lot of power out of his attacks.

    If they were on earth, when he swung his saber onto the ground it would send out a shockwave of at least 10 meters in radius and could even increase the size of a wound on a level eight mutated beast several times. However, such an effect would be rendered useless in a vacuum environment. He even suspected that his saber would not even penetrate its skin.

    It was about 600 meters long, 400 meters at its widest point and was about 100 meters tall. Its body shape was horizontal and flat. From a biological perspective, its skin was at least four or five meters thick and in consideration of it being an interstellar creature, the thickness may be more than expected.

    In this case, Luo Yuan had no idea where to start if he wanted to kill it but he waited patiently for it to land on the surface of the moon.

    Though the moon was much smaller than the earth, Luo Yuan realized when he landed on the surface that the moon could boost his Strength. This meant that the Earth Pulse could be used on the moon.

    Since he had transformed his body with his body fusion ability, his Strength had increased significantly to 200 tons. With such an increase, Earth Geyser would undoubtedly be the most developed and powerful ability compared to his other abilities.

    Compared to the Earth Geyser, the destructive power of his own strength could not be compared to it. After all, one leveraged on the power of a star while the other only relied on him. The difference between the two powers was like the difference between a piece of steel and firearms

    The creature seemed to continue swimming on the surface of the moon, not coming down at all. It seemed like it was searching for something. However, Luo Yuan had always been patient when it came to hunting.

    As time passed, both their movement speeds got faster and soon, they had entered into the dark side of the moon. Craters were even more common here and were larger as well. A large number of craters that were attached to one another looked shocking.

    The moon was both bright and dark at the same time because it rotated at the same speed that it orbited the earth. Because of this, one side always faced the earth while the other faced away from the earth. This was the dark side of the moon which faced interstellar space and there were no obstructions so meteorites would hit its surface there all the time and formed quite a number of craters.

    However, though the dark side of the moon could not be seen from earth, it was not completely without sunlight. There were day and night even on the other side of the moon. It just seemed mysterious because it was hidden from view

    Luo Yuan noticed the sun setting in the horizon and that night was coming. Without any reflection of the sunlight from earth, it would be even darker at night. Fortunately, after he followed it for another ten minutes, the interstellar creature finally stopped in one of the craters.

    This was the largest crater in the area, with a width that was more than 600 meters high and a diameter of between 200 to 300 kilometers, it was considered to be quite amazing seeing as the moon was smaller than the earth. The interstellar creature flew around the crater slowly in a circular motion and though it was huge in size, it seemed quite flexible as if it was floating in the water.

    Luo Yuan wondered about its purpose of coming to this area but just as that thought ran through his mind, the interstellar creature swooped down all of a sudden and its body smashed into the crater.

    Though the crater felt huge to Luo Yuan, it felt just like a small hill to the interstellar creature as it could barely fit its length.

    Along with a sudden, dazzling flash of light that suddenly shone in space, a huge gap appeared under the crater with such an impact. This was a collision between two huge forces which caused a large amount of ten-ton boulders to fly in all directions, breaking past the moon's gravitational pull and broke out of its orbit into outer space. The entire moon was shaking intensely.

    The interstellar creature did not seem pleased with this hit so it swam to a further distance and swung its tail fiercely, causing spatial ripples as it swam towards the crater again, slamming into it at a high speed. It seemed faster this time as it almost reached three kilometers per hour when it slammed into the crater.

    Luo Yuan was shocked and quickly made his retreat.

    With such a speed, coupled with its body that weighed millions of tonnes, 16 points of Intelligence helped him reach a conclusion that the impact of its hit was roughly the equivalent of 100 million tons of TNT which was about 5000 rounds of the Little Boy bomb [1].

    In contrast, the full force of his punch was equivalent to 0.00004% [2] of the impact that the difference seemed like it was between heaven and earth.

    The very next moment, the collision between the interstellar creature and the crater was like when an asteroid hit the earth. A dazzling light that was a hundred times brighter than the one before this shone at him and a scorching temperature could be felt everywhere. Luo Yuan thought of testing his limits but figured that he could only last a few moments. His body generated a layer of Will automatically but it was soon broken. Fortunately, by the time the layer of Will broke, Luo Yuan had used his teleport ability to escape 1,000 kilometers away and even then, he still felt the heat on his body.

    There was no air on the moon and except the radiation from the heat, there was not much of a blast wave which made the impact weaker by half.

    Luo Yuan looked down from above and saw that the entire crater had mostly been vaporized due to the intense temperature while the rest of the surrounding areas turned into lakes of lava with a radius of a hundred kilometers, looking like boiling water.

    Fortunately, the moon was strong enough to withstand such a hit and aside from the lake of lava and the earthquake, no other significant damage was seen.

    Of course, since there were so many craters on the surface which were apparently formed due to a large amount of asteroids crashing into the moon over millions of years, an attack like this would be considered as commonplace.

    The interstellar creature shaking in the air seemed to become fainter. The originally bright light had now become extremely dim and apparently, the interstellar creature also had a hard time from the impact it caused earlier. It was only a few minutes later that it recovered and regained its senses as its body stopped shaking.

    It looked down into the lake of lava below it and immediatley dived down, drilling into it until lava splashed into the sky. The interstellar creature had disappeared.

    Luo Yuan suddenly lit up. He immediately flew down and stood on the surface of the moon, realizing later that the moon was actually still shaking at a high-frequency, causing him to be unable to stand firmly/

    Luo Yuan once heard that the moon was hollow and he thought that it was only hearsay but now, it seemed like it was the truth. Still, he had no time to explore this myth.

    He cleared his mind and took a deep breath, his heartbeat slowed down.

    Translators Note:

    [1] The little boy bomb was the bomb used in the Hiroshima bombings with each round having an equivalent to an estimated 16,000 tons of TNT.

    [2] The author used 0.02 but in a previous chapter, it was mentioned that Luo Yuan's punch would weigh at least 3000 tons when he had 150 tons of Strength, now that he had 200 tons, it would probably yield about 4000 tons which would be equivalent to 0.00004% of 100 million tons of force.

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