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Chapter 439: Spaceship

    Chapter 439: Spaceship

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan was sitting with his legs crossed.

    The thick, white clouds under him crested endlessly. Looking at the vast and grand scene in front of him, Luo Yuan felt slightly calmer. He closed his eyes to avoid any distractions.

    It somehow stirred up the atmosphere, causing a sudden fierce wind.

    After half an hour, he gradually opened his eyes. He was prepared to pay for it the moment he gained his Strength. He was going to be out of his mundane life and become a lonely man.

    He tried his best to retain the things that he was going to lose. However, his effort was fated to be in vain.

    Whether it was a choice to continue entering the fourth dimension or to continue gaining more Strength, it would be difficult for him to have any intimate contact with normal human being.

    He was disappointed and felt a little anxious. He kept quiet for a while and decided to unwrap the plasma band on his forehead. Suddenly, there were countless notifications coming from the system. He frowned slightly and he looked at the ground with his four-dimensional vision.

    The green forest could no longer block his vision. The moment when he saw the tree leaves, he could see the condition of the tree as well. The barriers he would encounter in the three-dimensional world would have no effect on his four-dimensional vision. He could clearly see there was a low-level mutated beast dozing in a cave. Also, he could see a small worm behind the tree leaves, slowly wriggling.

    Nothing in this world could escape his vision!

    Of course, the giant creatures could no longer hide.

    The small creatures attracted Luo Yuan's attention as they were eye-catching like torches in the dark. Most of them were basically level seven mutated beasts. Most of the mutated beasts had already evolved to level seven but it was still rare to see level eight mutated beasts.

    It was difficult to encounter even one level eight mutated beast in the entire region.

    Level eight mutated beasts were considered as the strongest creatures on the planet.

    Further evolution would allow them to have the ability to fly into space, becoming an interstellar creature. It was not because of they did not want to stay on Earth, it was because they could not.

    As their body grew larger, the effect of the gravitational pull on them would become stronger. Each and every second, they had to constantly resist thousands of tons of pressure. Regardless of how strong the ground was, it felt like a swamp to them. Every step they took forward, they would find it difficult. Jumping would even cause them to suffer from broken bones. They had to leave the Earth if they wanted to continue to grow bigger.

    However, there were exceptions to this. For the lightning tree, there were no signs of its attempt to enter space. Perhaps it was because it was difficult for plants to move. It was going to stay on Earth, with its roots deeply embedded in the earth's crust.

    The influence of the gravitational pull on a rare and small creature like Luo Yuan seemed to be less significant. Apparently, small sizedcreature would always have some advantage.

    Luo Yuan then flew to look for traces of level eight creatures.

    After half an hour, he had finally found his target.

    Its appearance was like a giant ox, huge and fearsome. Aside from a few similarities to an ox, its other qualities were totally different. Its dark gray skin featured a silver intricate pattern and it had two pairs of curved big horns which were bright red in color.

    Its mouth did not look like the mouth of an ox but looked like a crocodile's mouth instead. Its sharp silver fangs looked intimidating. Obviously, it was a carnivorous mutated beast.

    At the moment, there was a dead body of a giant's beast in front of the giant ox. It then grabbed and swallowed the dead body and blood splattered everywhere.

    It was obviously the dead body of a level seven mutated beast. It looked relatively smaller compared to the mutated beasts that were bigger in size. The giant ox swallowed the level seven beast in just a few minutes.

    It burped, baring its bloody fangs, making it look cold and cruel.

    Its body and muscles became stiff abruptly and seemed to have received some sort of danger signals. The light fog on the surface of its body grew stronger. It was like it was in a world of fantasy as its surrounding was suddenly stirred, creating wave-like ripples.

    Suddenly, its head slightly tilted, attempting to bite its enemy from the side.

    The bite was so fast and not even the speed of sound could describe its speed. However, it had bitten nothing.

    It felt insecure and looked around, stomping the ground hard, making it tremble. It did not notice any traces of its enemy though. Perhaps it was mistaken when it felt a presence and it was all an illusion. However, it was constantly reminded of the feeling of danger it felt, like the enemy was somewhere around it.

    It roared and retreated a few steps backward. Suddenly, the giant ox saw a small shadow that quietly floated in the air. It did not notice its presence at all before this.

    Previously, it would not have noticed such a small creature. However, it was terrified now as if it was facing a formidable enemy.

    Luo Yuan threw his Zhanmadao aside and the sword was stabbed into the ground.

    He gradually landed. He moved slowly, casually taking a stroll and did not seem to bother the existence of the giant beast at all.

    The feeling of insecurity the giant beast felt grew stronger. Strong sound waves not unlike a typhoon signal number eight were produced as the giant beast roared loudly, forming intense ripples in the air.

    Luo Yuan shook his head impatiently and could only feel a vibration in his eardrums and the next moment, he raised his legs and stepped forcefully on the ground. At that instant, it was like a huge explosion had occurred, resulting in a very large hole in the ground.

    The terrifying shock waves had caused a strong impact on its surrounding. Luo Yuan's body flashed like lightning and he disappeared from there.


    All of a sudden, a loud sound was heard. It did not react to Luo Yuan's lightning-fast speed. He grabbed the freezing, cold air with his fist and struck a blow on its leg. It was like an explosion and its leg was broken.

    His running speed and the speed of his blow had made the speed of this attack to exceed the speed of sound 20 times. A vacuum was created the surrounding air when his fist passed through.

    Before its attack hit its leg, its leg was crushed upon its collision with his saber at that speed. The saber first cut through its skin and reached its bone. In just a few moments, the bone supporting its leg had broken.

    The wound on its leg continued to grow until its ligaments torn. Until this very moment, Luo Yuan's attack was not even close to its opponent and it was merely the shockwaves traveling through the air, causing its leg to break.

    Before it fell to the ground, Luo Yuan launched another attack and broke another leg.

    His abilities no longer required any other skills. With his speed and Strength, he could easily kill the level eight creatures.

    The giant beast moaned in pain but it was soon interrupted.

    The fight seemed to have triggered Luo Yuan's long-suppressed violence. His attack got even more furious and insane.

    His ghostly fist struck on the giant's beast body like a storm. Blood immediately gushed out and floated in the air.

    It was like the arrival of a demon as he launched consecutive attacks. The atmosphere was stirred up and caused the surrounding big stones to fly into the air like the landing of meteorites.

    The entire area was churned up like a pot of thick porridge and normal human being would not be able to reach this place.

    Luo Yuan's attack had produced an incredibly loud sound as a result. It could be heard even from a hundred meters away.

    After 10 minutes, Luo Yuan ended the fight. He was still calm and did not find it hard to breathe. He gradually recovered and looked at himself, his clothes were all broken into pieces and he was naked. The blood spilled on his body, and the air was filled with the strong smell of blood.

    He smiled and had suddenly forgotten that he was just wearing an ordinary outfit today as he ripped off his clothes and pants yesterday. However, even after putting on his synthesized clothes, it could not withstand such a powerful attack.

    Tons of blood dripped down like rain, its flesh and blood falling down occasionally. Even the air turned into a shade of red. He looked at the dead body in front of him.

    To be exact, it was actually heaps of meat.

    Its body was broken up into pieces and it was no longer in shape. Its flesh was now scattered everywhere on the ground.

    Pits were formed everywhere on the ground and it looked like the surface of the Moon that Luo Yuan had once seen.

    He wanted to take out its energy crystal but he had no idea where his heart was. Perhaps Luo Yuan had crushed it. He cursed and thought in his heart that he should be so extreme in the future.

    Luo Yuan frowned as he looked at the blood on his body. His body slightly trembled and there was a sound that sounded very much like an explosion. The blood splattered on his body like how bullets fly out of a gun when it was fired. Luo Yuan's body was now covered in blood.

    He looked at the experience displayed by the system and he thought in his heart, "Only two were left."

    He took his Zhanmadao and continued to look for Level eight creatures


    Land Observation and Strategy & Security Bureau

    The crowd stared at the big screen, watching Luo Yuan's naked body floating in the air. His private parts were censored and the screen only showed his muscular body, a magnificent view on the big screen. Some of the female staffs were shy and began blushing.

    "He should still be looking for level eight creatures. Should we send in information regarding the level eight creatures that we have? "One of the soldiers asked as he looked at Luo Yuan who was on the screen.

    "No, if he needs it, he would have requested it from us. It would be different if he were to ask for help from us instead of the other way around by providing him information before he asked for it. It's human nature to offer help and hope to receive a favor in return. If we were the ones asking for help all the time and the Reconstruction Area could not return the favor, his attitude would change. Be it contempt or dissatisfaction, all of us would not be able to bear this responsibility. He was 100 times more dangerous than a level eight mutated beast."

    The general said calmly. He belonged to the strongest group of people in the reconstruction area. He used to be more afraid of the internal forces that he could not control more than the enemies from the outside. In fact, many of the top management in the reconstruction area was like this. There would not be so many evolved beings in the reconstruction area if evolved humans were not powerful enough to threaten their superiors


    At the same time, there was a massive spaceship navigating the asteroid fields between the Mars and Jupiter.

    The diameter of the spaceship was 1.5 kilometers. There were scratches all over the silvery surface of the metal. The shortest scratch was light and was only a few millimeters long while the deepest one was 30 to 40 kilometers long and there were meteorites in some of the scratches.

    On the other hand, it was visible that the armor of the spaceship was incredibly thick.

    In fact, the armor on its surface was 30 meters thick and the whole spaceship could only accommodate 1000 people. The spaceship was very big as there were many factories, base materials, and fuel.

    The Glassians had already familiarized themselves with space navigation between planets and had even navigated out of their home system. They gradually explored around the planet but this was their first time traveling such long distances.

    This spaceship was built partly for experimental purposes. It gathered the most advanced technology and had been navigating for almost 60 years. Most of the spare parts and engine of the spaceship had been changed several times. There was once that it was struck by a meteorite that weighed 100 grams at a supersonic speed and was almost entirely scrapped. They then spent a year to repair the spaceship in space.

    Eventually, five years ago, it stopped here, at the galaxy.

    The Glassians' embryos were cultured in petri dishes in the biology lab.

    The Glassians' genetic technology was more advanced than the human's technology. Therefore, they could simply modify nano-level substances and used this technology on the Glassians' genes.

    The older generation of the Glassians was weaker and had a shorter life span. On average, mankind would only live until 50 years old. Until today, regular Glassians had reached an average lifespan of 300 years.

    The development of genetic technology allowed the Glassians to completely get rid of natural evolution, entering an era which self-perfection was allowed.

    However, the natural evolution of the creatures from the same planet produced limited genome samples. Some of the low-level mollusks almost had similar genes as highly-intelligent creatures. However, the artificially synthesized genes were produced depending on luck. It could be said the technological development had reached its limit at the moment. It would require some time to breakthrough and for further improvement.

    The Glassians' original plan was to stay here for only three years and they would launch their plan to destroy the humans.

    Due to the abrupt changes of the antidote virus, it completely ruined their previous plan. All of the Glassians, especially the researchers were extremely excited to have the mutated gene banks. Soon, strong and mysterious genomes were discovered one by one and everyone predicted that a new era was coming soon.

    The Glassians' next generation would be even stronger and intelligent, empowered with all sorts of magical powers. At the same time, their technology could advance further, becoming more civilized and making interstellar colonization possible.

    To this extent, population size was merely a group of numbers. As long as there was sufficient living space and resources, their population size would be increased drastically. Perhaps there might be even more Glassians here soon.

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