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Chapter 434: First Contact

    Chapter 434: First Contact

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    He began to feel the pulse of the moon.

    The moon's pulse was different as the earth's pulse was low and heavy like the sound of bass while the moon's pulse felt fast and lively like someone was hitting a drum.

    Besides that, the moon was also hollow, making the pulse feel much clearer compared to the earth's pulse.

    After a few seconds, his body began to tremble and his heartbeat was now completely in sync with the moon's pulse. A majestic force grew beneath his feet and his body was filled with endless strength and as the emotions faded, his mind became clear and he looked at the lava lake far away. Suddenly, he disappeared and appeared on the lava when he reappeared.

    He stood on the surface of the lava like there were roots growing under his feet. His body moved up and down, following the ebb and flow of the lava as it moved under him. The gravitational pull was quite weak and the buoyancy he had in lava was sufficient to support his weight. He may not be able to stand on lava in such a way back on earth.

    At that moment, the lava was still rolling around like boiling water and high-temperature streams that looked like a geyser would shoot out once in awhile. The temperature was at least 1,000 degrees Celcius which was already able to melt steel.

    His shoes began to melt slowly and even the synthetic war boots he wore that was made from level seven materials were not able to withstand such temperatures.

    He looked at the melting shoes without any expression before he took one of the shoes and threw it into the lava. He then pulled the other off and did the same thing.

    He now stood on the lava with his bare feet and although the lava had an intensely high temperature, he seemed to be alright and did not feel anything.

    His body after obtaining the body fusion ability felt insulated. It could hardly conduct temperature and was also good at withstanding certain forces. It was a basic necessity for interstellar creatures. In addition from being able to sustain themselves with their abilities, they could also protect themselves from attacks in space.

    Else, they would not be classified as interstellar creatures if they could not even withstand and adapt to this sort of environment

    His sense began spreading out around him and Luo Yuan was trying his level best to feel the body of the interstellar creature and kept moving.

    The lava lakes were huge, covering a few thousand kilometers which was almost the size of Shanghai before the apocalypse. If he needed to check every inch of it, even if Luo Yuan could move at an astonishing speed, it could not be done in a short period of time.

    In fact, he did not need to do such a thing since he could roughly identify its location.

    Its body was too large and was like a small mountain that would cause tremors on the ground when it drilled underground. Suddenly, he felt the waves beneath his feet move vigorously.

    The interstellar creature seemed to have dove deep into the lava as he could not sense it any longer. Time passed and the lava began to cool as he felt the solid rock under his feet.

    The stark difference in temperature during day and night on the moon was huge, similar to other planets without an ozone layer. In the daytime, it could reach up to 100 degrees Celcius and could go down to -180 degrees Celcius during nighttime.

    At this moment, the sun had set and everywhere was dark but the temperature had yet to reach its lowest point. It was at negative 20 to 30 degrees Celcius at the moment, cooling the lava at a shocking speed under such temperatures.

    The interstellar beast hid underground and Luo Yuan had no idea what it was searching for down there. He waited for more than 10 minutes and noticed a change.

    The ground suddenly had an unexpected vibration as a big lump began growing underneath. After a few seconds, a huge mountain was seen coming out the grown and kept growing upwards!

    The ground became red under such a powerful force as it shook vigorously. Countless red rocks began floating in the air and the planet began to crack

    It all happened too fast, Luo Yuan did not manage to stabilize his body and began floating in the air as well. He moved to a higher altitude as the mountain continued its growth. The entire process happened in less than 10 seconds as the perfectly formed mountain began to crack and lava flowed out.

    "You've finally come!" Luo Yuan thought to himself.

    His Sense finally detected its huge body and at that moment, it penetrated the ground at the speed of a few hundred kilometers per second. The lava close to the beast had already become a milky white. It was so close to the surface when Luo Yuan sensed its presence.

    Suddenly, the volcano erupted and more than 10,000 tons of lava gushed out and flew into space. At the same time, the interstellar beast rushed out of the ground and caused the entire volcano to detach itself, flying out into space.

    The amount of force was shocking but Luo Yuan who was currently in his Earth Pulse state did not have any emotions.

    Right at that moment, the interstellar beast left the ground so Luo Yuan quickly grabbed the opportunity to initiate the Earth Geyser.

    Within a few moments, a huge puddle of lava shot up at a high-speed and splashed onto the interstellar creature which was about to take flight. Its body was shined as its mouth opened furiously and it roared in silence.

    You could not hear anything in space but all the magnetic field and the gravitational force

    seems to have been interrupted.

    Its response was fast as it immediately glared at Luo Yuan with its cold, ferocious glare that was fearsome enough to make Luo Yuan withdraw from his Earth Pulse state. He was stunned but recovered in the next few moments.

    He was in fear of being so close to an interstellar creature of this magnitude. His body froze and he could hardly move, he totally forgot to attack.

    However, Luo Yuan was different from ordinary people. He gathered his Will and easily wiped away all the negative emotions he had. He held on tightly to his saber and glared back at the interstellar creature. Time seemed to be frozen as both of them became stationary, judging each other's movements.

    The interstellar creature did not rush an attack but instead, floated silently. Its huge body was like a mountain as it stared at Luo Yuan, twitched its mouth and exposed its ugly, disgusting, sharp teeth. Luo Yuan sensed some sarcasm from its glare.

    The interstellar creature had an intelligence that was beyond human comprehension. It was angry but at the same time it felt amused that a tiny creature would attack it randomly. It could feel a stinging body on its body and decided to burn the tiny worm to ashes.

    The next moment, it opened its mouth and its throat seemed to emit a glow. It was just a mild light but suddenly became a bright light. It was like the sun in the dark side of the moon that made the surrounding become as bright as daytime.

    Luo Yuan was trembling, feeling scared.

    As he looked at the image that came as a result of his foresight, he suddenly disappeared. Right on the moment he disappeared, an electro-plasma shot struck the spot where he was standing at and turned the entire area into gas.

    At that moment, Luo Yuan had already teleported himself to the head of the interstellar creature. Unfortunately, this level nine creature was way stronger than what he imagined it to be. Even before he could attack the interstellar creature, he was thrown out by the force that the surface of the beast's body gave off. He quickly stabilized himself and floated in mid-air.

    He felt a pain on his body and his skin felt like it almost detached from his body. Such destructive force from the creature was able to hurt him in less than a second.

    Luo Yuan had realized his weight was also too light, allowing the force-field on the beast's body to throw him out. Teleporting was not the best way to penetrate its defensive layer. He had to use his incredible speed to penetrate it.

    The interstellar creature immediately turned around and rushed towards Luo Yuan, intending to swallow him into its stomach. However, its speed was too slow that the interstellar creature could not even catch up with Luo Yuan when he was flying with his Will.

    Luo Yuan decided not to tangle with it any further. He teleported ten kilometers away and rapidly rushed towards the beast. Compared to the time where the beast hit the mountain on the moon earlier, his speed was fast and extremely shocking. He easily traveled more than 10 kilometers per second.

    However, he did not dare hit the beast with such a speed as he was not sure if he could kill the beast but he would definitely kill himself.

    Luo Yuan held his Zhanmadao behind his body as he flashed across the front of the beast. Under such speeds, he could even cut through steel easily, not to mention his Zhanmadao.

    The beast only saw him flashing across it and felt an incredible force hitting its back.

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