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Chapter 438: A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire

    Chapter 438: A Burnt Child Dreads The Fire

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    Things were not really so bad. The enlargement of his body had resulted in an increase in his Strength as well. This had added one point to his Strength and his Strength had increased to 40 points. He did not seem to be happy about it though.

    His clothes obviously had become a size smaller and his pants were very tight and short. He could also feel that his new shoes were a little bit tighter. Subconsciously he was trying to unbutton his clothes, but he could not, frustrating him. His power gathered and stirred up the atmosphere, causing a sudden fierce wind which blew everything in his bedroom, making a huge mess. He then ripped his clothes apart including the coat made from the demonic horse's mane and his plasma inner wear in anger as well.

    Luo Yuan did the same thing to his pants, tearing them apart before laying in bed to look at the ceiling helplessly, feeling annoyed.

    His two-meter height was still within the range of a normal human being's height. His life would not be affected at the moment but how would he look like in the future?

    Perhaps the next increase in his four-dimensional senses would cause him to go beyond human limits. From his experience, this was going to happen very soon, probably within one month or a maximum of six months. He had no idea where he would go if this happened, wondering if he had to end up alone and his women would all leave him alone.

    That night, Luo Yuan was tossing and turning around due to insomnia


    The next morning, the mutated woman who sneaked into his room quietly was the first one to realize the change in Luo Yuan's appearance.

    She was shocked looking at Luo Yuan who was sitting on the bed as she felt that she was not familiar with him at all. She retreated a few steps backward and nearly fell down as she stepped on a broken vase.

    Luo Yuan stared at her. He then shifted his gaze. Without any facial expressions, he walked toward his wardrobe and chose the biggest clothes he had. He noticed that it was still slightly smaller as everything in his wardrobe was prepared according to his initial body size. There were not any clothes that suited his size, so he had to wear this first.

    He headed back to his bedroom and activated his Will. The rubbish and broken pieces floated into air, spiraled up, and formed a ball.

    Luo Yuan stripped the bed and the sheets joined the ball. He then covered the bed with new sheets that he took from his wardrobe and left his bedroom along with the rubbish. The women were all awake and preparing food.

    Wang Shishi who came out from the kitchen was shocked and speechless when she saw Luo Yuan.

    "Why are you stunned? Can't you recognize me?" Luo Yuan smiled despite being worried.

    "You… You… You… How did you grow so tall in one night?" Wang Shishi stammered.

    Wang Shishi's voice immediately attracted the others to come out. All of them covered their mouth in shock of what they saw.

    "Luo Yuan, what happened?" Huang Jiahui asked in shock.

    "I'm not really sure what's happening as well. Just that yesterday I've achieved a breakthrough in my abilities and now I look like this." Luo Yuan said helplessly but he forced a smile.

    He had no idea how to tell them about the true fact. It was impossible for him to tell them that this was just the beginning and he was going to become a giant very soon and they would look as small as an ant to him.

    Everyone felt a sense of relief but was somehow worried about him. They had been living together with each other for so long. Regardless of how well Luo Yuan could hide his feelings, they could still vaguely feel it.

    None of them continued asking. They looked stunned in the first place but now they looked like they had gotten used to it. The only difference was Luo Yuan kept quiet most of the time, causing the atmosphere to be silent and dull.

    Luo Yuan felt that something was wrong and quickly got back his senses. He smiled and asked, "What's wrong? Don't stop talking. It's just that I had some thoughts on my mind. Doctor Ye, don't behave like a guest, treat this as your house."

    Ye Qiuyu immediately put down the steamed bun on her hand as she was scared. She said softly while trying to swallow the food in her mouth, "Yes… Yes, I will."

    "He looked scary but he is just the same as an ordinary man. Don't be afraid of him." Wang Xiaguang told her as she stared at Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan shook his head and smiled. The heavy atmosphere earlier was replaced by a harmonious one now.

    He was aware that his abnormal emotions had influenced the women. He then decided to let it go as eventually, if things were meant to happen, it would happen. At least for now, he should appreciate his loved ones.

    Luo Yuan then chatted with them and the women's anxieties had started to fade away.

    After finishing his breakfast, he said, "Enjoy your meal. I'm going out."

    He took his Zhanmadao and when he was about to leave, he said, "Please buy me some plus-size clothes. My body had grown bigger and I can't fit into the old clothes."


    As soon as Luo Yuan left the Hope City, he started to fly into the sky.

    Without the synthetic clothes made by the demonic horse's mane, the air resistance now slowed down his speed. Fortunately, he used the leftover horse's mane to synthesize a belt and he wore it around his waist.

    Despite his speed being reduced to half, he still managed to travel at a speed of one kilometer per second. Such a speed was more than enough to travel short distances. He would certainly use the space-time bubble or teleport if he were going on a long journey. With his abilities, losing all of his equipment would not have any significant effects on him.

    The defense provided by his clothes was no longer important to Luo Yuan as his bodily defenses system could defend against most of the level eight creatures.

    Luo Yuan flew very fast and before it was even 10 minutes, he had landed in the old nest of the Blue Dragon. He stared at the Blue Dragon that tried to escape as soon as he saw him before shifting his gaze toward the wisdom tree.

    It had been only a few days the wisdom tree had grown taller, reaching the height of 100 meters. Not only did it change in size, but also in its shape and appearance, becoming more mysterious!

    The tree trunk which was initially purple in color had turned black. The green leaves had a crystal-like material that looked like a carved jade. Countless tree roots were twisted like dragons tangled together, embedded deeply into the ground, slightly wriggling as though it was a living body. The wisdom tree was no longer how it used to be.

    The dead body of the giant bird had completely decomposed and only bones were left. The crossover, white, jade-like ribs were placed beside the wisdom tree. Both of them were reflecting the value of life and death, bringing a very strong visual impact.

    Luo Yuan's identification had shown that the wisdom tree had been upgraded to level eight.

    Without any hesitation, he decided to harvest the tree. He then pulled out his Zhanmadao and teleported to a point, in front of the tree and he immediately cut the tree down. The saber slashed through the tree like lightning and before the wisdom tree was able to react, Luo Yuan had disappeared from the ground.

    The moment the tree fell, countless branches broke off and the sky looked like it was covered by a lot of crushed bones.

    The Blue Dragon curled up its body as it rested on the side of the ground stunned, witnessing all of the occurrences that seemed quite unbelievable.

    The tree belonged to the Blue Dragon! The Blue Dragon! The Blue Dragon!

    The tree took so much time to grow and Luo Yuan had cut it off!

    The next moment, it was so angry and had lost its senses. Its eyes turned red and roared fiercely. Luo Yuan was frightened but he forgot about it in just a short while.

    It continued to roar and eventually, it was interrupted by a shrill sound.

    Luo Yuan instantly teleported next to him and broke its sharp horn with a single blow. The horn flew away and crashed onto the surface of a mountain. Half of the mountain collapsed and almost buried its body.

    Luo Yuan was looking at it without any facial expressions. Just as the Blue Dragon wanted to crawl and escape from the heap of stones, its body trembled as it saw Luo Yuan so it hid his head back into the heap of stones. It was afraid that Luo Yuan would be offended and had completely forgotten about its anger.

    "Damn! You need to learn a lesson!"

    He was not in a good mood and his anger was triggered by the Blue Dragon. He felt better now after turning his anger and frustration to the Blue Dragon.

    He noticed an increase in Strength and his attack speed had improved as well. When he first obtained the body fusion ability, it allowed him to strike a blow at 12 times the speed of sound. However, his speed was now 17 times faster and the energy released by each blow was the equivalent of 0.4 tons of TNT.

    His strength was empowered in a different way this time. It was based on the enlargement of his body. He did not feel uncomfortable as well. Putting aside the side effects of entering the fourth-dimension, this was undeniably the fastest way to improve his Strength


    After half an hour, the motion of the wisdom tree subsided. The tree trunk had shrunk in diameter and its outer layer had lost its glow. However, Luo Yuan waited for another half an hour patiently until its nutrients were completely absorbed. He then went forward to take out the wisdom heart when it was dead.

    Once the wisdom heart was extracted from the wisdom tree, it was dead and no one could bring it back to life. Of course, Luo Yuan dared not to take such a risk.

    The previous generation of wisdom tree of a dark green rank. Despite being in a premature form, it would still produce some useful effects due to as it was the highest ranked at that time. The wisdom heart he had just obtained was light purple and thought it was a level above dark green, it was the weakest of the purple ranked life-forms.

    He could not ensure that the a premature wisdom heart would have any effects on him. If it were to turn out ineffective, a great amount of time would be wasted.

    Luo Yuan then took out the wisdom heart.

    It was completely black. Its surface resembled the human brain and its wrinkled features were so clear. He had earlier worked in the genetics lab for a period of time and had a very good understanding of the structure of the human brain.

    He was shocked as he found out that there was no significant difference between the wisdom heart and the human brain.

    He used his identification ability.

    "Heart of Wisdom"

    "Rarity: Light Purple"

    "Weight: 300 grams"

    "Element: Intelligence-based object"

    "Additional Abilities: Intelligence +1, with a certain probability of a special mutation."

    "Remarks: This is a rare heart of the wisdom tree. It is rich in the essence of the entire wisdom tree and is very valuable. It can stimulate the brain and increase one's Intelligence when it's consumed. It is very effective for people with an Intelligence of 18 points or below, with a certain probability of a special mutation."

    The identification message flashed across his mind and he saw this, "With a certain probability of special mutation."

    His memory was good as he remembered the message used to be "low probability of special mutation" instead of "a certain probability of special mutation". The description of "a certain probability" would definitely be way greater than "low probability".

    Luo Yuan hesitated as he stared at the wisdom heart. Remembering the parable that said, a burnt child dreads the fire, Luo Yuan had to be extra careful as the ingestion of the wisdom heart would very likely cause changes to his brain. He was worried that he might gain non-human abilities or might suffer from the side effect of those abilities such as losing his loved ones which may be too late to regret.

    He wanted to consume it immediately but he changed his mind. As he recalled the incident that just happened, he needed some time to recover.

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