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Chapter 451: Political Change (III)

    Chapter 451: Political Change (III)

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    Luo Yuan was perusing the files and documents regarding Hope City in the Mayor’s office.

    His speed of resolving all issues was shockingly fast, especially with the aid of his 16-point of Intelligence. In under 15 minutes, he had finished reading a stack of documents.

    Luo Yuan sighed and felt depressed as Hope City was facing a huge loss after the disaster. It caused about 700,000 deaths. Although the disaster happened around one to two o’clock in the morning, there were many people still working in the factories. Hence, there was no difference whether it happened during nightfall or in broad daylight.

    Of course, that was not the only reason that caused so many deaths. There was a total of six industrial zones in the Reconstruction Area including those in the underground city. Although the heavy pollution in the industrial zone on the upper ground was crucial, it was just one of the many with approximately 500,000 workers.

    Moreover, those workers were divided into two shifts - day and night. Based on usual circumstances, the maximum number of deaths was about 250,000 workers.

    In fact, Hope City had been attacked by two level eight creatures a while ago - there were a few industrial zones yet to be rebuilt. Many of the workers sacrificed their own free time to help on the reconstruction and establishment work at night in order to speed up operations. At the same time, the former Mayor and Deputy Mayor were also helping to oversee and coordinate matters at the work site as well.

    Those 100,000 people did not manage to evacuate and take cover underground when the disaster happened. All of them died immediately due to the explosion of the nuclear-powered antimatter intelligent space bomb.

    As a result, there were only 2.4 million of a population left compared to the original population of more than three million.

    There were about 28,000 researchers and scientists which amounted to 1/80 of the total population, and about 40,000 engineers and technicians which are 1/60 of the total population.

    The ratio was even higher than the time before the apocalypse, and it was the current numbers after the new capital city had taken away some of their manpower.

    However, it was actually normal as Hope City was prioritized as the most important city of the Reconstruction Area - its research and development standards were ranked just below the new capital city. Moreover, it was difficult to compare the importance of research when everything was at peace versus the apocalypse when humans were struggling to survive.

    However, although there were quite a number of researchers and engineers, it was not sufficient to redevelop civilization. Based on the number of researchers and engineers they had, it was considered fortunate if civilization was not on a downward spiral. They needed ten times the current numbers of researchers and engineers to maintain their standards of technology.

    Fortunately, the technology of cloning was now advanced enough to clone humans, hence, the population had become part of the manufacturing plant of the factories. They could increase the production of researchers and engineers with the cloning technology. It was not an issue, as long as they had enough time.

    He sighed softly and turned the chair around. He looked at the map of the Reconstruction Area on the wall and then circled three of the cities nearby Hope City. It was Twilight City, United City, and Victory City.

    Although those three cities were nearby Hope City, it did not get destroyed by the nuclear-powered antimatter intelligent space bomb. Many survivors remained in the underground city. However, their situation was even worse than Hope City and the survivors would not be able to survive for long if search and rescue missions were not being conducted as soon as possible.

    They must at least get the situation checked thoroughly first.

    Luo Yuan picked up the intercom phone and said, "Come in."

    The line was definitely the most stable one in the municipal hall.

    A moment later, a young guy with tanned skin entered the room silently and said courteously, "How can I help you, Mr. Mayor?"

    His name was Cheng Guanghui, who was the secretary of the former Mayor. Although he had passed away, Luo Yuan did not plan to change a new one as the game of office politics was totally meaningless to him. He said, "Please contact the team members of the Firearms Bureau, and get them to gather in my office."

    "Yes, Mr. Mayor. Is there anything else I can help you with?" Cheng Guanghui asked.

    "That’s all, please do it now." Luo Yuan waved his hand.

    Cheng Guanghui immediately left the office and closed the door. Right after the door was closed, an agitated expression flashed across his face.

    The Firearms Bureau and the Municipal Hall had an almost similar level of authority. The sub-department in the Firearms Bureau was a special sector and all the team members were super evolved humans. They needed to be very careful every single time they needed help from the special team of the Firearms Bureau. He had not seen such a calm yet dominant person like he was in the past one year as a secretary. That super evolved human was just like his subordinate.

    However, he was the new Mayor who was the former deputy minister of the Firearms Bureau, the team member of the Firearms Bureau in Hope City was also considered as his subordinates

    Luo Yuan had waited for half an hour before the team members of the Firearms Bureau began to arrive one by one with a zero-absence rate. The team members felt a sense of familiarity but strange as well, during the reunion.

    He had finally witnessed a legendary scene as Luo Yuan had been promoted from a normal member of the Firearms Bureau to Vice-Captain, Deputy Minister and now to the Mayor of Hope City in only six months. Apart from that, his power was initially similar to those evolved humans but now, all of them could not compete with him at all.

    They had never seen how Luo Yuan exterminated the aliens, but they witnessed how the level eight creatures were being so obedient in front of him.

    As they were standing in front of Luo Yuan, both of his students, Fang Peibin and his former superior Lin Feiyan were extremely nervous, while the rest were in an even worse state.

    "Hey guys, since we are already quite close to each other, we should just chill! Take a seat!" Luo Yuan said gently with a smile, despite being bothered by the situation of Hope City, fully knowing that they were nervous.

    Everyone immediately felt relieved as they realized Luo Yuan was still treating them like how he used to.

    "Mmaster, did you really exterminate the aliens?" Fang Peibin asked curiously. Everyone was talking about it; it was easy for him to know.

    Everyone including Lin Feiyan suddenly became very alert as they heard Fang Peibin mention it. Unfortunately, Luo Yuan did not intend to satisfy their curiosity.

    "Let's talk about it later. The Reconstruction Area has turned to ruins after the disaster. There are some changes in the current situation and the existence of the Firearms Bureau has become meaningless as well. The main objective to gather all of you here is to restructure the department. Some of the evolved humans would be transferred to the municipal hall to form a special team - what do you think?"

    When they were ruled by the Reconstruction Area, the Firearms Bureau enjoyed several privileges as they were trying to comfort the evolved human in order to ensure the safety of Hope City. They had more than enough benefits and back-end manpower which was considered wasteful during the apocalypse.

    He would not go against it if he was still the member of the Firearms Bureau. However, he was now the Mayor of the Hope City and felt it should be eliminated.

    Lin Feiyan pondered and got the message he wanted to deliver. Since then, the super evolved humans would no longer be entitled to any more special privileges. They might still enjoy some benefits, but it would not be as great as what they used to have. If it was someone else or even the former Mayor who proposed this idea, she would have given them a punch.

    However, Luo Yuan was the one who proposed it. She was not going to fight with such a legend. She said softly, "I’m fine with it."

    "How about the rest?"

    "Master, it’s your call, we are good to follow." Fang Peibin said, in smiles.

    "Sure, sure!" Crazy Wong quickly said. He used to be afraid of Luo Yuan, it was even worse now. He would definitely leave the room if it was possible.

    "Alright, since everyone agrees with this, I'll issue an operation order. I've taken a look just now, and the wind has subsided. I believe it would not cause many problems to you. What you have to do now is to rush to Twilight City, United City, and Victory City to check on the situation of the survivors, as well as retrieve their contact information from the local government.

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