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Chapter 437: Consequences Of Entering The Fourth Dimension

    Chapter 437: Consequences Of Entering The Fourth Dimension

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Of course, the women were extremely happy after moving to the new villa. They waited for the guests to leave, and started to look around each of the rooms in the villa.

    Luo Yuan did not seem to be interested and greeted the only doctor staying in the villa. He then said, "Take a seat, what's your name?"

    She looked very young and she was probably around the age of 20. Before the apocalypse, she must have just graduated from university. However, her actual age should be four to five years older after the onset of the apocalypse.

    She was fair, had an oval face as well as good features. Her skin was smooth and flawless. Also, she had a graceful and charming figure and was indeed a beautiful woman. She was wearing a simple yet fitting white gown, which Luo Yuan feel as if it was a uniform fetish. In fact, including the logistic service personnel that Luo Yuan had rejected earlier, none of them looked ugly.

    "My… My name is Ye Qiuyu!" She took a quick glance at Luo Yuan who was sitting on a sofa and answered with a slight tremble in her voice.

    "Hi, Doctor Ye!"

    "H…Hi!" Obviously, she was quite nervous as she placed both of her hands on her knees, sitting straight like a primary school student when she answered.

    "Relax. I won't eat you. You don't have enough meat for me to eat." Luo Yuan smiled and said with humor.

    Luo Yuan never expected that Ye Qiuyu would get even more nervous after listening to his joke. Her body trembled slightly. Before she came, the municipal government had readjusted her thoughts. She roughly knew the background of this guy and was prepared to sacrifice herself. However, in the face of it, the difficulties to do so were far beyond what one could imagine.

    Every once in awhile, when she thought of Luo Yuan who was so powerful and influential, she could not help but feel scared. She was afraid that she would be killed if she did something wrong and he got offended.

    It felt exactly like a gun was pointing at her brain. That was why she felt a sense of insecurity when she faced Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan was speechless as he looked at her reaction. He did not try to make jokes anymore and asked with a smile, "Doctor Ye, how long have you been working?"

    "One year… Including my internship, it would be two years." She wondered if Luo Yuan doubted her ability. She immediately explained, "Before this, I was working at the military hospital. I great surgical experience and a good understanding of internal medicine. I am qualified for the job of a family doctor."

    Luo Yuan was amazed as he had never expected a delicate woman like her to be able to work in the frontline for two years. This implied that she started to work in the frontline soon after the Reconstruction Area was built. At the beginning of the war, many people died on a daily basis. When there were attacks from the mutants, many of the armies were defeated and seriously injured. Even if she were working at the military hospital, it would not be safe as well.

    "It's not really fair for you to work here." Luo Yuan sighed and said. He then asked, "Are you married?"

    Ye Qiuyu carefully glanced at his direction. She then recalled some information her superior provided her and remembered that Luo Yuan seemed to like married women more. However, her superior did not have a specific answer for this question so she lowered his head and honestly answered, "No!"

    Luo Yuan nodded his head and was about to end the conversation, "Your job is simple. Take care of Chen Jiayi, do some of the household chores and there isn't anything else to do. Relax, I am a friendly person, you'll know soon."

    After he finished his sentence, he stood up and went to the third floor.

    Looking at Luo Yuan go up the stairs, Ye Qiuyu was relieved. She then shifted her gaze and felt a numbness throughout her body as if she got an electric shock.

    Soon, she had the urge to pee and stood up immediately as she felt numbness in her legs as well. After waiting for awhile, she walked swiftly to the toilet.

    Just as she pulled down her pants, she let out a torrential flow of urine. She then let out a gasp her mind drifted. She recalled the conversation she had with Luo Yuan when he spoke mildly to her earlier and suddenly realized that he was not as scary as she thought. Besides, she felt that he was a good looking man that exuded an indescribable charm.

    Before leaving the toilet, she tidied her messy hair and she got disgusted with herself as she was blushing.


    There were many dishes for tonight's dinner. Of course, it was a kind of housewarming dinner.

    Regardless of how insecure Ye Qiuyu was, the other women still pulled her over to the dining table while the mutated woman was having her dinner alone at a small table. She did not seem to bother them and ate her food ravenously. She looked happy though and this was how she used to be when she was living in a jungle.

    After the dinner, they chatted for awhile and Luo Yuan went back to the master bedroom on the third floor.

    The master bedroom was more than 200 square meters with an individual toilet, a wardrobe, a study room, and even a small weapons storage space. The weapons room had almost everything including cold forged weapons such as knives, sabers, bows, crossbows, and even firearms.

    Luo Yuan was not really interested in the firearms. Its ability to release 0.2 tons of energy during the launch of an attack indicated that the weapon itself could withstand a similar amount of energy. To him, these weapons were like toys. Even if a missile were to explode under his feet, it would not be able to break through his defense at all.

    The cold forged weapons had somehow attracted Luo Yuan's attention. He opened one of the casings and took out a saber. The shape of this saber looked almost similar to the Zhanmadao. Obviously, it had been forged based on the saber which Luo Yuan was using. In fact, it was not difficult for the Reconstruction Area to do this at all.

    The knife was entirely made of level eight materials. It was the only level eight weapon they had here. The rest of the weapons were less powerful, but on average most of them were level seven weapons.

    Compared to the villa, these weapons were actually more valuable.

    Luo Yuan placed back the saber and closed the glass casing which contained lead.

    He analyzed the weapon with his identification technique and found out that compared to his Zhanmadao, the Level eight weapon did not seem to be more powerful. With his current strength, an ordinary level eight weapon would no longer have any effects on him. He now emphasized more on the special abilities of a weapon.

    He then opened the door of the wardrobe. It was full of combat uniforms of the same style. The garments and accessories after the apocalypse were simple as there were not many choices available. He took a pair of combat boots from the shoe cabinet and went back to his bedroom.

    The skin that he brought back had moved to his wardrobe and was now floating in the air stationary.

    In order to equally distribute the power on the boots, Luo Yuan first cut the skin into half by using his Zhanmadao. Perhaps it was because of the skin's space anchor ability, regular slashes did not seem to have any significant effects on it. Consequently, he had to use his Will to cut it in half.

    After 10 minutes, the skin was successfully merged into a pair of boots. It was no longer floating in the air and had completely lost the mysterious color it once had. Aside from the material still being as strong as it once was, there was no difference between this and the usual material.

    The shoes were sparkling after the space anchor ability had been completely merged onto the surface of the boots.

    Luo Yuan took the pair of shoes over and after immersing it in his Will, the marks imprinted by his Will were strengthened. Soon, the pair of boots seemed to have an invisible connection with him. However, it was still weak. He would still need to train with it for some time in order to have full control over the space anchor ability.

    Luo Yuan was excited as he tried on the shoes. He could slightly feel some resistance when he was walking. Each of the shoes had approximately 5 tons of force due to the space anchor ability. To him, the force was negligible and he had better stability after wearing the shoes. Before that, with just a little bit of strength, his body could easily float in the air.

    After walking for a few steps, he could feel that the house began to tremble. Luo Yuan could not help but stop walking. He then turned back and looked at the ground. He could see that the footprints had become imprinted in the floor of the luxurious bedroom.

    Fortunately, the villa was built and furnished to a high standard. All of the materials used were quality wood which was strong and durable. Otherwise, the villa would have collapsed.

    Luo Yuan sighed and thought in his heart that he should not be living on the third floor but on the ground floor instead. He believed that the ground floor could withstand a stronger amount of force and there would not be a risk of collapsing.

    Just as Luo Yuan was about to take off his shoes, his vision suddenly turned pitch black and his mind went blank as he bent down his body. The process lasted for awhile. He then regained his consciousness before falling down.

    Situations like this had happened many times and Luo Yuan was prepared for the bad news.

    He then opened the attributes panel.

    Indeed, it was astonishing as he noticed that his four-dimensional vision had increased drastically from a meager 5% to 20%.

    At this rate, he believed that the next time it increased, it would reach 100%.

    His face turned sour. If he were to say that the four-dimensional brain gave him many advantages, then he should not be worried about the changes in his four-dimensional vision. He could still clearly remember the night when he was tossing and turning around.

    He hesitated momentarily before he decided to untie the shoelace.

    He knew that he had to face it no matter what happened. His four-dimensional vision had played an important role in his Strength. Without which, he could not fly through the fourth-dimension and enter space. He would not even be able to handle the crisis of extraterrestrial civilization.

    In just a blink of an eye, a lot of information from his four-dimensional vision gushed into his head. He was absent-minded and suddenly his vision had completely changed.

    He could see through the wall separating the toilet and at the same time, he could see everything behind him as well. He had the ability to look through everything thoroughly from multiple angles with no barriers and he was no longer restricted by his field of vision as it felt like he was looking at the room from a different dimension. The walls seemed to have lost their function. As long as the room was not completely closed, nothing could escape his eyes.

    When a normal human being was looking at a cup at eye level, he could only see one side of the cup. It was impossible that one could see the back or the inner part of the cup. Humans were able to see because light rays reflecting from distant objects were focused on the retina. Also, since light traveled in straight lines, this resulted in human only being able to see two-dimensional surfaces that were not occluded by something else.

    The distance of an object from the eyes, its shape and the degree of curvature were interpreted by the brain through the reflected light.

    However, with his four-dimension vision, Luo Yuan did not need the reflection of light in order to see. His eyes would send a pair of three-dimensional images to his brain. When he looked at the cup, he could see it from the front to the back as well as the inner part of the cup. As long as it was not an enclosed object, he could see through everything.

    He could vaguely feel this effect when his four-dimensional vision was at 5%. When he was flying in the space-time bubble, he was able to see the scenery behind the mountains. Until today, he still did not know the full extent of his four-dimensional vision powers.

    Besides, it was not only his vision in the three-dimensional world that had changed as he could see things clearer in the four-dimensional world. He felt like there was hidden power everywhere in his room, flowing through the wall and it seemed like it happened on his body as well. The power resembled light in the three-dimensional world but Luo Yuan still did not know how it should be used.

    He had untied his shoe lace for a long time. He did not feel uncomfortable and was slightly relieved.

    At that moment, he felt that something was wrong with his eyesight. He was shocked as the ceiling looked shorter. He immediately recalled the scene when he first entered the room just now to compare if they still looked the same.

    His face was white as paper. He was terrified as he had grown 20 centimeters taller unconsciously, exceeding the height of two meters.

    The space his body inhabited had twisted a little bit more when he looked at himself.

    He was looking for a weighing scale in his bedroom. He was slightly irritated as he looked at the number displayed on the weighing scale.

    His weight had exceeded 200 kilograms. Not long ago his weight was only 150 kilograms.

    Spatial warping existed in the third dimension through gravity and the mass of an object was subject to the strength of gravity.

    The size of his body did not change from a four-dimensional perspective, only that there was a greater amount of spatial warping. However, there was a drastic change in size and an increase in mass in the three-dimensional world.

    Luo Yuan got even more irritated as he continued thinking. He had evolved into a four-dimensional being not long ago and his four-dimensional vision had already increased from 5% to 20%. Perhaps he previously grew taller all of a sudden due to the effect of the fourth-dimension as well. He did not care about it earlier as it was not obvious but he had grown a lot taller now.

    Compared to his four-dimensional brain and body, his four-dimensional vision was only a small part of it.

    He could not imagine how gigantic he would look like in a three-dimensional world.

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