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Chapter 441: Destruction

    Chapter 441: Destruction

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    "I’ve finally leveled up!", Luo Yuan thought as he was looking at the notification from the system while he stood naked beside the huge body. He had spent half a day to consecutively defeat three level eight mutated beasts and had finally gained enough experience to level up. He pulled out a level eight energy crystal from the beast’s chest. He knew that even though the energy crystal was not beneficial to him, it would have meant a lot to other people and was very valuable.

    The abilities of his women had improved tremendously while their Strength and Physique had been upgraded to 15 points as of recent. Based on Luo Yuan’s experience, they had not reached their limit yet as the level eight energy crystal would still be effective even if they had upgraded their Strength to 17 points.

    Even though there was still a huge difference in their Physiques, Luo Yuan would still be able to do some intimate activities with them as long as he was careful. He looked at the attributes displayed on the properties panel and mused. He then assigned the attribute points to Agility. As the heat was flowing through his body, he felt that the surrounding had grown silent and that everything was moving very slowly. He moved his body around and was able to quickly adapt to his new condition.

    This was different from the genetic change that had happened earlier which had caused a boost in his Strength. Though his Agility had been raised by 1.5 times, he would certainly adapt to it in a short period of time due to his strong sense of control. However, this only applied to his movements and he still needed time to practice his attacks before he could launch them as smoothly as he did in the past.

    Luo Yuan did not feel like heading back yet as it was still early and in the blink of an eye, he had flown 200 kilometers away. He then got into his space-time bubble and continued on his flight path until he arrived at a mountain nearby. He started placing the items that he had temporarily wanted to store inside the mountain, which included the wisdom heart and the energy crystal that he had obtained earlier. The mountain was over hundreds of meters thick and was relatively safe to be used as a hidden safety box in the wilderness. Unless a nuclear bomb was used to blast a hole through it or some specialized equipment had been used to drill directly through it, no one could have reached the items that had been stored inside.

    On the way back, he tried to adapt to his new Agility. A strong howling wind was formed as soon as he moved his body, which caused severe destruction on the ravaged land surrounding him. The mountains nearby could no longer withstand the extreme impact of the wind and were falling apart as countless rocks began rolling down their slopes.

    Luo Yuan’s was now 30 times faster than the speed of sound and the kinetic energy he produced was equivalent to the square multiple of his speed. Though the energy that he generated was still far off from being as powerful as the energy of a nuclear bomb, one could hardly withstand being struck by his high-frequency attacks. With 17 points of Agility, he could easily throw hundreds of punches in one second, which yielded more than three times the energy of the Hiroshima bomb.

    In fact, the level of energy boost had exceeded the energy that would have been provided by the fusion process of his body. His energy would be drained drastically and would probably be depleted in half a minute if he were to use his energy in the air. However, if he was standing on the ground, there would be an endless source of energy he could utilize from beneath the ground and he would never get exhausted.

    It only took him three minutes to flatten the land surrounding him. The bushes of grass had been crushed and the rocks had been shattered into sand. The forest looked as if it was a vast desert. The surrounding temperature was gradually increased which heated up the air around the forest as well. It was clear that the heat was coming from the center of the earth and the surrounding air had turned red. The red colored region expanded very quickly and was got even redder, making it seem like the flame was roaring up into the air. He felt that the air surrounding him was forming a vacuum and the energy was being accumulated and trapped in the air. The hot air had reached 3,000 degrees Celsius which was so hot that even steel would vaporize under such temperature. However, he could only feel a slight burn on his skin as the air temperature was still far cooler as compared to what his body could withstand.

    After three hours, he finally stopped and a strong air current propelled through the entire district as soon as the vacuum energy had dissipated. He then ducked into the cave and stabilized himself. He waited patiently for 10 minutes while the air flow gradually subsided. The position he was standing on before prior to his entry into the cave became a large mountain pit. The area had been completely vitrificated and hot air was still rising from the surface.

    Luo Yuan then got up and flew out of the cave to retrieve the wisdom heart and energy crystal that he had stored in the mountain earlier. He frowned when he saw his own naked body. In just a short moment, a piece of skin covered his body. He then flew towards Hope City.


    Luo Yuan opened his eyes in the dark and sat up.

    He looked at the time and realized that it was only one o’clock in the morning. The mutated woman did not sneak into his room as he was not used to the fact that Luo Yuan had suddenly grown taller since yesterday. Perhaps the mutated woman would need a few days before she could adapt to it. He put on his clothes and drew the curtains open. Quietly looking at the dim street lights outside, he felt a sense of insecurity and could not fall asleep. Luo Yuan was rather sensitive to danger and knew that this sudden feeling would not have been triggered without a reason, though he had no idea of the danger that lied before him.

    Putting aside the possibilities of an attack from extraterrestrial life or a nuclear bomb, nothing much could have threatened him on land. He could withstand attacks from an electromagnetic missile and even level eight mutated beasts could do no harm to him. The aliens would not appear at Hope City first since it was located at the center of the Reconstruction Area which also happened to be one of the most superior cities. They would certainly not start off with this place.

    He realized that the feeling of insecurity he felt was getting stronger and stronger. He then frowned as he was annoyed. By this time, the ground was shaking slightly. Luo Yuan would not have been bothered about it last time but he was alarmed by the shaking of the ground this time and quickly pulled out his Zhanmadao. He quickly exited the villa and stood on the ground outside. He then followed his instinct and flew around using his space-time bubble fight mode. After 20 minutes, he stopped with a shocked look on his face.

    He was now ten thousand kilometers away in space. As he looked down, he saw that Northern Europe had completely melted and emitted molten lava. The strong shock wave resembled a huge smoke ring which was spreading quickly everywhere. Along the coast of Europe, the ocean waters receded from the shore which exposed the water-covered land. A huge tsunami was triggered and sent towards the direction of North America.

    He was stunned and his hands grew cold. It took awhile before he managed to regain his senses. No one could have survived such a destructive force including those who were living underground. Europe had almost been completely wiped out and the organism living there were on the verge of extinction.

    He did not feel good as he knew that the mutated beasts were not the cause of this attack and judging by the destructive force that he had just seen, he was certain that the attack from the extraterrestrial civilization had begun.

    In the meantime, the Earth trembled again and Luo Yuan vaguely felt a vast force raging from behind him.

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