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Chapter 447: Killing

    Chapter 447: Killing

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Meanwhile, Luo Yuan did not notice that the spaceship almost self-destructed a second ago.

    He broke down the door and quickly walked into the sophisticated central control room. He took a glance around the chamber and found the operating dashboard in front of him and then looked at the only Glassian who remained there.

    His attire was extravagant and there was a badge carved with a map of the galaxy on his chest. However, it was apparent that it was not the solar system. Based on his attire and the accessories he had, he was no ordinary Glassian.

    Luo Yuan suddenly disappeared and instantly appeared beside the Glassian. He then lifted him up with his hand locked tightly around the Glassian’s neck. Luo Yuan said, "Seems like you’re quite a powerful person here. How would you like to end your life?"

    The Glassian struggled vigorously, however, Luo Yuan’s hand was like a heavy lock which was beyond him. In just a moment, his face had turned red.

    "Human… we were too careless… we had underestimated… your abilities. Everything here… has been sent to the headquarters. We will be back soon!"

    Every Glassian had a biological terminal which allowed them to communicate through different languages, and it was as easy as drinking water! Luo Yuan remained firm and said sarcastically, "50 years later?"

    "It will be faster than what you can imagine. How could uncivilized people like you understand the greatness of the Glassian civilization? Hahahaha! Hahaha! We will not keep you… Waiting for… Long!" He was still being arrogant even though he was going to die as he found Luo Yuan to be uncivilized.

    As he listened on to his raving, Luo Yuan pondered, "It’s true… It took about 60 years for the spaceship to leave the maiden star of Glassian. 60 years is enough to improve their technology even if there were no breakthroughs."

    60 years ago, a super computer could only perform calculations at about one megahertz per second, but today, it could perform them at one gigahertz per second where the latter one was 1,000 billion times faster.

    Luo Yuan was thinking of getting more information from him but he gave up. It was meaningless and even he knew it. The gap difference of the technology between the Earth and the Glassians’ were too far apart and it did not benefit anyone other than adding burden to mankind.

    He applied more force and the neck of the Glassian immediately snapped. Luo Yuan threw the corpse aside and then looked at the 3D screen on the control dashboard. He took a glance at the strange characters and patterns before him and suddenly noticed the surveillance footage. He saw that many Glassians were taking the elevator to the highest level anxiously.

    The gigantic spaceship had multiple levels in its structure. Luo Yuan realized there was a mini spaceship at the top level of the gigantic spaceship and that there were many Glassians rushing towards its cabin.

    It looked small compared to the gigantic spaceship but it was not small at all. By observing the body size of the Glassians, the spaceship was at least 200 meters tall and its diameter was 600 meters which formed the shape of a circular plate. It was a mini version of the spaceship which Luo Yuan was now standing in.

    "You’re trying to run away?" Luo Yuan thought to himself.

    Once the spaceship was activated, humans would be in grave danger and even Luo Yuan would be in trouble.

    He knew deep inside his heart that the reason he could enter the spaceship was because he was hiding in the meteorite and he had some good luck. This strategy could only be used once. The Glassians would have learned their lesson and they would not be careless anymore. They would destroy whichever meteorites came close to them in future.

    Luo Yuan’s Sense was spreading rapidly and penetrated the partitions in the chamber. He could Sense up to 500 meters around him and the top level was only 300 meters from the ground. In the next moment, he suddenly vanished and reached the top part of the spaceship with two leaps.

    It was complete chaos when he appeared. Countless Glassians screamed and some were running towards the door while others were shooting at Luo Yuan anxiously. However, the chaos had stopped in just a few seconds as the chamber was occupied by a scary force. Many Glassians fell on the floor one by one as they could not stand his power.

    He walked towards the mini spaceship and the Glassians fell on the floor as he passed by. All of them were extremely frightened. The Glassians in the interior chamber of the spaceship seemed to have sensed the danger and the door was closed rapidly. A few of their bodies were squashed as the door closed abruptly and blood splatted everywhere.

    "Whoosh!" A strong wind blew away many of the corpses nearby and a blurred shadow squeezed into the cockpit right before the door closed.

    The dome was already open but the spaceship remained stationary. A minute later, Luo Yuan was already out. Some of the Glassians rushed to the scene only to find many corpses lying on the floor. They quickly ran away but could not escape from Luo Yuan.

    He smiled and then thrust a powerful punch towards the Glassians who were trying to escape. One of the Glassians who was running to the far end got hit by Luo Yuan’s powerful force and his body shattered into a million pieces. The Glassians’ weak bodies had zero resistance to such a rapid force which was about 20 to 30 times the velocity of sound. A bloody trail was soon formed.

    Luo Yuan continued to throw a few more punches and the entire place had become silent. He continued to inspect level by level to make sure he killed all of them. Indeed, he found several of them still hiding. Too bad for them that they had no way to hide under his strong Sense.

    He had checked several times until he could not find anymore living Glassians.

    He lied down and felt empty as he looked at the ceiling. He felt like everything was unreal as if it was just a nightmare.

    There were not many humans’ lefts after the disaster. Other than the small part of the Reconstruction Area, the humans were extinct in other places. Perhaps, there was less than 10 million of the population remaining.

    Suddenly, he began to feel worried about Wang Shishi and his other family members. Based on the scene he saw earlier, the condition of Hope City was quite bad even though it was not being attacked directly. Not only were the factories on the ground destroyed but it also triggered a volcanic eruption which was bad enough to cause the underground city to collapse.

    Unfortunately, he could not return to Earth immediately even though he was worried as he had not much Will left to use and he had to calm down and wait for it to recover.

    He seemed to recall something after resting for a moment. His facial expression changed and he immediately got up from the floor with his saber and walked towards the control room. Based on the conversation he had with the Glassian earlier, apparently, the spaceship could communicate with its maiden star via superluminal communication.

    Perhaps it was quantum-entanglement or some other more sophisticated technique. However, it was not that important at that moment. Since they could communicate with each other, they probably could control the spaceship from a distance as well. He did not dare take the risk as he was not sure if they had the technology. It would be an awful disaster.

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