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Chapter 442: Chill

    Chapter 442: Chill

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    He felt a chill going down his spine which spread to his whole body. The attack from the extraterrestrial civilization had been too fast and sudden that it was an unexpected nightmare.

    He estimated that he would have had at least half a year to prepare for the war and had never thought that it would have come in just two months. The humans were unable to defend themselves completely and now two of the regions where most of the strong people gathered had been completely obliterated in just two hours. The humans simply could not predict the attacks before they happened.

    Luo Yuan knew that their next targeted region must be the Reconstruction Area. He was deep in thought, and suddenly, he shivered as he subconsciously directed his attention towards the Reconstruction Area. There was a sudden burst of dazzling light which was a thousand times brighter than sunlight which caused Luo Yuan’s eyes to tear up. However, he did not close his eyes but instead stared at the ground.

    The cities were all engulfed in a roaring flame and had been torn apart by the strong shock wave. The shock wave easily swept through everything it passed, regardless of whether it was a city or mountain. Soon, a giant mushroom cloud of smoke billowed into the sky. The extreme temperature had caused everything around it to melt.

    Though the Reconstruction Area was not big, one-third of it had been destroyed in just one attack.

    Luo Yuan floated into the sky as he started to tremble in anger at the sight he saw. He was so angry to the extent that it felt like his anger was going to burst out of his chest. He then stared up at the sky and spotted a tiny dot in the distance. His eyes were giving off a terrifying intent to kill.


    He immediately flew towards the tiny dot and since it was only 3,000 kilometers away and decided to use his Will while flying in order to save time. The gravitational force was relatively weak when he was flying in space and therefore he could easily achieve 10 kilometers per second as there was only a slight resistance opposing him.

    After a few seconds, he was feeling uneasy even though he had a calm look on his face. It had not been even a minute since he started flying before he saw that the extraterrestrial civilization had launched another attack. Luo Yuan turned back and saw that half of the Reconstruction Area was already engulfed in flames. Fortunately, he could still see Hope City.

    Even though all the buildings had collapsed, at least the district had not been completely destroyed. Luo Yuan was suspicious as the recent attack that had been launched on the Reconstruction Area was relatively weaker compared to the prior two attacks. The two cities where the attacks had struck previously were completely destroyed and despite the fact that the attack on the Reconstruction Area was terrifying, it was not as powerful as the one that had happened in Europe.

    Luo Yuan had never expected that the aliens would have given him such prerogative as they were afraid that if the attack was too powerful, they would not be able to retrieve the genes from his body. They were using anti-matter bombs which were launched from space. These bombs could achieve a conversion rate of 200% of the energy mass as compared to the hydrogens bombs which had the properties of converting 0.7% of the energy mass. The energy generated by the anti-matter bombs was 3.6 times greater than the Hiroshima bombs.

    Approximately 100 kilograms of anti-matter bombs had been launched in Europe and North America, which was equivalent to 36,000 Hiroshima bombs. However, only two bombs had been dropped on the Reconstruction Area.


    Luo Yuan had only been flying for two minutes when they realized his presence.

    A beam of light shot towards Luo Yuan’s body but he managed to avoid it without slowing down. Though attacks at the speed of sound were usually unavoidable by other outer space life, Luo Yuan had his predictive ability which rendered attacks like these to be useless.

    The light beams had now become more intense, however, none of them could successfully strike his body as he easily dodged them. Luo Yuan felt slightly relieved as they had finally stopped attacking the Reconstruction Area and diverted their attention towards him. He smiled when he saw that the tiny dot in front of him was getting bigger and bigger.

    He realized that it was not a spaceship but rather an aircraft which looked exactly the same as the one he had discovered a few months ago. This indicated that the spaceship had never been there before.

    "Well, it’s time for payback!" Luo Yuan thought coldly.

    They were getting closer to him and Luo Yuan was afraid that they might launch their destructive attacks when they saw him. He quickly turned invisible and teleported a couple of times until he appeared next to the aircraft which had been thousands of meters away from him.

    He then delivered a heavy blow on the armor of the aircraft and the aircraft began to shake. His attack had broken through the thick armor and had formed a big hole on the body of the aircraft. At the same time, he was thrown back by the powerful recoil.

    He then teleported towards the hole of the aircraft which was only the size of a basketball. Putting aside the fact that there had been no assistance from the high-speed airflow in space, the durability of the aircraft was way stronger than the scales of level eight mutated beasts. The aliens were using a type of material known as nanotechnology which they had managed to produce through the arrangement of atomic layers where all of the metals had been nano-crystallized. The armor of the aircraft was at least 10 times stronger than any other metal that existed on Earth. He placed both of his hands into the hole and grabbed the armor before he inserted his fingers into the hole.


    His muscles started to bulge and the veins on his forehead became more prominent as he exerted himself to find a way through the armor. There was even smoke around him. With Luo Yuan’s great strength, the armor began cracking and the hole became bigger. His body then flashed across the air as he teleported into the hole.

    As soon as he went in, a high-energy radiation shot towards him. He moved his body slightly sideways to dodge the oncoming projectile and immediately pulled out his knife to attack. In just a blink of an eye, the weaponized robot had been cut into half. Luo Yuan kicked aside one of the broken parts that were blocking his way and quickly headed towards the central control room of the aircraft.

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