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Chapter 440: The Show Has Begun

    Chapter 440: The Show Has Begun

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    A top management team meeting was held at the central conference room of the spaceship.

    On the three-dimensional screen, many 3D images were displayed on its screen. There were the Reconstruction Area which was in the east of Asia, the North America, and also the Northern Europe. Also, there were scenes where a lot of chimneys released a lot of smoke into the air since there were many large-scale factories. Pictures of battles between the humans and mutated beasts were projected on the screen as well where a variety of weapons appeared.

    The video continued playing until it reached one of the scenes where it stopped. It then drew the attention of the crowd. One of the Glassians got agitated and stood up subconsciously. The conference room was a total mess.

    The native creature looked strict and serious with a black outfit and he had no facial expression. Ignoring the background behind him, there was no difference between him and the other natives. However, the Glassians were frightened when they saw a big planet and the moon behind him.

    "It's the interstellar creature!"

    "Why is he appearing on screen? Isn't it being said that highly intelligent creatures would not be affected by the antidote virus? How could he evolve at a rate faster than the virus vectors? Probably their genetic technology is more advanced than ours?" One of the soldiers immediately asked.

    "From a microscopic perspective, creatures were created through probability. Even if the probability is low, it would be pointless to argue once something had occurred as even though the probability was low, once it happened it would be 100%." One of the representatives of the research center retorted against him and continued, "This is a low probability phenomenon and it is a miracle that this occurred. To say their technology is more advanced than us, it's just a joke. They would not be at a loss now if they have developed nanotechnology at our level."

    "Keep quiet!" The captain knocked the table and said, "Please continue to watch the video."

    The following videos were all about the native, showing that he was flying at a very fast speed with terrifying power.

    Then, a video of the battle between him and the mutated beast came on. It was clearly shown in the video each and every movement he made had caused a strong impact to the surrounding. The Glassians were thrilled by the native's abilities.

    The planet had relatively low gravity. With such gravitational forces, even the Glassians found it hard to stabilize themselves.

    "This creature is scary. His maximum speed was five thousand times the speed of sound and his strength was 10,000 times stronger than the Glassians. He even had the ability to teleport as well as the ability to sense danger. The Glassians had done thorough research on him and analyzed that he was 10 times more dangerous than regular interstellar beasts."

    The degree of danger was different from the degree of destruction. It referred to the difficulty that was necessary to kill the creature. Apparently, Luo Yuan who was smaller in size with the ability of teleportation was more dangerous than gigantic space beasts.

    All of the Glassians inhaled a breath of cold air. The native did it with no further support. The last time it happened, it felt like a fantasy. Despite their shock, they were amazed at his Strength. None of the Glassians believed that the native was capable of threatening or destroying the spaceship as the power of the native and the spaceship was vastly different and could not be compared.

    "I believe many of you still remember the fatal incident that happened to the research group that was sent to the Earth. We assumed that the native would not be able to cross the ocean and eliminated him as a suspect. The incident was then categorized as destruction from an unknown mutant." The captain said.

    "What you're trying to say is it's done by the natives, and he's probably the one!" The Glassian immediately said.

    "Yes, you're right. They have some ulterior motives for doing so. If we manage guessed their motives accurately, then all the questions surrounding that incident would be answered. There were six dead bodies found on the aircraft but they did not find the dead body of the virologist. At the same time, a Model III weaponized robot had also gone missing and in fact, our identity might have already been revealed. They have the basics of nuclear fusion and may have taken our weaponized robot. If we do not bother to take action, it would be very dangerous. For the sake of safety, I think we should destroy the enemy."

    "Sir, I think you're overthinking it. Although their level of intelligence is almost the same as us and their technology had improved a lot during the war. But it took at least 30 years for them to develop advanced technology like us. We don't need to worry at all and we should follow our original plan." The research representative said arrogantly.

    "It would be more valuable to have the native's gene rather than destroying him completely. There will be improvements in our civilization if we're able to decrypt his gene. Then there is no need to worry about the natives anymore."

    The research center had gained a lot of information from navigating across space, be it the latest gene sample or the understanding of technology development on Earth. Therefore, the Glassians from the Research Department opposed the suggestion to start a war.

    "When we first came here, the Research Department requested to wait for three years to undergo research training. After three years, you said that you'll need another half a year. It had been dragging on for too long and we have already waited for five years. Are we going to wait for another five years? Don't forget why we are here today! Our mission is to destroy their civilization." The representative from the military said.

    Everyone kept quiet. They had been here for over 60 years. Despite spending most of their time in the warehouse and having quantum communication which allowed them to contact their home star, they missed home. Most of the Glassians could not wait to go back and did not want to stay here any longer.

    "I would still suggest taking the native's gene first. The value of the gene was beyond measure. We would be committing a sin towards the Glassians' if we miss this chance." The representative from Research Department said firmly.

    The captain slightly frowned. Despite being the supreme commander, he dared not make a decision on a whim. The ability to communicate with the home star without any barriers had completely deprived the captain's right to make a decision in an autocratic way. He sighed and said, "There is no conflict between accomplishing the mission and obtaining the native's gene since this is by no means considered to be a war. Let's vote! Here's some good news. Our home star had achieved a breakthrough in technology and a new generation of spaceship was built. Perhaps you will still have a chance to come back in future."

    There were over 10 construction robots standing on the meteorite. They stacked the factories like how goods were packed. The meteorite then propelled itself forward, carrying the module-like factories as it flew toward the warehouse of the spaceship.

    There were approximately 700 meteors like these and a total of 2000 factories. The factories were categorized into ones that handled resources collection, metal smelting, machinery forging, and artificial synthesis.

    The small planet was busy and there was numerous transport plane around during the recovery of factories.

    Within these five years, the factories had collected a lot of resources and fusion fuel. Many spare parts of spaceship were manufactured for future use. If all of the parts were assembled, two spaceships could be built.

    In fact, more spare parts were required and would be manufactured due to the mechanical wear and possibility of encountering all sorts of accidents in the space.

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