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Chapter 436: Solving Problems

    Chapter 436: Solving Problems

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    Looking at what was described in the system, the skin weighed only 300 kilograms but Luo Yuan felt that it was a lot heavier.

    Luo Yuan estimated that its weight was at least 10 tons when he moved the skin. Since the system would not make such an error, the remaining 9.7 tons that Luo Yuan could feel was probably the space anchor ability of the skin.

    It felt like an awl that was nailed firmly in space and one would not be able to move it without great strength. To be honest, despite Luo Yuan’s understanding of space, it was his first time witnessing power such as this.

    Luo Yuan looked happy as the skill was quite useful to him. As long as he put on clothes that were made of these materials, the weight of his body would increase and he would be less likely to be blown away during a battle.

    Before the apocalypse, humans were moderate in size and only certain species were larger than humans. Nevertheless, after the apocalypse, humans were somehow categorized as small sized living organisms. Most of the mutated beasts which included low-level beasts were also larger than human beings.

    Just like the space beast Luo Yuan had encountered earlier, he was blown away by the defense of its body before he could even reach it. The weight of the human body weight was too light, rendering the strength of humans useless.

    Thanks to the space anchor ability, he would be capable of using his full strength during a battle.

    Luo Yuan's strength was certainly not weak at all seeing that his strength is beyond the comprehensions of biology. However, during a battle, he could not fully utilize his strength. According to Newton's Third Law of Motion, forces were always acting in opposite direction. When he exerted a force on an object, the object instantaneously exerted a force back on his body. For instance, if he were standing on the ground, the force would be acting down towards the ground.

    When the force was small, it would not cause a significant impact on the ground. However, when Luo Yuan could use his full strength in his attacks, the force he would exert would be equivalent to an explosion that was the equivalent of 0.2 tons of TNT. Although this figure might seem insignificant, the explosion caused by an ordinary cruise missile was only equivalent to 0.1 tons of TNT. Therefore, it was imaginable that Luo Yuan had to overcome such strong forces every time he launched an attack. Normal steel floors would not be able to withstand such an impact.

    In fact, he always managed to balance himself and had complete control over his movements if he were standing on ground. Despite his attempts to offset the forces that acted on his body, he would cause an explosion on the ground and form a huge pit. However, by doing so, the forces that acted on his body would be offset by him.

    On the other hand, it would seem like disaster would strike if he were to fight in space. If he struck a single blow, his body would be blown away due to the lack of gravity, restricting him from fully utilizing his strength.

    Of course, there were some disadvantages of materials such as these as the space anchor ability was quite overpowered. If he put on an equipment made from the skin, the effects of his Will would be rendered useless.

    Flying with the power of his Will seemed to propel him quite rapidly but it could not generate enough force. Even with his 19 points of Will, it could only generate 300 kilograms of kinetic energy. The only reason why he could travel at such high speeds was primarily due to the Demonic Horse's mane that he used to overcome air resistance.

    However, this problem could be overcome with sufficient training of his Will. It would be similar to how he got control over his Zhanmadao when he performed slashes in space after training for a period of time

    He roughly removed the marks on his skin that were imprinted by his Will before he took the skin and flew away toward earth via his space-time bubble.

    Fortunately, the space anchor ability did not influence Luo Yuan when he flew through the fourth-dimension. After all, the space-time bubble moved the overall space around Luo Yuan and since the skin would only be anchored to space within the bubble, it would not affect his speed at all.

    Luo Yuan returned to Hope City after an hour.

    Many workers were now hustling and bustling at the construction sites of Hope City. It was only a few cities and it seemed like the entire Hope City had been emptied, making it look like a heap of ruins but the workers had already started rebuilding the factories.

    Some of the factories had even started operations even though the construction had yet to be completed.

    Each time Luo Yuan passed through the city, he would feel shocked within his core as he could see how hard humans were struggling to survive after the apocalypse.

    Before he stepped into his house, he heard an unfamiliar voice.

    He hesitated for awhile. He then opened the door and walked in the living room. Everyone stood up immediately. Huang Jiahui and the rest of them were surprised when they saw Luo Yuan walking in while carrying a big black object on his back. At the same time, there were two other people standing up, looking at Luo Yuan in awe.

    Luo Yuan had some thoughts in his mind as he took a look at the man and the woman who were obviously working for the government. He immediately put the skin aside and he could feel the atmosphere surrounding them turning to one that was quite depressing.

    Despite his efforts in removing the imprinted Will on the skin, the dreadfull breath of the interstellar creature remained and made it difficult for everyone to breath as they felt like a big rock was pressing down on their chest.

    It was Luo Yuan's voice that shifted their attention away from what they were feeling as he asked, "The both of you are?"

    They immediately came to their sense and glared at the object that floated in the air. Then, they buried the insecurities they had within their hearts as the woman around the age of 30 to 40 said nervously, "Hi, Minister Luo. Let us introduce ourselves. He is Bi Jianping, the deputy mayor of Hope City and I'm Ni Xue, the director of the office of the municipal government."

    "Luo Yuan, have a chat with them. Both of the leaders have been waiting for you for a long time. I'm going to the kitchen." Huang Jiahui smiled and said. She then quietly stood up along with Wang Shishi and Zhao Yali and left the living room.

    The mutated woman was still squatting beside Luo Yuan and looked around. However, nobody bothered about her.

    Luo Yuan looked at Huang Jiahui and nodded his head. Both of the leaders and Luo Yuan then exchanged glances and shook hands. He smiled and said, "Hi, I know both of you are busy. What brings you here?"

    He knew that the Hope City was having a hard time as he heard from Wang Xiaguang that the officers from the municipal government were working round the clock.

    "It's too kind of you, Minister Luo. We are representing the Hope City to express our gratitude to you, Minister Luo." The deputy mayor said and smiled awkwardly. According to the report from the analysis, he knew that Luo Yuan was friendlier than the director. Though he was afraid of him, he tried to appear calm.

    "Don't mention it! We're all doing it for the Reconstruction Area. I believe others will also lend a hand when facing problems like these." Luo Yuan smiled and said.

    Luo Yuan frowned as both of the leaders looked tense. From their look, he could imagine how worried his superiors were.

    "It's because of Minister Luo has great awareness. Hope City must do something to express our gratitude. Before I came, the mayor had even reminded me to thank Minister Luo for your contribution. If you are facing any difficulties in life, Hope City will always be there to help. The mayor would have come himself if he weren't so busy with the reconstruction." The deputy mayor continued and said.

    "I appreciate it but no, thanks. Do I look like I'm facing any problems?" Luo Yuan knew what they were trying to say and declined.

    He did not look like he was in trouble though. The deputy mayor thought in his heart. In current times, Luo Yuan was considered to be living quite a luxurious life as his house had all sorts of electrical gadgets and his living room was even bigger than the deputy mayor's house. He had heard rumors of the privilege given by the Firearms Bureau to Luo Yuan. He was surprised when he witnessed this.

    However, he had to complete the task given to him. It was a serious issue as not only Hope City was discussing it, but also New Capital City, who was in a mess as well. As far as he knew, the General Staff Department had even created an intelligence office for this issue.

    The mission assigned to him this time was not completely decided by Hope City but was also partly decided by his superior.

    Based on his political knowledge, he roughly knew that this evolved man had been promoted to the highest level. He would be the state leader if he were promoted any further. His superior could no longer ignore this issue. The Reconstruction Area would experience drastic changes if Luo Yuan held any grudges against them.

    Nobody dared to take the risk as both forces were powerful.

    Since he could no longer be promoted, he could only be rewarded with gifts. In addition, the superior could only ask Hope City to do it as it was obviously a political duty. They must find out some difficulty that Luo Yuan was facing no matter what.

    "I guess your house is overcrowded, Minister Luo. Your house is too small and there aren't any personnel to handle your logistics. This is a dereliction of duty!" The deputy mayor then relaxed a little and said


    Although Luo Yuan had rejected him many times, he could not help but accept when the deputy mayor insisted on offering him some help.

    Luo Yuan initially planned to have a look at the wisdom tree to check if it had leveled up but was later delayed by this issue.

    The gift from Hope City was a villa with a built up space of 1000 square meters. Apparently, construction of the villa had started only a few days ago and had just been completed as there were visible signs that they had rushed to build this villa.

    After the apocalypse, the most commonly used construction material was wood. Mutated wood was tougher and it was relatively easier and faster to use when building. Besides, they would be able to reduce the usage of paint without affecting the quality of the building.

    The villa had a luxurious interior design that was similar to what they had before the apocalypse. There was a pool made from white jade, floorings made from level six materials, and a mural on the wall of an eagle. In addition, there was a fountain made out of rocks that were placed in the center of the living room.

    Aside from the villa, a driver, a small medical team, and a logistics team were included as well. All of the special treatment Luo Yuan received was how a senior level leader was treated.

    However, among the 18 gifts he received, Luo Yuan rejected all of them except the doctors as he needed a doctor to take care of Chen Jiayi who went into a coma.

    Also, most of them were women. They looked young and enchanting. Luo Yuan then wondered if his superior considered him as a womanizer.

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