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Chapter 446: Self-destruct

    Chapter 446: Self-destruct

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    Luo Yuan was no longer ignorant like before. He had studied all the modern sciences and technology there was to learn. It might not be as in-depth compared to the research other scientists have researched but he now had a broader scope of knowledge than before. He had long realized that his space jump or what was known as the four-dimensional space-time bubble was very similar to quantum theory.

    In quantum theory, a substance was composed of the probability wave. An electron might occur inside an atom or outside it. However, this could not be determined by the naked eye. The only thing that was certain was that the probability that it was inside an atom was much higher than the latter. Before it was "seen", no one would know where this electron was located and therefore it existed both inside the atom and outside of it. This was the famous theory of ‘Schrödinger's Cat’.

    The emergence of quantum theory almost broke the theories of classical Physics, but, from a higher dimensional perspective, quantum theory was not a mystery. After all, the three-dimensional world did not exist independently. Its existence was a part of the four-dimensional world; thus, the physical phenomena was essentially a projection of the fourth dimension.

    Micro particles were tiny in nature; thus, any minuscule amount of fluctuation would cause it to transit into the four-dimensional world. It would constantly jump between the third and fourth dimension. In addition, every time it jumped, the distance traveled was less than 0.1 nanometers. The short interval made it almost impossible to be measured (the velocity of a space jump was 10,000 light years per second).

    In the microscopic world, the human being was composed of an uncountable number of micro particles. As for Luo Yuan, it was because he had the ability to trigger all the microparticles inside him to jump that he could teleport.

    In this process, he needed to consume a certain amount of Will. Secondly, the distance had to be within his vision. Once he locked on to a target, he would be able to teleport to his destination. In the past, he could lock on his target through his eyes and Sense. Since he now had four-dimensional vision, his view was now broadened and the angles were more defined. That was how he could easily break through the barriers of human eyesight and jump onto the back of a meteorite

    The momentum of this meteorite was amazing. After it collided with the previous meteorite, the speed only reduced a tad bit. Luo Yuan buried his body inside the meteorite but he did not feel any discomfort, not to mention the synthesized suit on his body was made of the material from an interstellar creature. The owner of this synthesized material could easily trigger a nuclear attack; thus, such high temperatures were almost nothing to him.

    Just like before, Luo Yuan dug a hole in the meteorite and looked at the spaceship behind him through his four-dimensional vision. Over time, the distance between the two had rapidly shortened and the spaceship had gradually grown bigger in his view. Subconsciously, his objective was growing clearer too!

    Even as an enemy, Luo Yuan felt a shock in the face of such a powerful civilization. As compared to this spaceship, the one he previously encountered was insignificant. It stood silently in space and stayed as still as a mountain. In fact, it looked like an isolated island! In addition to the numerous thick and ferocious barrels, it gave people a sense of loneliness.

    It was hard to imagine that this spacecraft could move the fastest at sub-light speed, which far exceeded the capabilities of human technology. Luo Yuan could not help but shudder at the thought.

    Suddenly, a meteorite that was about the size of the one he was in started burning from thousands of kilometers away under the terrible influence of kinetic energy. It gave off a bright light that was about the length of two kilometers in diameter.

    Then, the barrels of the spaceship began to shoot continuously and the numerous meteorites in front of it, regardless of what size they were, were burnt into a light and turned into ashes under high temperatures.

    "Electromagnetic gun!" Luo Yuan scowled. Through the subtle dissipation of the current in the barrel, he could determine that it was using an electromagnetic gun. This gun could shoot at a speed that was much faster than the weapons at the Reconstruction Area that even he himself could not see it with his naked eye.

    His eyelids drooped and his heartbeat was getting faster. He was now about 20,000 kilometers away from the spaceship. This was as good as a kamikaze move. In an advanced technological civilization, detecting and investigating the enemy was always the priority. Luo Yuan could imagine that the opponent had already obtained all the necessary information about him which included his abilities, limitations, and weaknesses.

    Under this circumstance, that kind of information was very one-sided. The only thing going for Luo Yuan was that the spaceship was now located nearby the Moon. It undoubtedly indicated that the opponent was very confident that it could easily get rid of him. In any case, he must get closer!

    He carefully observed his surroundings then slightly adjusted the flight path of the meteorite.

    His brain was calculating the distance between both the meteorite and the spaceship and their flight path. Luo Yuan then adjusted the angle to the meteorite’s flight path by six-degrees. Although that seemed to be only a marginal change, it would make a huge difference in the result. The meteorite was supposed to fly straight to the spaceship but would now fly somewhere about 2,000 kilometers away from it.

    After that, Luo Yuan closed his eyes and emptied his mind. He had done whatever he was supposed to. The rest was up to fate.

    At a rate of four to five kilometers per second, the distance between the meteorite and spaceship drew close and there was only one minute left until the end of the journey. Whether he would still be dead or alive depended on what would happen in the next minute.

    He counted down in his heart.





    During this one minute, the meteorite was hit by another meteorite which caused its path to be slightly deflected again. To avoid exposure, Luo Yuan did nothing and let it deviate. Fortunately, there was not much deviation from its original destination. It was supposed to be 2,000 kilometers in distance and it now became 3,000 kilometers. This was still within the limit of his teleportation.

    Time was ticking but a minute now felt like an eternity to him. He quietly waited patiently and held his Zhanmadao tightly.

    "It's time!"

    He suddenly opened his eyes and started moving. The hard meteorite which he had been using for cover instantly burst. Before the spaceship could react, Luo Yuan had disappeared from his original location. He traveled 3,000 kilometers in 0.05 seconds and when he appeared again he was already on the armored spaceship.

    The surface of the armored spaceship was dented by meteorites everywhere. Some of the dents were big enough to fit his whole body. He grabbed on one of the sharp edges to stabilize his body and immediately used his Sense to determine the situation inside the spacecraft.

    Luo Yuan discovered that it was difficult to Sense through this metal. The range that his power could originally cover was 500 meters, but to his surprise, he was unable to Sense anything even within 50 meters. Fortunately, he was still able to see through this thick layer of armor, otherwise, it would have been extremely difficult to break through just using physical strength.

    Just from touching the armor with his palm, Luo Yuan could already feel the incredibly tough and thick layer of armor. It was on a completely different level compared to the previous aircraft. When he grabbed it hard, it did not even have the slightest deformation. This was completely beyond his imagination and was the first time that a material could fully withstand his power. Even a hard diamond would be easily crushed if he pinched it in his hand.

    Fortunately, his Sense could still pass through this layer of armor; thus, he did not need to waste any effort to destroy it. He then teleported into the spacecraft.

    Just as he entered, the alarm inside immediately rang. This sharp alarm bell that sounded like a scream resounded through the entire spaceship. Luo Yuan looked at the Glassians inside the cabin and they looked fearful and nervous. He smiled at them with a grim face

    In the central control room, the captain looked at the monitoring system without even blinking once. Its face had a drastic change in expression and its body shook and almost fell to the floor. This spaceship was unusually strong. To the civilization that had not left Earth, this spaceship was just like a God!

    If all its weapons and ammunitions were used, given enough time, an entire planet could be destroyed and vanished from the universe. However, Luo Yuan likened this to the technology created by humans - it has a powerful exterior but was weak in the interior. Once he had broken through the exterior, there was not much resistance left. Other than a few armed robots, they had no power to defend themselves anymore. The current level of resistance could only slightly delay the time of the attack but had no other benefits.

    On the screen of the monitor, a few smart armed robots were cut into half while a group of brave Glassian soldiers was holding their weapons and hiding in the corner of the passage trying to attack! Before they could see their opponent, they had already fallen to the floor. When they died, they had a twisted look as if they saw something horrible right at the end of their life.

    After a few seconds, the captain appeared at the location of the dead soldiers. Then, he suddenly looked up and glanced at the surveillance camera. In the next moment, one of the screens became completely dark.

    The captain and several soldiers nearby subconsciously took a step back with a pale face. The deteriorating situation was now beyond repair. Everyone could feel that death was approaching. An army member then swallowed its saliva and finally said, "Captain!"

    The captain hesitated for a while, and finally said, "Notify all personnel to rush to the emergency escape ship immediately!"


    The captain waved and said, "Everyone, let's go quickly, perhaps you still have some time!"

    "Captain, how about you?"

    "I want to start the self-destruct program. This is the highest technology in the Glass Planet. Although it has been 60 years, I will protect it from the human beings with my life. Perhaps this is the only thing I can do. Leave me behind. All of you, hurry and leave! "

    A group of soldiers looked at the captain with shock but alas, the fear of death overcame their pride as soldiers and they left the room quickly. The captain sat on the suspended chair with a defeated pale face. He looked around this familiar central control room as if to reminisce. This was not only his spaceship but also his glory which was part of his life. In the end, he had to destroy it with his own hands.

    He braced himself and said with a serious tone, "Intellectual brain, start the self-destruct program."

    "Understood. Self-destruct program has been initiated. Verifying permission"

    A blue light quickly swept through the captain’s body.

    "Three-dimensional body data confirmed. Please verify DNA."

    He put his finger in the hole and there was a sharp pain. The genetic samples had been collected.

    "DNA confirmed!"

    "Please enter your password!"

    The password was up to a hundred characters but without referring to any text or files, the captain started typing based on his memory. There were only three people that knew the self-destruct password. Before he left the home planet, he had memorized it a thousand times over so the password had been already thoroughly engraved in his mind. He took a deep breath and carefully entered the password on the screen.

    "Unfortunately, the password is incorrect. Please enter the password again!"

    Cold sweat began to emerge on his forehead and he felt a little bit nervous. He thought that he had entered it wrongly so he took a deep breath to calm himself. With his fingers trembling, he entered the password again.

    "Unfortunately, the password is incorrect. Please enter the password again. As a reminder, this is your last chance, if you enter incorrectly again, the self-destruct program will automatically shut down."

    "How could it be? It is definitely correct."

    His back had been completely soaked in sweat. He closed his eyes to recall again and then re-entered. This time he carefully inputted each number. He pressed ‘OK’ determinedly.

    "Unfortunately, the password you entered is incorrect. Self-destruct program is deactivated. Please restart again after three days." The intellectual brain's voice spoke again.

    "This is not possible! This is not possible! I couldn’t have remembered it wrongly!" The captain suddenly stood up in disbelief. He stared at the screen and his fingers kept trembling.


    Then, a bang sound issued. The closed door was opened violently.

    A tall ferocious figure appeared in the doorway.

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