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Chapter 435: Magical Skin

    Chapter 435: Magical Skin

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan continued to fly another 20 kilometers and then stopped to look back.

    The interstellar creature was like a fish struggling vigorously. It was angry and electro-plasma shots were gushing out from its body, brightening up the moon. The region close to the beast had turned a shade of red.

    Luo Yuan had sharp eyes and could clearly see tiny spots of blood as some blood was slowly dripping down. Within a few seconds, its entire eyeball had turned red as it roared in the silence of space, frightened by its injured eye. After its initial shots, it whipped its tail vigorously in an attempt to escape.

    The fact that such a fearsome interstellar creature was frightened by Luo Yuan was kind of ridiculous. However, this was expected; it was like when humans first discovered wasps, their first reaction was to run. Intelligent creatures had a way of analyzing the situation and after it did, the interstellar creature decided to make its escape when it found out it had no way of catching up to the speed of that 'tiny worm', it could not even attack it!

    Luo Yuan did not go after the beast but let it go. He was already at his limit.

    The strike he landed looked fearsome but it did not actually cause any grievous injuries as only the membrane of its eye was serious which was not as serious as it would have been if it was hit with the Earth Geyser. However, the eyes were an important organ for any creature and even the slightest injury could greatly anger them. He sighed, feeling helpless against such a fearsome beast.

    Of course, in a way he was also an interstellar being but the difference in strength and size were vastly different. This made it difficult for him to cause any severe injuries to the interstellar creature.

    For enemies with a smaller body, it was still possible for him to kill them with his body as well as the foresight ability from his four-dimensional brain. However, against the interstellar creature, it seemed as helpless as an ant that was trying to kill a man.

    That being said, it would be an arduous task for the interstellar creature to kill Luo Yuan as well.

    Within the period they were fighting, Luo Yuan was thinking of entering its body via his space-time bubble and kill it from the inside-out. However, he soon realized that it was impossible because it required a calm surrounding and the bubble was also fragile, not being able to withstand too much shock as it would burst once the shock to it was too strong. The force-field around the body of the interstellar creature made it difficult for him to get close.

    This situation was similar to when he was nearby objects with a strong gravitational pull. Perhaps, he could resist the shock from the force-field once his Will grew stronger.

    Fortunately, he did not accept the mission earlier or he might actually fail the task.

    This was something he found out by himself; the system was meant to assist him and he could fully utilize a large amount of info it gave him. For example, he did not necessarily have to accept a mission if he receives a notification. The mission would still be open as long as the target was still available. With that in mind, he could give the mission a try and make a decision later after he confirms if he has enough confidence to complete the mission. This was to prevent his experience from being deducted if he fails the mission.

    Luo Yuan was floating mid-air with his bare feet when he realized after looking at his watch, that it was already almost afternoon on Earth.

    It was not an ordinary watch as its glass was made from the claws of the giant bird. The claws were as clear as crystal which made it a good material to fuse synthetic products. The metal parts of the watch were also made from the beak of the giant bird which was also very strong.

    As a matter of fact, since he has made modifications to his body, he could not wear or bring any ordinary objects seeing as they would break easily even if he were to punch something lightly. Even synthetic products that were made from materials lower than level seven would not last that long.His shoes were the only thing below level eight that he had but it was not gone.

    The moon was now completely dark once it entered night time. Even though Luo Yuan could see in the dark, he still found it hard to see. After a long period of being on the moon, he had lost interest.

    He kept thinking of returning to earth as the Wisdom Tree was going to get an upgrade within a few days. When he was about to depart, he realized that there was a tiny spot floating nearby.

    At first, he did not really pay any attention. The gravitational pull of the moon was quite weak and it was probably stones and dust that flew into space after the volcanic eruption as well as the battle. The dot was probably falling back onto the moon. However, Luo Yuan soon found out that it was not falling but was stationary in the air.

    He tried his best to check it out but it was already too dark. Then, he thought of something and quickly flew towards the target. He was not able to see it clearly in the dark earlier because even though the dot seemed close, it was nearly seven to eight kilometers away.

    It was an irregularly shaped black object with the widest part being 1.5 meters and the narrowest part of it being one meter wide. The average thickness of it was about half a meter and its interior was full of tiny pores, making it look mystical.

    As he looked at the color and the mystical appearance, Luo Yuan already knew what it was without identification.

    It was undoubtedly the skin of the interstellar creature which had escaped earlier. It probably dropped when the interstellar creature was hit by the Earth Geyser. It was just its dead skin.

    However, even its dead skin was very valuable as it was the dead skin of a level nine creature. It was even more valuable than money.

    Luo Yuan took the dead skin in his hands and it felt rough and strong. After that, he held both ends of the dead skin and tried to bend it. Its shape immediately changed but it was just a small bend.

    Luo Yuan was surprised because even steel felt as soft as rubber in his hands but the dead skin was so strong, it was probably the strongest object he could find.

    "Tsk tsk!" Luo Yuan studied it carefully. He realized the dead skin was not only strong but was made up of many layers of tissues with countless tiny pores which were irregularly sized. The structure was like that of a composite armor, making it excellent as a defensive material.

    The amazing thing was, it could float in the air!

    His eyes were sharp and he could see the different waves and forces in the universe and yet he could see none of those on the skin.

    Then, he threw the dead skin away and found that while it was in his hands, it would constantly move but once it left his hands, it would remain stationary.

    Its amazing properties fascinated Luo Yuan. It was definitely mind-blowing and he immediately began using his identification power.

    "Interstellar Creature's Skin - Gerard"

    "Rarity: Purple"

    "Weight: 300 kilograms"

    "Additional Abilities: Space Anchor"

    "Remarks: The interstellar creature - Gerard possesses a space talent which allows it to travel freely in space. This power came from its skin."

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