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Chapter 443: Location Of The Spaceship

    Chapter 443: Location Of The Spaceship

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Two months ago, he had entered a similar aircraft so he was quite familiar with its internal structure.

    In the meantime, a few weaponized robots nearby had rushed over to Luo Yuan’s position as if they had been alerted to defend against the intruder onboard. However, they were easily killed by Luo Yuan. Two months ago, he had to carefully use his powers to defeat these robots but now that he was so much stronger, he was able to break their big round bodies into halves before they even had a chance to react.

    Within seconds, he arrived at the entrance of the central control room. He sensed that all of the Glassians were inside. Even though the cabin door was shut tight, it was impossible to prevent him from entering as he pressed against the metal door and pushed hard. The door swung open with such force that it stirred up the internal airflow; causing the air to escape from the control room. Despite his anger, Luo Yuan decided that it was better if he did not kill the Glassians before he was able to obtain any information from them.

    As soon as Luo Yuan entered, he closed the door and looked around. The air had become thinner in the central control room but, fortunately, the Glassians were safe as they had brought their oxygen masks along with them as soon as the spaceship had warned them. Nevertheless, all of them had been pulled towards the wall when the airflow had discharged at such a powerful speed; causing most of them to be injured. Two of the Glassians had suffered from bone fractures while one of them had knocked his head against the wall and died.

    The remaining five Glassians were terrified and their bodies were shivering as they watched Luo Yuan walk towards them. They did not need to be threatened as they were already terribly horrified just by Luo Yuan’s appearance alone.

    "Where's the spaceship?" Luo Yuan glanced at them and asked coldly in English.

    Luo Yuan knew that even though the Glassians were highly intelligent, not every one of them could understand human languages. He knew that there was only one way to determine the exact location of the spaceship as outer space was mind-bogglingly huge and he was certain that he would not be able to locate the spaceship without obtaining the information directly from the Glassians.

    When they heard Luo Yuan's voice, they got even more terrified and exchanged glances with Luo Yuan. They were trembling and none of them had answered him. Luo Yuan smiled coldly and pulled one of them towards him. When compared to his broad figure, the Glassians looked like kids. Seeing as how this Glassian was badly frightened of him, he asked again by using Hint. However, he just stared at Luo Yuan helplessly without saying a word. Luo Yuan grinned, showing off his white teeth, while he squeezed its skull and easily crushed its brain.

    The other Glassians were trembling harder than before and were terrified beyond comprehension as they witnessed the gruesome sight that unfolded in front of them. Luo Yuan swung his arms to shake off the remnants of brain and blood that was stuck to his hand before he pulled another Glassian over. Still, the Glassian did not answer his question and its dead body was thrown towards the Glassians. One of them seemed to have fainted under the threat of being killed by Luo Yuan.

    One of them then took out a laser weapon that looked like a firearm and said, "I'll kill you now!" The Glassian fired multiple attacks from the laser weapon towards Luo Yuan. At this point, Luo Yuan was lazy to dodge and allowed the laser beams to strike his clothes. Not only had the attack failed to hurt him, not even a spot or mark had been left on his clothes.

    The clothes had been made by Luo Yuan the night before using the remaining materials he had and despite not having the space anchor ability, the material itself was rather valuable and was impossible to be destroyed by these types of weapons.

    "It seems like you can speak English!"

    "You… Wild man… Even if I have to die, I'm not going to tell you!" he said toughly. Perhaps he had sensed that he was going to die. He looked frightened and retreated a few steps.

    In an instant, Luo Yuan had leaped 10 meters ahead of it. He grabbed hold of its body and stared at it. He demanded, "Tell me where the spaceship is!"

    "It's at …"



    As it was about to speak, the other Glassians started to shout loudly as if they were trying to stop it from revealing the location of the spaceship.

    "Bloody wild man… Humans are on the verge of extinction! Kill me!" It shouted as its body started to tremble and its mouth and nose bled.

    The Glassian had successfully overcome Luo Yuan’s power, which was the same thing that had happened last time. Compared to the humans, it seemed that the Glassians had some sort of ability that helped them to defend themselves against Luo Yuan’s Hint ability.

    "Damn!" Luo Yuan was furious. He raised his arms gently and the power of his Will was quickly put into action. The Glassians could feel their bodies burnings and they started screaming in agonizing pain.

    Luo Yuan hinted with his Will once again, but this time, he had maximized the power of his Will.

    The Glassians could not stop throwing up blood and the rate of their breathing showed signs of exhaustion. Just when Luo Yuan thought he was going to fail to retrieve any information from them, one of them said, "The spaceship… is located at the coordinates X#, Y#, Z#."

    Luo Yuan was stunned as he could not understand the coordinates that had just been mentioned by the Glassian. Even if he could, he would still have needed a calculator to analyze the coordinates in order to locate the spaceship.

    "Where's the star atlas?" Luo Yuan asked immediately.

    "It's on the three-dimensional screen!" As soon as he had finished his sentence, he vomited blood and died.

    Luo Yuan threw his dead body on the floor and immediately looked at the three-dimensional screen in the central control room. He eliminated some of the alien language and pictures that did not look like a star atlas. Compared to the usual maps, height was included in this one. Viewing it on a three-dimensional screen, it looked exactly like a 3D map. It was not a static map but a dynamic one instead which displayed only part of the solar system as there were only two planets available on the map.

    He knew nothing at all about the Glassians’ language but had concluded that based on the size of the planets and satellites, one of them was slightly bigger and he suspected that it was the Earth whereas the smaller one was most likely Mars. There was a blue spot of light twinkling between the Earth and Mars, which Luo Yuan guessed to be the location of the spaceship.

    He had one last look and memorized the entire map before leaving the aircraft and was once again in space. He understood that his main priority was to get rid of the other threats first before he went looking for the spaceship. North America and the Reconstruction Area were attacked at almost the same time which implied that the two regions had been attacked by two different aircraft and that there was a second aircraft which he had to find and destroy.

    Before flying through the fourth dimension, he looked back at the Reconstruction Area. Most of the cities had been destroyed in the attack including the New Capital City which was now covered by a stream of lava. Not many of the cities had survived and most of their factories had been destroyed including Hope City’s. The storm had stirred up the air and dust clouded the area, however, thanks to Luo Yuan’s four-dimensional vision, he could clearly witness the heartbreaking scene. He looked at it absent-mindedly and when he had gotten back to his senses, he flew in a space-time bubble towards the Earth.

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