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Chapter 444: Counteract

    Chapter 444: Counteract

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The advanced technology possessed by the Glassian civilization had resulted in the prompt delivery of messages which were difficult for hackers to intercept or steal information from.

    When Luo Yuan destroyed one of the aircrafts, the incident was detected by the second aircraft as well as the mothership which was located further away. They immediately proceeded with preparations to battle Luo Yuan.

    Luo Yuan had easily defeated the aircraft without feeling any threat from it at all when in fact, the Glassians’ aircraft seemed rather terrifying. Instead of identifying it as an aircraft, it actually looked more like a small spaceship that traveled within the galaxies. It also looked like the international space station before the apocalypse.

    The engine used was an impulse engine with nuclear power and the energy stored in the deep nuclear fusion reactor was almost 50 times the power generated by the Three Gorges hydropower plant [1].

    What was meant by deep nuclear fusion reactor?

    Basically, the fusion of hydrogen bombs merely produced helium nuclei which only converted 0.7% of the mass to energy. However, the reactor of the deep nuclear fusion reactor could directly produce iron which has a 43% mass-to-energy conversion and its energy utilizing rate was 60 times higher. It could have supplied sufficient energy to the entire region of China before the apocalypse.

    In addition, the aircraft was equipped with a particle cannon. 40% of the cannon was made up of an electromagnetic gun which fired at supersonic speeds while the other 60% of it was made up of a high-power laser rapid-firing gun. 12 of them were nuclear antimatter smart orbital ballistic missiles. The radar of the aircraft was completely invincible as it was stacked with armor that could absorb shock waves. The aircraft could have easily destroyed Earth with such an arsenal.


    Luo Yuan’s speed gradually increased as he was flying through the fourth dimension.

    After 10 minutes, his speed had reached hundreds of kilometers per second and he flew like a soundless beam of light. Within half a minute, an arc flashed across the sky followed by the eruption of dazzling bursts of light behind it. Countless of highly-energized particles turned into flashes of light which brightened the dark sky. Luo Yuan felt that his back was burning from those particles. He knew that the opponent was using nuclear weapons like nuclear bombs to launch high energy attacks.

    Luo Yuan discovered that although the bubble was strong enough that he could defend himself against normal attacks, light could still penetrate through. Otherwise, the space around him would have been very dark and he would not be able to see what was happening outside. He should have noticed this fact earlier but he had neglected to notice it. Nevertheless, it was not too late to realize it now. Beams of light were reflected and refracted by the different layers as they entered and eventually, approximately 70% of the light would be able to penetrate through the space-time bubble. Besides that, the rate of reflection of the light could potentially become even higher as his Will got stronger.

    Luo Yuan was nearly entering outer space and the air had become extremely thin; it was almost close to being an absolute vacuum state. Luo Yuan thought to himself that the damage caused by the antimatter bombs were dependent on the environment so compared to the damage that had been caused by the bomb explosions on Earth, its damage would be drastically reduced without the presence of air.

    The lights lasted for only 10 seconds before it went off, however, Luo Yuan was really tensed and his heart pounded rapidly. He felt a sense of insecurity as if he was close to death. He immediately switched his flight path from traveling in a straight line to moving in a fast and irregular manner. Just as he had changed his direction, he felt a strong sense of danger and soon he had foreseen that a powerful force was coming towards him. Five dazzling suns arose in the dead sky and each of the strong and highly energized rays stood out against the actual sunlight.

    The surrounding area was filled with numerous high-energy particles and the temperature had risen up to 10,000 degrees Celsius. He had pictured in his prediction that he was unable to avoid the rays and the bright light engulfed him completely. The scene turned black after awhile as he was standing in between the highly-energized particles. His strong body had completely melted and was turned into gas by the rapid moving energetic particles. Luo Yuan calmed down after he had watched his own death from a different view. He went into teleportation mode by flying through the fourth dimension.

    Thanks to his 17 points of Agility, he was able to teleport into the distance in merely 0.005 seconds. He was now more than thousands of kilometers away after only three teleports. He looked up and the tiny dot appeared in front of his eyes. He estimated the distance between them and smiled before launching another teleportation.

    He teleported another seven times, covering a distance of 2,000 kilometers and appeared next to the engine of the aircraft. Being so close to the engine, he could feel the high temperature of his surroundings. The next moment, he pulled out his knife and an invisible space wave struck the armored aircraft, leaving a long crack in its body.

    It was just the beginning and in just a blink of an eye, countless waves struck the aircraft which caused it to no longer function. At this time, the antimatter bombs began to emit rays of light.

    Luo Yuan breathed heavily as he floated above the aircraft.

    He frowned, knowing that he had used up most of his Will after two consecutive attacks. His teleportation was a powerful ability which consumed a large amount of his Will. The battle was not over yet and he realized that the spaceship was way scarier than the aircraft. Earth would be in trouble if the spaceship ever landed onto it. It was no longer only a threat to human extinction but rather the extinction of all creatures on Earth. Perhaps the Earth would end up becoming a lifeless planet just like Mars.

    His heart felt heavy as he ground his teeth while looking up at the sky. He then flew deeper into space in a space-time bubble.


    At this moment, the Glassians were having an emergency meeting in the spaceship. They discussed their plans to battle Luo Yuan. The video reel of the two battles was played over and over again on the three-dimensional screen and the atmosphere was tense as everyone watched in silence.

    The captain spoke after pausing for a long while. He said strictly, "First of all, I would like to apologize to the soldiers who had sacrificed their lives because I’ve underestimated the ability of this evolved human which has led to the failure of this mission. The military made a big mistake and as a result, 14 of our army members had died."

    "It's not solely your fault, sir. None of us had expected the opponent to be so powerful." One of the soldiers said immediately.

    "There are always casualties in war, but the sacrifice is worth it." Another soldier said.

    "The research center has to bear most of the responsibility. Our soldiers would not have been hesitant if they did not strongly urge for it."

    "Stop finding excuses for me. I'll own up to my mistakes and explain to the military officers when I return to the mothership. Now, please summon Lan Bobofu from the Physics Research Department to analyze what should we do next!" The captain said.

    The captain had put on an act for the Glassian civilization. Since it was the first time they traveled such a long distance, it was indeed an innovative exploration. Even if there were no contributions gained, he would still be granted with honor and status when he returned to the mothership. It was imaginable that he would go down in history as the Glassians’ hero.

    Furthermore, his contributions were a lot more significant as compared to the small mistake he had just done.

    "It's my pleasure, sir!" An old Glassian stood up, saluted and said, "I watched the videos just now and found out that the human was quite strong and powerful. With our existing technology, we still won’t be able to replicate some of his abilities such as his teleportation. Teleportation was still under discussion as it was indeed a miracle of life."

    "Lan Bobofu, please make it short!" One of the soldiers interrupted.

    "Well, he can escape to a distance of 200 to 300 kilometers every time he teleports. The time interval is also extremely short - approximately 0.0053455 of a second. Teleportation involved the quantum tunneling effect which theoretically required a downtime but his was too short and negligible. The time interval is linked to the speed of his neural response. For the Glassians, it's 0.2 seconds which is 40 times longer."

    All of them were not surprised by this piece of information as each of them had a terminal behind their brains and had conducted an analysis earlier regarding this information.

    "However, this was the most prominent ability and could be identified easily." The Glassian continued. He walked forward, paused the video and said, "Everyone please have a look at this. The opponent was trying to switch his path."

    The Glassian then resumed and continued playing the video. Luo Yuan's body flashed in an arc across the air and an antimatter bomb exploded a short while later.

    "He is incredible and our understanding of his abilities is still limited. However, it was clear that he is extremely sensitive to danger. Perhaps he has the ability to predict the future and could sense danger two seconds ahead of time."

    "Why can't we use the smart missile?" An army member wondered and asked. He continued, "The fastest speed a smart missile could travel is 3000 kilometers per second. With this speed, it could easily hit the human."

    "This is an important point that I'm going to talk about next. It was impossible to do so as most of you had probably neglected the fact that his body changed from time to time!"

    When the Glassian pointed it out clearly from the video, the captain was astonished and said, "Do you mean that he can become bigger or smaller? This doesn't make sense."

    "But it is possible in the fourth dimension. Based on Sai Gefu’s space theory, there are four dimensions in our universe and we are living in the fourth dimension of the universe's membrane. When the human was in his special form, part of his body entered the fourth dimension. It's quite similar to the space-time phenomena that we are trying to prove. Although visible lights cannot be filtered completely, it can shield against long waves such as infrared radars, allowing the human’s body temperature to be exactly the same as his surrounding. Our smart missile was designed to target distant objects, so there won't be any video tracking function."

    The atmosphere had suddenly gotten quiet. After a while, the captain asked.

    "Is it difficult to use this technology?"

    "No, this technology has been widely used hundreds of years ago. It can be modified in half a day."

    Translator's Note:

    [1] The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam that spans the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping, located in Yiling District, Yichang, Hubei province, China. The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity.

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